Player Piracy Rule in UAAP series II

29 05 2007

By now, a number of you have read my previous article and other forum regarding The Soc Rivera Rule. And last May 27, the mainstream media started to take notice of the situation, starting with the “Dean” himself, Quinito Henson writing a couple of paragraphs about this issue on his “Sporting Chance” column in the Philippine Star, and Rick Olivares’ interview with the players involved in his column in the Business Mirror. Well, Mr. Henson scored another “coup” by featuring Anton Montinola’s reply in his column in today’s Philippine Star issue. I’d like to qoute Mr. Montinola via the “Dean’s” column and say my piece on this.

“The new UAAP rule requiring a one-year residence for a graduated junior player to suit up for another school in the senior varsity was meant to diffuse friction and irritation caused by “piracy.” ”

I’m really bothered when Mr. Montinola and the UAAP Board used the word “piracy” to defened the rule. From what I understand about the word, it’s stealing, or robbery, or any unauthorized reproduction or use of a copywrited material, patents, etc. So by these definitions, there is ownership involved. So are these kids the property of FEU-FERN, now that they have finished and graduated their responsibilities and obligations under the scholarship given to them?

What hold or control does Mr. Montinola have over these kids? Do they own these them like commodities? When these kids graduated from high school, control and supervision over these kids ceased to exists.

“Let’s face it, there’s a lot of piracy going on and it’s more rampant in other UAAP sports than in basketball,” said Montinola. “Players get confused in the tug-of-war. Remember the case of B. J. Manalo when he went from Ateneo to La Salle . It led to a lot of useless foul talk in the bleachers and on the court. The transfer should have been discussed civilly and settled without fanfare.”

BJ Manalo’s case is unique since Mr. Montinola is now using it as an example to defend the rule, himself coming from Ateneo. I understood how they felt when BJ went to La Salle, after being touted to be the next “King Eagle”. For Ateneans, what Manalo did was “morally” wrong and even branded him as an ingrate and a traitor. But BJ and his family are convinced that nobody owns him, and has the right to go to any school of his choice. Thus on the part of La Salle, there was no piracy. And about foul talk in the bleachers and on the court, these will always be around especially in the heat of the moment. What I suggest for Mr. Montinola and all educators out there is to teach their students to respect the decisions of their peers and not to sow intrigue by letting loose words such as piracy then creating silly rules.

Mr. Montinola also used the phrase “to deffuse friction and irritation caused by ‘piracy'”. Except for Ateneans who were pissed by BJ Manalo’s flight to La Salle, I haven’t heard of any incident that fell in this definition. I haven’t heard bad things from Ateneans regarding Mike Gamboa joining the Maroons. I haven’t heard bad things from La Salle regarding Migs De Asis, Martin Reyes, Dan Salvador and Lauren Fiona Molina playing for the Maroons. In a civilized society, one can only wish the best for someone even if that someone decides against what society is expected of him. The case of Manalo did hurt a lot of Ateneans, but in the end, deep in their hearts, they wished him well. In the end, civility rules.

Mr. Montinola also acknowledeged that Soc Rivera has an obligation of P115,000 and has yet to pay for his release. What for? He did play for FEU-FERN as part of his scholarship agreement. The kid played his heart out for the school, nearly winning the championship for them. He did okay in his studies that he graduated and is eligible to go to any college of his choice. Unless he lost a library book, or damaged school property, Rivera has no more responsibilites and obligations to the school, and has every right to claim his hgih school papers and credentials. And how come fellow UAAP mythical team member Mark Lopez was assessed amuch lesser amount? His teammates Dexter Rosales and Jomar Paulino weren’t assessed at all. And does this mean Mike Gamboa will have to get his release from Ateneo HS even if they parted amicably? We now know how dumb the Soc Rivera Rule is, but applying it to Gamboa, well it leaves a bitter taste in the mouth.

This statement will suerely rock your boat!
“I didn’t want to get involved in a tug-of-war,” said Montinola. “FEU doesn’t keep players for the heck of it. We willingly release players who don’t want to play for us. We have enough players to choose from. But there are costs to building up players for the future.” Montinola said FEU’s high school players are not given scholarships per se. “They study and play for us,” he went on. “There are tuition fees and expenses like board and lodging that are carried in the books as receivables. In the end, we decide whether or not to absorb the expense.”

Is how they treat their scholars, student-athletes especially? A student-athlete has his/her hands full in fulfilling the conditions of the scholarship, and yet after he/she graduated and brought honor and the glory to the school, should put his/her alma mater on top of the list when planning for the future. As I see it, the honor and glory that Soc Rivera and company brought to FEU-FERN is not enough for Mr. Montinola, and by the way he let loose his words, then my earlier questions were answered.

Quotes came from Quinito Henson’s column “Sporting Chance”, Philippine Star, May 29 2007




8 responses

30 05 2007

kadiri talaga si montinola. basura. pwe.

in any case, he cannot force rivera to play, kasi ayaw na talaga niya sa kanila. the only victim is rivera, whose game is being held hostage through the machinations of a bumbling idiot.

31 05 2007

It’s Montinola and his rah rah boys in the UAAP Board!

1. UST
2. Adamson
3. NU
4. UE
5. Montinola’s FEU

What do these schools have in common?

31 05 2007

Yes, it is not right to put the blame solely on anton Montinola.

The other schools who voted in favor of the rule are all equally guilty of the same machination.

Such crap. To think, these schools are just free-riders in the UAAP’s success. Before they foget hisotry, the league was blue-collar, hoi polloi dominted league prior to the entry of Ateneo and La Salle.

Then what? They actually had the guts to target U.P, the school who worked hard to establish the UAAP. Shame shame.

Hello UST, Adamson, NU, FEU and UE. What are you guys up to?

31 05 2007

the results of the vote on the Rivera Rule was actually this:

those that voted YES for the Rivera Rule:

1. FEU
2. UST
3. NU
4. Adamson

those that voted NO for the Rivera Rule:

1. UP
2. Ateneo

UE did not vote because as host of Season 69, it will only vote in case of a tie.

La Salle did not vote as it was not represented in the UAAP board due to its one year suspension from the league. its representatives (Br. Bernie Oca, FSC and Chuck Buenaventura) will only attend board meetings beginning in June.

still, the Soc Rivera Rule STINKS!

1 06 2007

Tama lang yang rule na yan… ang mga nag oppose lang kasi na school ay umaasa lang talaga sa players ng ibang school,,kaya ayaw nila.. kawawa naman…

2 06 2007

may pag-asa pa bang ma-repeal ang rule na yan? utang na loob, kawawa ang mga athletes.

sounds like sports politics stepping over school admissions policy. dapat makialam na ang board of education. somebody anybody help!

6 06 2007

anong tama sa rule na yan?
how feeble-minded can you get?
soc doesn’t even want to play for feu anymore and UP didn’t even recruit him, he went on his own.
why stop him or anyone from going elsewhere?

anyway..a scholarship “per se” daw?!
what the hell is that?discretion on whether they absorb fees or not?pweh!
good luck on recruiting feu, haha
you just shot yourselves in the foot!
now who would want to play for feu knowing that they may, in the end, pay for everything?good job!

7 09 2008

its unfair for Rivera, he was granted scholarship as a reward for playing for your school. you worked hard to help the team, you give the school the respect it needed during junior league, and the least the school could offer is the scholarship. so kapag hindi kana naglalaro sa team mo, wala na din scholarship, so anong utang ni Rivera sa FEU? yung training fee? oh come on, nagamit naman ni Rivera yung training na yun habang naglalaro sya sa FEU ha? mali yung Rivera rule na yan, and dapat gawin ng school is offer good package for the player to stay with the team, or maybe hindi satisfied si Rivera sa management ng FEU…ganun lang naman yan eh, kaya aalis ang player either pangit ang benefits, and / or panget ang management.

therefore, dapat pala before playing in juniors, may kontrata muna na pipirmahan para malinaw ang lahat.

Rivera’s move is morally wrong but legally right. as simple as that!

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