NCAA 83 Opening: Red Lions smothers Heavy Bombers

23 06 2007

Defending champs San Beda Red Lions made an easy victory over host Jose Rizal heavy bombers, 91-69, to seal the opening match of the 83rd season of the NCAA at the jam-packed Big Dome yesterday.

Coach Frankie Lim’s SBC heat up early with Borgie Hermida clinching the first five points of the match. With 6:39 minutes gone in the first quarter, hungry Sam Ekwe nailed a follow-up and two dunks, scoring 6 big points within 2 minutes to set off a 9-point lead for the Lions. Jay Nocom’s corner three and back to back shots from John Wilson and JR Sena in the last minute of the first quarter could only cut SBC’s lead down to six, 21-15.

In the 2nd quarter, a tip in by Ekwe with 6:47 minutes left followed by a 3-point field goal from Gabo Lanete and free throw shots from Pong Escobal and Dave Marcelo ignited a 10-0 run to give Lim’s squad a 13-point lead. Nocom gave an urgent response by nailing a three with 2:33 minutes left in the quarter. But Ogie Menor’s defensive stunt proved too much for the Bombers. His back to back shots wrapped up the first half 41-26 for San Beda.

The first half tallied only 29% in field goal percentage for Coach Ariel Vanguardia’s Heavy Bombers while the Red Lions showed an outstanding 41% in the. SBC also came out with 16 turnover points including 5 steals while JRU made 3 TO points.

Meanwhile, the 3rd quarter saw the match up between San Beda’s Yousif Aljamal and JRU’s Jay Nocom.

Aljamal warms up the quarter with 9:20 minutes left. Nocom answers back with a two. With 7:25 minutes left, Nocom missed his bonus free throw after being fouled from the baseline. Meanwhile, Aljamal nailed his 10th point with 3:23 in the clock. Nocom’s hot hands converted two excellent 3’s which registered his 12th point of the quarter. Aljamal quickly responded with a shot from top of the key with only 1:09 minutes left in the quarter. Nocom’s effort was just not good enough as they settled with a 20-point deficit, 64-44.

San Beda, particularly Menor, started the 4th quarter with a bang, completing a 3-point play and a huge three-pointer to seal a 10-0 run for the Red Lions with 6:38 minutes left, to claim their biggest lead of the match with 26 points. Nocom’s another shot from behind the arc and a perimeter shot from Dana Lituania cut the lead down to 21 with 6 minutes left. With only 3:25 minutes left in regulation, Mark Pradas’ brave attempt earned him a 3-point play and brought the lead back to twenty, 80-60.

Aljamal made another three which was immediately answered by Cagoco. With 1:57 left, Hermida made his 2nd three-point shot, and the lead was back to 25. In the last 5 minutes, both teams settled for free throw exchanges. Sam Ekwe made a poor 2 out of 6 but Pong Escobal’s 6 out of 6 free throws put a wide lead for the Bedans, 91-65. With only 1:06 minutes remaining in the game, Wilson completed another three-pointer. Alvin Se’s last free throw shot concluded the score with 91-69 for the reigning NCAA champs.

Surprised yet proud, Coach Frankie Lim commended his players for doing a job well-done, for executing superb offense and defense in the game.

“I didn’t know what to expect, but my players came out smoking,” said Coach Frankie Lim after the match. “All of my players were playing as one. Pong, Sam… Borgie started really good. They were just excellent tonight.”




4 responses

25 06 2007

a great start for the roaring lions!

Animo San Beda!

25 06 2007


25 06 2007

wala talga laban jru sa san beda…. hehe

25 06 2007

d naman… magagaling lang talaga… plus ung morale pa ng Lions sobrang taas…

San Beda Red Lions NCAA83 CHAMPOINS!

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