Duncil Goes to the PBA…Now What?

5 07 2007

Duncil Goes to the PBA…Now What?

Inboundpass.com was the first to report the alleged ineligibility of a UAAP star player. This writer was the first to break the news on June 5. I however did not mention any player’s name.

The comments hurled at me by some people were truly venomous but whether its politics or sports, the public has a right to know. That is why the article was pursued by Josef Ramos. Here at inboundpass.com, the writers share and work together.

Mr. Ramos did a great job in pursuing this issue. He was unstoppable in getting the facts and giving all parties concerned a chance to air their side. There were all sorts of comments again hurled at Mr. Ramos but he continued to pursue the truth.

We have not and will not pass judgment on Mr. Joselito “Jojo” Duncil. We just presented the facts as they have surfaced. The writers here only bared the fact that there were 2 sets of documents and not once did any writer here make a judgment.

The writers at inboundpass.com have done their work and have done it well. Duncil has quit the team a week before the opening and did not even bother to wait for the UAAP board to make a decision. Now it’s time for the UAAP board to decide on what to do next. It should not forget that Duncil played for UST last year when they won the championship.

If his records are untainted, they owe it to Mr. Duncil to clear his name. If they are not authentic then they owe it to their stakeholders to get to the bottom of this. The fact remains that there two conflicting documents. It cannot stay floating like this. It deserves at least an explanation.

The case is not about the age of Duncil. Though it is true that if his true birth year was 1982, he was still eligible last year, the fact remains that he has two birth certificates. If the NSO is at fault then they should be asked to explain. If it was an oversight on the part of UST, then this should also be asked to explain.

I wonder. What if it were La Salle that got embroiled in this issue, would it be taken this lightly? Would the media have left it the same way? I doubt it.




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5 07 2007
College Hoop Fan

Why compare it always with La Salle? Still bitter with what happened the last time around?

5 07 2007
The Green Mind

College Hoo[ Fan,
The comparison is made to show that matters like this should be addressed equally. Why did the Marlou Aquino case draw a suspension? The fact is that it cannot be left unresolved.

5 07 2007

“The writers at inboundpass.com have done their work and have done it well. Duncil has quit the team a week before the opening and did not even bother to wait for the UAAP board to make a decision…”

very good guys..mission accomplished eh?

I wonder how the tigers will make mincemeat of your green archers…

archer hype will be put to the test…

and for Pete’s sake, please dont compare La Salle’s “proven” negligence to UST’s case..they are two totally different scenarios, there’s still nothing proven about UST..and let the UAAP board handle this..I think they don’t need to be reminded, im sure they are acting about it right now…

I respect La Salle as a wonderful institution and i know that you guys are better than this…

6 07 2007

This writer was the first to break the news on June 5.

Sir, just a point of clarification. The Libre article “Ang Hiwaga sa Tunay na Edad ni King Tiger” bylined by Dennis Eroa came out on or before June 4. I don’t have with me a hard copy so I can’t pinpoint the exact date. However, the earliest excerpt of which that came out in the forums was June 4.


“Upang ibaon na sa limot ang mga katanungan gumawa ng pananaliksik ang Libre at ito ang mga nangyari. Nakakuha ang Libre ng mga patunay mula sa Divina Pastora Parish sa Apalit na si Joselito M. Duncil, anak ni Flaviano at Helena duncil ay sinilang noong Enero 13, 1983. Nakasaad dito na bininyagan siya noong Mayo 1, 1983 ni Rev. Fr. Leobardo Montoya xxx. Pirmado ito ni Rev. Fr. Reynaldo P. Garcia, kasalukuyang kura paroko.

“Tiniyak rin ng office of the Civil Registrar sa Apalit na isinilang si Duncil noong Enero 13, 1983 at ito ay tinala noong Marso 13, 1983. Pirmado ito nina municipal civil registrar Erlinda Danganan at civil registry clerk Leonila B. Villanueva.

“Ngunit hindi dito natatapos ang suliranin. Matapos na itala na 1983 pinanganak si Duncil ay muling nagkaroon ng ikalawang rehistrasyon sa Apalit civil registrar noong 1989 at dito ay 1982 na siya pinanganak. Dahil sa tinatawag na ‘clerical error’ nagkaroon ng di-umano’y pagkakamali sa marka ni Duncil sa National Statistics Office sa East Avenue.

“Nakuha ng Libre ang sertipikasyon mula NSO at malinaw na sinasabing 1982 pinanganak si Duncil at kung ito ang susundin, 25-taon-gulang na si Duncil at hindi na ito maaaring maglaro sa UAAP. Walang duda na ang dokumento mula sa NSO ang pinakamalaking batayan ng eligibilidad ng isang manlalaro sa ligang gaya ng UAAP.

6 07 2007
College Hoop Fan

aaaah… clerical error….

6 07 2007
The Green Mind

It does not take a genius to see that the details of the Marlou Aquino (Adamson), La Salle and UST issues are different. The one thing that is being looked at is the manner by which both the traditional media and the UAAP board handle the incidents.

I would not be surprised if nothing comes out of the UAAP investigation regarding the 2 birth certificates.

However, look at how fast the UAAP board is acting on the case of Badeer Malabes of La Salle. Even the newspapers have spent more space on the eligibility of Malabes than the Duncil issue.

I guess La Salle news sells more newspapers.

6 07 2007

I bet to disagree Sir Green Mind…the duncil issue made more news rather than the Malabes issue..and I believe pwede na ata maglaro c malabes because he already produced the needed documents..but in fairness, magaling c Malabes.

6 07 2007
the brown mind

may pinagkaiba ang lasalle at UST,, dahil ang lasalle garapal kung mandaya dalawang player kasi ang dinaya nila e ang UST naman medyo may pagka conservative kasi isang player lang ang sabwat…

7 07 2007
The Dont Mind

Breeding ground of cheating na kasi ang La Salle kaya binabantayan.

7 07 2007
the lavender mind

kasi kung mandaya ang lasalle masyadong halata,,unlike sa UST medyo discrete. kaya mga dlsu pagaralan nyo kung pano mandaya ng patago,,para hindi nahuhuli.

7 07 2007
The Green Mind

So inaamin niyo na nandaya ang UST. Sa inyo na nanggaling yan ha. And to think that UST’s theme is something about HONESTY IN SPORTS.

7 07 2007
The NeverMind

bottomline, they cheated!!!! Cheaters!

7 07 2007
The Dont Mind

Yun ay kung taga UST nga si Lavender. hahaha. Taga Ateneo yan eh. 🙂

10 07 2007
The Dont Mind


sakto pangalan mo. hahaha. .|||.

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