Tournament Schedule: Flying V Pre-Season Invitational Basketball Tournament

23 04 2007

Venue: THE ARENA, San Juan, Metro Manila

April 29, Sun
Light Dark
1pm Opening Ceremonies
2pm-4pm SBC vs CSJL
4pm-6pm DLSU vs ADMU
6pm-8pm JRU vs NU

May 2, Wed
Light Dark
10am-12nn ADMU vs MIT
12nn-2pm NU vs SBC
2pm-4pm UE vs PCU
4pm-6pm FEU vs SSC
6pm-8pm UST vs UPHR

May 4, Fri
Light Dark
12nn-2pm MIT vs JRU
2pm-4pm PCU vs UP
4pm-6pm ADMU vs CSJL
6pm-8pm SBC vs UST

May 6, Sun
Light Dark
2pm-4pm UST vs ADMU
4pm-6pm DLSU vs SBC
6pm-8pm UPHR vs PCU
8pm-10pm UP vs MIT

May 9, Wed
Light Dark
12nn-2pm FEU vs CSJL
2pm-4pm MIT vs SBC
4pm-6pm SSC vs ADMU
6pm-8pm PCU vs JRU

May 11, Fri
Light Dark
12nn-2pm CSJL vs UP
2pm-4pm ADMU vs NU
4pm-6pm SBC vs SSC
6pm-8pm FEU vs PCU

May 13, Sun
Light Dark
2pm-4pm DLSU vs JRU
4pm-6pm PCU vs ADMU
6pm-8pm UE vs CSJL

May 18, Fri
Light Dark
12nn-2pm UP vs SSC
2pm-4pm FEU vs DLSU
4pm-6pm UPHR vs NU
6pm-8pm JRU vs CSJL

May 20, Sun
Light Dark
2pm-4pm MIT vs UPHR
4pm-6pm SSC vs JRU
6pm-8pm NU vs UE

May 23, Wed
Light Dark
12nn-2pm UPHR vs SSC
2pm-4pm DLSU vs UP
4pm-6pm UE vs UST
6pm-8pm FEU vs MIT

May 25, Fri
Light Dark
12nn-2pm SSC vs UE
2pm-4pm NU vs FEU
4pm-6pm UP vs UST
6pm-8pm UPHR vs CSJL

May 27, Sun
Light Dark
2pm-4pm UST vs FEU
4pm-6pm DLSU vs UPHR
6pm-8pm UE vs MIT

June 1, Fri
Light Dark
12nn-2pm NU vs UP
2pm-4pm JRU vs UST
4pm-6pm DLSU vs UE
6pm-8pm SBC vs PCU

June 4, Mon

June 11, Mon

June 13, Wed




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20 05 2007

thanks mike!

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