Spectacle amidst the controversy

9 07 2007

Season 70 of the UAAP opened with a bang with host University of Santo Tomas providing a spectacular show, highlighting the best of Filipino traditions fused with western cultures that featured the UST Salinggawi and the UST Symphony Orchestra. And for the musically inclined, the musical arrangements were well thought of and that the musical arrangers deserve to be mentioned as well. The show was so grand that you’d forget that the UAAP and host UST are in a fix…

It’s a good thing the show lasted for an hour, because once the opening game started, all eyes, ears, minds and hearts shifted back to the hardwood. As La Salle put away the UP Fighting Maroons in the first four minutes of play, a number of scribes covering the games wondered how UST will defend their crown, with the departure of Jojo Duncil. Then remarks were made regarding his birth certificates. Well, it seems that the the issue is still alive and very much kicking.

For a country that longs for the truth (Hello Garci, Fertilizer Scam, etc.), the Jojo Duncil issue doesn’t really count among the earth-shaking scandals that affect our daily lives. But since it involves the UAAP and all member schools, this issue becomes interesting not only to sportswriters but to the students, faculty, non academic personnel and alumni of these schools. Thus the truth should be pursued.

During the UAAP press con last July 2, a writer asked UAAP President Ermito De Sagon (of UST) to comment on Duncil’s decision to turn pro. De Sagon gave four reasons for Duncil’s move, such as Duncil being a dead horse, thus it’s useless to talk about a dead horse; a chance for the other members of the team to shine; admitting that they have two NSO birth certificates and that the issue has become a distraction to the team; and that it was Duncil’s real intention to turn pro, and a family decision at that. He also added that they’re not talking about it inside the UST campus. (Read excerpts below. Excerpts courtesy of ubelt.com)

What’s interesting is De Sagon’s pronouncement that they have two NSO birth certificates in their possession, one that makes Duncil eligible and one that will make him ineligible. He also vouched on the person of the player, being the nephew of the UST rector. But as inboundpass.com reported, the NSO has certified that there is only ONE entry in their data base (DOB Jan. 13 1982), and that birth certificate makes Duncil ineligible to play in Season 70. Furthermore, the birth certificate submitted to the UAAP is a photocopy of the NSO birth certificate, except that the entry on DOB says Jan.13 1983. So what’s with the “other NSO” birth certificate De Sagon was talking about?

The UAAP Board should look into this instead of swallowing De Sagon’s pronouncements. The Board should not let this issue be another “Bonbon Custodio” thing. Anyway, if they won’t act on this, the truth shall find its way to the people. And if it does, who’s going to be affected by it? Your guess is as good as mine.

Courtesy of ubelt.com:

Fr. Ermito De Sagon’s reply when asked about Duncil’s decision to turn pro:

“Ok, let me answer that. Of course, Jojo Duncil was our player. He was a UAAP player. As far as we are concerned, he is a dead horse and it is useless to talk about a dead horse. Sabi ko nga, kaya tinanggal na lang sa line-up kasi hindi nakaka-excel yung iba. Natatakpan yung ibang player namin kaya iba naman. But really, as far as the controversy is concerned, we know from the family. In fact, Jojo Duncil is the nephew of the rector of UST. So, as far as his person is concerned, we have no doubts against his person. He is a good boy. But the only problem is he has two NSO-certified birth certificates. One will make him ineligible. Kasi kung 1982, ineligible. Kung 1983, eligible. Now, we think that this is, as far as UST is concerned, is an additional burden, an excess load. We don’t want any member of our team to have excess load. It will be a distraction to our games. We don’t want to have games and put into question. Kaya better, mag-pro ka nalang. And of course, as a matter of fact, that was his real intention. He was weighing the possibility of going pro because he was watching the list of those who will go pro. Kasi siyempre, yung player, nakakiramdam din when is the best time to turn pro. Siyempre kung maraming magagaling na mag-turn pro, mahihirapan ka rin. So parang for him, that’s his decision and the family’s decision and we respect it. Sa UST, hindi na namin pinag-uusapan yun”.




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10 07 2007

This site’s apparent partiality against UST is getting tiresome already. However much you guys try to deny it and hide behind the cover of journalistic what not, it’s blatantly obvious that you’ve got an axe to grind against the folks from Espana (if not the UAAP board as a whole).

I’ve tried to keep an open mind about your site for as long as I can but as one Jojo article follows another and then another, it’s hard not to reach this conclusion and I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one bearing this view.

Don’t you guys get tired of repeating yourselves over and over? Mind you, this might bite you in the face in the long run. Anyone not myopic can easily discern that the articles written here lean more toward subjective opinions than facts.

Careful, the more you press the issue the more you give hint to your veiled motive. Your readers are not stupid. They know how to put two and two together and in all probability, they won’t come up with five.

C’mon, you already know the whole story. You know the be all and end all of why Jojo has two NSO certifcates. You cannot claim that you don’t because no one would believe you. Again, your readers are not stupid.

Oh, by the way, you “missed” quoting the bottom part of the ubelt article you cited above. Allow me to post the link here for the benefit of people wishing for a more well rounded read.


10 07 2007
Kim Lesaca

On the contrary, we are for the truth. We are never anti-UST or anti-UAAP Board, though the Board can do a better job in looking at this. I’m sure, you being from UST will appreciate the truth. Let’s not stop from Fr. De Sagon’s pronouncements just because he said so… He was the one who answered the question (which opened more cans of worms than providing closure) so the truth has to be pursued. Thank you for your comments.

10 07 2007

Iheartuste you are from UST… But truth should come out.

I know what this site is pointing into regarding the Duncil case.

And it looks like truth really, really hurts.

Nobody can deny that Jojo has no two birth certificates because Fr. De Sagun and even Jojo himself admitted it.

Possessing two birth certificates is against the law especially when one of them are faked and tampered.

In the case of Jojo, it appears that his NSO record in the UAAP had been tampered.

You cannot blame this site although truth really, really hurts…

I’m happy this site is very objective and fair as far as ethics of journalism are concerned.

In fact, this site has released both sides — against Duncil and pro duncil featuring De Sagun’s comments.

10 07 2007
The Dont Mind

yada yada yada.

si sidney bristow nga nag plant ng fake na NSO birth certificate. 🙂

11 07 2007

^ The Dont Mind: tingin mo talaga si Sidney? ako ang hula ko sa Hiro Nakamura. Pinatigil niya saglit yung oras para mapuslit niya yung japeyks na BC ni Jojo sabay sigaw ng “YATTA!” Ha-ha. Corny ko. Toink.

Okay now, about the truth talk.

What’s the least assuming, least presuming, least complicated, explanation as to why the board seem disinclined to pursue this Jojo issue?

Shave off your preconceived notion, your predisposition and your prejudice for a moment please. Sabi nga ni Kuya Occam (as in Occam’s Razor): one should not increase, beyond what is necessary, the number of entities required to explain anything .

Since it is a fitting reply here as well, I’ll jsut paste a bit of what I wrote in another forum. Nakakapagod na kasing magpaliwanag ng paulit-ulit. Kunin n’yo na lang po yung gist, ok?

Sa BOARD at tanging sa board lamang mayroong obligasyong magbigay ng pahayag ang UST at ginawa naman nila iyon. Kung piliin man nilang huwag magpahayag sa press ay prerogative nila iyon.

Gusto ko lang linawin, ang UST at ang board ay hindi iisa.

We’re talking about representatives from seven other big name universities here in the country. Please do not insult their intelligence by assuming that they will let something anomalous just go by un-admonished. In this case, they probably arrived at the conclusion that nothing anomalous took place.

The public’s assumption that Jojo submitted fake papers is culled from their own interpretation of the series of events that transpired. There is no factual basis behind it. The facts remain inside the boardroom where it should be. UST did their part, they explained their side to the board. They have no obligation whatsoever to satisfy your curiosity.

oh I almost forgot, yes princess, I agree with you 100%. Truth does hurt. It really, really hurts. Esp. for Jojo. The rug was pulled from under his feet. Poor guy. And all because of… never mind.

11 07 2007
Kim Lesaca

Whether the UAAP Board investigates or not, the truth will find its way. One thing for sure, if they decide not to pursue, then the truth will come out and haunt them. Like what the Custodio issue did.

11 07 2007

I agree with you Mr. Kim. The truth will come out no matter what..

11 07 2007
The Dont Mind

yeah. like custudio who was paid by la sallian bookies. 🙂

that’s what i’ve hear from the underground.

11 07 2007
The Dont Mind

di na yan makikita.

kasi nga si Sidnet Bristow ang gumawa yan.
malins kasi di pinoy.

di katulad sa la salle, pulis sa malate lang ang gumawa ng pekeng papeles kaya nahuli.

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