The Best and Worst of Basketball Fans

19 07 2007

It’s funny how the best and the worst in people come out when college basketball comes along. Passion, loyalty and faith makes the ordinary student an ardent lover of his/her school and that brings out the best in them.

Others though use the college basketball season to make the worst in them come out through violence, vile comments and of course total disregard for decency.

Stating ones opinions on various issues involving their individual alma mater is a good exercise in the thought process. Most of the readers of this website do this. The exchange of ideas is always good because it encourages humor, discourse and most of all conviction.

However, there are 1 or 2 readers who stoop so low that they don’t know if they are looking at their behind or their face. There is this one reader of this site that has even gone to the extent of identity theft just to put inane comments using other people’s handles. People like this think so low of themselves that they cannot make an argument and defend it. They resort to name calling and reputation bashing not knowing that it is their own reputation that is being bashed. I’m pretty sure that this identity thief does not even understand most of what I’m writing here.

I am not writing this to defend myself but rather to defend the readers of my column. People may not agree with what I write yet most of those who read my articles are educated enough to state their opinions and stand by what they believe. For that I respect them regardless of whether they see things very different from the way I do.

I am in this website to write about La Salle and that is because I love my alma mater as much as the readers love their own. I will not apologize for being partial to La Salle. If I would have come from any other school, I would be as passionate for that school as I am for La Salle.

So go and cheer for your school. Argue against the point of view of the writers here or anywhere else. Take a stand and defend it. But don’t make a fool of yourself and resort to childish antics thinking that it’s funny.




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19 07 2007


20 07 2007

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