5 06 2007

I wonder how the UAAP board will handle itself this season. In the past few years, the Board of Directors has been criticized for some of its decisions on some very critical issues, including protests.

Now there is this case of high school student athletes not being allowed to go the college of their choice. It is quite obvious that if a player gets a scholarship and plays during the year that he got a scholarship, then his debt has been paid. I wonder what kind of logic is being used in saying that a player’s scholarship has been revoked even after he played for the school.

It is widely known that unlike in the NCAA where the Board of Directors is answerable to the Presidents of the member schools, the UAAP has no such check and balance in place. The UAAP Board of Directors is the so called God of the league. They do not answer to anyone. They are not checked on and their actions are not audited by anyone.

Last year, La Salle was suspended and many, who are in the know, can attest to the fact that there was not one iota of evidence that La Salle intentionally broke the rules. But La Salle accepted its suspension and is now back in the league.

In the NCAA this past year, PCU was suspended based on documented facts that could not be argued. These documented facts were obtained as a result of an extensive nationwide investigation that was spearheaded by the NCAA board. The difference between how the two leagues are being run are very evident.

It is about time that the UAAP board realizes that the interest of the league far outweighs the interest of an individual school. But this idea is quite utopic considering that the members of the board represent their schools. On the other hand, coming from the higher echelon of their respective universities, one would hope that they would leave their biases at the door and think of the bigger picture.

I had an in-depth interview with DLSU basketball coach Franz Pumanren last week and it felt great to feel that the UAAP season is truly upon us.

I went to the Razon gym and had the chance to see the players up close. I was amazed at how big this team is. The more I watched the more impressed I was. I saw quite a few familiar faces but also saw many new faces.

The team looked like a United Nations. With player names like Walsham, Maierhofer, Malabes, Atkins, Ferdinand (he doesn’t have a last name) and Marko Batrocevic, one would think that La Salle has an international recruitment program. However, except for Marko, all the others are half Filipinos.

Coach Pumaren is really upbeat about this team. With the exceptional improvement of Rico Maierhofer and the continued leadership of veterans TY Tang, Pocholo Villanueva and JV Casio, La Salle really looks solid.

Franz also hinted that there could be 2 or 3 rookies who may see a lot of action this year. That would mean that La Salle will have a very deep bench. That will allow Coach Pumaren to continuously have fresh legs on the floor.

In my next article, I will publish the whole interview with Coach Franz Pumaren.


This year’s edition of the UAAP will be a wide open race. At least 6 teams have a good chance to enter the Final Four. Led by defending champion UST, other teams that will fight it out are UE, UP, FEU, Ateneo and of course the returning La Salle Green Archers. I cannot even totally discount NU as a long shot. Adamson seems to be the only team that has not shown any positive movement. But then again any school can beat any other team on any given day.
I will make my own fearless forecast on the Final Four right before the season.




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6 06 2007

bat puro news sa UAAP.. mukhang biase kayo gumawa ng column ah…scrap inboundpass!! boooo!!!

6 06 2007
The Writer

Lance…I write about the UAAP because I am from La Salle. If you don’t like the site, then go somewhere else. Simple lang yan!

7 06 2007
John Rubio

yeah.. go somewhere else buddy.


i thought this site was created by an atenista.. buti nalang i read this article. im glad that i can see the results of the filoil tournament here. more power to you creator of

7 06 2007
Dendu Anareta

great rebuttal Tony!


7 06 2007
The Writer

Thanks Dendu. Its actually the other side of press freedom. If you dont like what is written, don’t read it.

7 06 2007

the write/green minded,

sabi ko na nga ba…. kupal ka talaga

8 06 2007
The Writer


Thank you for reading my column. You seem to have enjoyed it. By the way, its called THE GREEN MIND.

13 06 2007
Umasa sa Championship

“that there was not one iota of evidence that La Salle intentionally broke the rules.”

dahil pinanganak ako kahapon, maniniwala ako sa ‘yo. 🙂

19 06 2007
Chan Ho Nam

I thought Ferdinand doesn’t have Filipino lineage too. He’s a full-blooded Indonesian.

That makes Marko and Ferdinand as the players which are not half-Filipino.

20 06 2007

by the way you are writing, you are indeed from la salle.

20 06 2007

la salle officials admitted the fraud. it is a very strong evidence.

23 07 2007

if you are so unhappy with the UAAP…maybe La Salle should just go back to NCAA.

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