Lipa’s thougths about officiating and the College Champions League

7 06 2007

This was supposed to be the continuation of my very first article here on inboundpass. But recent developments in the UAAP overtook this piece, and now is the best time to write about this to somewhat calm the past “heated” month – literally and figuratively.

During my interview with UP basketball coach Joe Lipa, he was totally upbeat about the chances of his team in the coming UAAP season. With the Soc Rivera controversy in mind, he has already made the necessary adjustments in case Rivera can’t play at all. As mentioned, Lipa is using both Flying V Pre Season Tournament and Nike Summer League as the UP MBT’s “summer school” for basketball.

We did talk about some other stuff aside from UP, like his thoughts on officiating and about his “baby” – the Collegiate Champions League (CCL). On the CCL, Lipa hopes that this league will become THE national championship, patterned after the NCAA in the US, and that leagues such as the UAAP, NCAA, NCRAA, NAASCU, UCAA and other regional leagues will be similar to US collegiate conferences like the Big 10, ACC, Pac 10 and the like. But in order for this to happen, Lipa stresses that the SBP-BAP and the PBL should step in and support this endeavour.

The CCL kicks off after the UAAP and NCAA basketball season. Unfortunately, most of the “star” players of these leagues are playing with their mother teams in the PBL. If the PBL can restructure their calendar, these “star” players will still be committed to their schools during the CCL, and that teams playing participating in the CCL will be intact. And although the CCL is run by a private entity, the SBP-BAP can come in for technical, logistical and official support. Last year’s CCL champion, University of the East, had an almost intact lineup. The controversial Bonbon Custodio wasn’t able to suit up for the Warriors since he was “committed” to his PBL team. If all participating teams in the CCL are intact, it would be easier to market and sell this league to potential sponsors, similar to what the UAAP and NCAA do.

As for officiating in the coming UAAP season, Lipa only hopes that better referees will work on the games. He laments that in last season’s game against Ateneo, he was thrown out of the game in the first half for no reason at all. Upon review by the UAAP officials during the break, they told Lipa he can go back to finish the game. But in order to save the league from embarrassment, Lipa did not return and let his assistants run the show. Imagine what the people watching will think of the UAAP and their referees had he returned.

Coach Joe hopes that a “grievance” board be set up so that cases (like his) can be heard and be given credence. He also hopes that UAAP referees are mandated and supervised the SBP-BAP to ensure better officiating. In my opinion, this should be the case. When NABRO referees officiated in Season 67 (that was when I started covering the game) and Season 69, there were a lot of bum and controversial calls, unlike during Season 68 when another group of referees took over. Why not try referees from the PBL or the group of ex-PBA referees to officiate? Well, that’s just me…

Going back to the UAAP, Lipa thinks that defending champion UST, La Salle, UE and NU will be in the Final Four, with FEU and Ateneo as dark horses.




One response

11 06 2007

hmmmmmmm… seems like Da Nose does not see UP becoming a part of the Final Four this year. hehehehe! 🙂

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