A tale of two NSO Certificates

27 06 2007

This rumor has been going on for months. This website has released a story that a top gun from a UAAP champion team has allegedly tampered his NSO Birth Certificate. It has been all over the forums that Jojo Duncil has been the focus of these rumors. A comment was also made by Coach Pido Jarencio about this matter in this website saying that it is all hearsay.

We have listened, read, pondered about this issue. And we’ve decided to look into the matter. We were able to come up with two documents. The first one is a birth certificate photocopy obtained from the UAAP of Joselito Duncil attached with his school records stating that his birth date is Jan. 13, 1983 with Local Civil Registry No. 803.

To dig a little further, we decided to make a little trip down to the NSO and investigate. We were able to obtain an original copy of the NSO Birth Certificate of Joselito Duncil also with Local Civil Registry No. 803 (just to add, it also has nos. like this 02728-CD-003CDC-02984-BI001, BReN 054A82AD04-1) and it indicates that his birthdate is Jan. 13, 1982. If we follow, the original copy of the NSO, Joselito Duncil will be 25 years of age as of 2007.

Rumor also has it that a UAAP board meeting is set on June 28, 2007, Thursday to discuss this matter. More to come on this story.




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28 06 2007

First, let me cite this link. http://www.census.gov.ph/data/civilreg/civapfaq.html#birth Here you will find the NSO’s non-disclosure provision for birth certificates.

Such being the case, please appease my curiosity. How were you able to obtain the document?… just wondering lang po

and another hting–since were talking about rumors here–rumor also has it that Duncil’s 1983 certifcation was registered prior to his 1982 certifcation which was filed at a much later year (1989=pre-uaap time). The point being, he was made to appear older rather than younger for whatever reason.

28 06 2007

Perhaps it was not really Josef Ramos who got copies of the birth certificates in question but a group of investigators duly authorized by the UAAP and/or by UST.

Still, I believe that if it is proven that Jojo did indeed faked his documents in order to gain admission into UST (I guess UST is also a victim here supposing it will be the case), the league should sanction him and, at the same time, (I know it will be painful to some but I have to say it) UST should return its 2006 championship title to the UAAP and that the UAAP board will declare the 2006 title VACANT.

28 06 2007

Hi Bitoy, Mr. Ramos’ third paragraph says otherwise.

I’m trying to figure things out. Help me out please. So what the post is saying is that Jojo submitted a photocopy of his local NSO birth certificate to the board and NOT the Manila NSO certificate. Right?

Since both forms have the same local registry number ‘803’, I assume that the data reflected in the Manila NSO certificate was taken from the local birth certificate copy that Jojo submitted to the board.

(* That’s how it goes when you centralize information kasi, there should be a source document. Hindi pwedeng hinugot lang sa hangin ng Manila NSO ang info nila. In this case, we have Jojo’s local birth certificate.)

Again as per this post, the Manila NSO certificate has a different birth year (1982)compared to what is stated in Jojo’s local birth certificate (1983). Right?

If so, my best guess is a typo error occured during Manila NSO’s data centralization process. Napaka-posible, di ba?

As long as Jojo can provide the original or even just a certified true copy of his local birth certificate–the source document–then he should be in the clear. Otherwise, well, iba na ang iisipin ko…

Going by this theory, is there a discrepancy? Yes. Was there faking or tampering involved? No. Why? The documents submitted both came from the NSO, one from the local arm the other from the main branch. Both are legit documents, only there’s a typo error. Plain and simple.

28 06 2007
josef ramos

Okay, I just want to say that Jojo Duncil is already of legal age.

And as far as I’m concerned, I got Duncil’s documents from the NSO office (not from everyone else) because it is a public document so everybody has the right to get it.

At the same time, my job as a journalist is to expose whatever valuable information I discover.

It is up for the UAAP board to make the final decision on Duncil. Thanks to all of your comments

28 06 2007
Kim Lesaca

iheartuste, I have seen both birth certificates, the one submitted to the UAAP, and the one from the central NSO. And both are identical EXCEPT for the date of birth- UAAP’s copy says the player was born 1983, while the NSO copy says 1982.

According to league sources and other forums, UST has another NSO certificate, this time with 1983 as DOB. The problem is, according to some people (not the league),that certificate is nowhere similar to the one submitted to the UAAP, so today’s board meet should settle this.

These are the facts. Let’s just wait for the board’s action on this.

28 06 2007

BAt ba lagi nagkakainitan dito sa inboundpass?

Just for the love of the game 🙂 Bidyu naman dyan mga ‘tol.

28 06 2007

Mr. Ramos, from your defensive tone I could sense that I have I rubbed you the wrong way. I apologize. That is not my intention, I was merely wondering.

Then again, I have to disagree with you on two points. ONe, I’m no expert with the law but I believe the provision we both have in mind also applies to those who have already reached the age of majority. Else, they would not have included the “if he is a minor” phrase there somewhere since it would already be a given. Two, the fact that this provision exists invalidates your claim that this document is a public document.

Having said this, let us not dwell on the matter anymore because it’s already moot and academic. You were able to obtain a copy of Jojo’s birth certificate despite the provision. Period. Truth is, I applaud you for your resourcefulness. And you’re right, it is indeed up to the UAAP board to decide on this issue.

Mr/Ms Kim Lesaca, thank you for your input. I’ll stop speculating now and just wait for the boards say on the matter. I wonder why people, myself included, even began speculating in the first place… ah yes, i remember now…

Hey, it’s Thursday today and it’s way past five pm already. Since you appear to be in the know, what went on in the meeting? We’re all dying to know.

29 06 2007

[…] controversy several weeks back after reading about it. Then, Inboundpass made a followup on this HERE, with an article entitled, A Tale of Two NSO Certificates. It sparked my interest, that I linked it […]

29 06 2007
Mike Abasolo

I hope i have appeased Mr. King Blue Eagle. Let us start all over shall we. Mr. Josef Ramos will be reporting to us some recent events that just happened sometime ago. I suggest if you havent subscribed to twitter. But if you have, we also have that facility. Please gentlemen, let us continue.

2 07 2007

we dont care about these documents!!!

2 07 2007
Mike Abasolo

But there might be people out there that wish for the truth.

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