Green Archers shoots down Fighting Maroons

23 05 2007

Look whose boss. In spite of the fans’ prediction for a lopsided outcome, what should impress the fans is how both coaches – Franz Pumaren and Joe Lipa, respect the game. Even if it was a one sided affair, and everybody in the stands knew it – boys versus big boys, they still came out coaching, teach the young kids and prepare them for the war ahead.

In the end, it did not matter what the score was. What matters to these teams is what they’ve learned from each other. How the young guys can play up to the standards of the big boys will be final measuring stick for the Fighting Maroons and how mentally prepared are the Green Archers when they get back from the fridge and into the fire this coming UAAP season will be their main concern.

In the first half, DLSU with JV Casio, TY Tang and Rico Maierhoffer and Kish Co led the Green Archer attack and finished the 1st 20 mins. of action, 30-19. Initially, the combination of Victor Epres, Agbayani and Mark Lopez led the way for the Fighting Maroons.

The 2nd half featured an array of turnovers for both teams, but the Green Archers completely took control of the ball game by initiating their stifling defense that forced UP to commit turnovers beyond the line of scrimmage. DLSU had a 6-0, 9-0, the longest of the game and a 5-0 run to cap a 19-point 3rd Quarter lead, 57-38.

In the 4th quarter, it was mostly DLSU but the Fighting Maroons, courtesy of Epres, Scooter Rivera, Migs de Asis and Martin Reyes, had a brief run of their own (8-0) during the last 2 minutes of regulation. But the run was not enough to scare the living daylight out of the Green Archers. The game ended with a DLSU 16-point lead, 72-56.




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