23 07 2007

FACT 1: Right before the beginning of the season, the issue of Jojo Duncill’s birth certificate(s) was reported.

FACT 2: Pido Jarencio, Jojo Duncil and the whole UST hierarchy, denied that there was anything wrong with Duncil’s birth certificate(s).

FACT 3: UST announces that Duncil had decided to join the PBA draft.

FACT 4: Fr. De Sagun calls the Duncil issue is a dead horse.

FACT 5: UST starts the season with a 2 win 2 loss record, beating only winless Adamson and UP, in hard fought games.

FACT 6: UST calls for a UAAP board meeting to appeal to have Duncil reinstated even after the season had already started and the final line-ups submitted.

FACT 7: The UAAP Board unanimously denies UST’s appeal.

I really cannot understand what the UST Board reps were hoping to accomplish when they filed this appeal. It was Fr. De Sagun himself who called this issue a “dead horse”. Yet here they were reviving the “dead horse”.

This is definitely a desperation move by UST. It is probably an unprecedented request for a team to want to add a player this late in the first round. I’m sure UST was aware that it would be difficult to convince the UAAP Board to approve thir request, as it would open the flood gates of roster changes in the future. On the other hand, if by some weird stroke of luck, UST would have succeeded in its appeal, it would have tainted any success the team would have had in its title defense.

UST has all but admitted that they are not confident of their chances without Duncil in their line-up. It has been evident that the UST offense has been very limited with their present line-up. Jervy Cruz’s inside game would have been more effective if Jojo Duncil complimented this with his type of outside game.

What is very sad about this whole incident is bringing that it brings game to the boardroom rather than keeping it on the hard court. Once the season begins, there should no longer be any involvement by the Board except in matters concerning game matters such as protests.

I am just glad that the vote of the UAAP Board was unanimous. This truly helps in solidifying the integrity of the Board.




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23 07 2007
The Dont Mind

Dont mind me

but isn’t this double killing

the alrteady dead horse?

but then again

there’s always use for the green grass.

23 07 2007

i’m from UST and i’m really ashamed of what the UST board reps did..

i think UST has shown in the past 2 games that they have balanced scoring now..Allera, Espiritu, Canlas, Mirza and Ababou are now starting to get steam..after all, one team needs one big win to revive its confidence..

UST has proven last season that they can make big games even w/out Jojo Duncil..

it’s all in the mind..

23 07 2007
Mike Abasolo

let’s see if they can rise to the challenge. Adamson and UP are not exactly marquee teams at the moment. More to come.

23 07 2007

I’m with you on this, the appeal was a bad judgment call on UST’s part. This aside, my question remains.

Who masterminded the dirt digging on Jojo?

23 07 2007
Yellow D!ck

correct….our school must stand by its decision that its already a deadhorse …putting jojo in the line up is a very bad move…it seems that our school doesnt have the confidence on their current roster…

23 07 2007
The Green Mind

I agree with whamos. UST has a very good team. I think Allera has done much better than expected and that he would not have flourished with Duncil in the line-up.

23 07 2007
The Dont Mind

Dont mind me

But Allera didn’t show his strength last year

Coz Evangelista was on the same position.

But hey don’t mind me

watching them practice, I knew Allera has somekind of game inside him.

I’m waiting for Canlas to break out.

But hey, it’s UST

and everything’s possible.

24 07 2007

The decaying dead horse is good fertilizer for the green grass hahahhaha

24 07 2007

“FACT 5: UST starts the season with a 2 win 2 loss record, beating only winless Adamson and UP, in a hard fought games.”

watch your words..they are not really hard-fought.

and one thing more, when ust lost to title contender teams such as ue and feu, everyone are lambasting the defendign champs. but when la salle lost to ue big a huge margin, the words were like, yeah, they were overconfident and all that euphemism.

be objective.

24 07 2007
The Green Mind


The dead horse might also have 2 death certificates.

24 07 2007
The Dont Mind

Dont mind me

but green grass got run over by warriors

25 07 2007

probably green grass made that two death certificates for fear of the revival of the dead horse (siguradong double dead), who could chew them and turn them easily into greenish horse manure

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