‘UST must continue to investigate Duncil’s true birth’

3 07 2007

Inboundpass.com note: This piece was taken July 3 from the sport page of THE PHILIPPINE CHRONICLE, the first newspaper to print the Duncil’s issue last June 7, 2007. This sports article was edited by Philippine Chronicle Sports Editor Al Mendoza.

THE Duncil controversy refuses simply to die down.

At least three members of the UAAP board, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said yesterday UST must explain why Duncil’s year of birth in the NSO-certified birth certificate differs from the photocopy submitted by UST to the UAAP eligibility committee in 2002.

The UAAP accepts photocopies of players’ birth certificates as proofs of birth, not original NSO-certified birth certificates. Duncil submitted in 2002 a photocopy of his alleged birth certificate stating that he was born in 1983.

The CHRONICLE/inboundpass.com has a copy of an NSO-issued certificate of Duncil’s birth certificate stating that he was born on January 13, 1982 in Apalit, Pampanga. Anton Montinola, a UAAP board member representing Far Eastern University , said UST’s decision not to field Duncil anymore this season is “good” since the issue about his year of birth “is not yet settled.”

The age limit for UAAP players is 24. Based on NSO records, Duncil turned 25 on January 13, 2007 .

The NSO-issued birth certificate obtained by the CHRONICLE/inboundpass.com and the photocopied birth certificate submitted by Duncil to UST in 2002 both bear the same local registry number 803.

The document said Duncil’s parents, Flaviano Duncil and Elena Mañego, were married in May 1965.

Both documents (original and photocopy) have the same BREN No. 05402-A82AD04 and signed by NSO Administrator and Civil Registrar General Carmelita N. Ericta.

Duncil told the CHRONICLE/inboundpass.com the municipality of Apalit had lost records of his original birth certificate many years ago.

“When my older sister tried to get a copy of my birth certificate, our municipality gave her the birth certificate bearing 1983 as my year of birth,” said Duncil. “By July, I hope the court will clear my records,” he said, referring to a court proceeding in Apalit purportedly to correct his year of birth.

Duncil’s passport also lists him as having born in 1983. His passport bearing No. UU0978220 was issued on March 28, 2007 .

An NSO official, who requested anonymity, said one person cannot have two birth certificates bearing two different years of birth.

“It is impossible for a person to have two NSO birth certificates of different years of birth,” said the NSO official. “One would be obviously tampered with.”




5 responses

4 07 2007

UST should explain and not hide the truth behind Duncil.

If they are saying the truth regarding the two birth certificates which is really impossible to happen, I hope they show those documents in public.

The other thing is UST should wait first the decision of the UAAP board before allowing Duncil to play or not

4 07 2007
College Hoop Fan

Jojo already decided to turn pro. 🙂

4 07 2007

i wonder why he suddenly did… all this fanfare about him playing in the uaap… then this issue… then they announce that he’s turning pro? what the???

4 07 2007
Mike Abasolo

Again, should UST conduct an investigation? Or just leave the dead horse dead?

5 07 2007

I’m very sad that the Jojo Duncil issue is already considered by Fr. De sagun as a “dead horse.”

That’s an insult to the guy.

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