Ateneo – La Salle rivalry renewed

27 07 2007

It was a game that both schools were highly anticipating. La Salle and Ateneo had not met each other in 2 years. Araneta Coliseum was filled to the rafters with green on one side and blue on the other.

From the opening buzzer the pressure was intense. The players, the coaches, the crowd were on their toes from opening tip- off.

Surprisingly, Ateneo started with Kirk Long, their prized American recruit from Faith Academy. La Salle had their regular starting five.

PJ Walsham hits the 1st shot of the game. But from the onset, La Salle looked tentative while Ateneo looked confident. La Salle clamped down on defense and forced Ateneo to turnovers.

The starters were ineffective and Coach Franz brings in his bench. Casio and Malabes hit and the game goes back and forth. Ateneo makes a run near the end of the first quarter and take a 4 point lead at the end.

1st Quarter score 19 – 15 Ateneo

La Salle starts the 2nd quarter strong and hit 4 straight points to tie the game. Ateneo starts to clamp down on defense and had a more fluid offense with balanced shooting from almost everyone on the floor. What was evident was Ateneo’s big men were dominating La Salles big men. However, for awhile, La Salle’s fast break was clicking.

Coach Franz brings in Ferdinand and he makes his presence felt. Unfortunately the rookie gets 2 quick fouls. Though La Salle’s defense was good, their offense just wouldn’t click. What made matter worse is that they were shooting horrendously from the foul line.

The officiating started to become questionable. The referees were calling ticky tack fouls on La Salle while allowing Ateneo more leeway.

2nd Quarter ends 30 – 30

The 3rd quarter was reminiscent of the last game against UE. La Salle just couldn’t shoot. Their foul shooting was horrible. Ateneo on the hand was patient and moved the ball around well. Jai Reyes and Kirk Long were doing a great job orchestrating the Ateneo offense.

On the hand La Salle looked unsure of themselves. They did not have the confidence that has always been present in Pumaren coached teams. The veterans TY Tang and Pocholo Villanueva looked lost on the court. The bright spot however was JV Casio and Rico Maeirhofer.

I was particularly concerned about Badeer Malabes. Thoug he made a couple of shots, he looked terrified on the court. He shot ill-advised 3s and one time even hi t the side of the backboard.

The officiating was also getting worse. The referees were making questionable calls that were obviously wrong.

3rd Quarter ends 49 – 44 Ateneo

In the 4th Ateneo began to dominate. They lead by as much as 9 points. Then La Salle goes on a defensive and offensive surge. JV Casio gets ho t and buries a few 2s and a 3. Rico Maierhofer starts to drive to the basket and also scores.

But, the foul shooting woes continued. Add to the the worsening officiating and it was really getting scary for La Salle. With about 3 minutes to go, La Salle bring the lead down to 3. But again foul shooting was killing us.

With a little more than a minute to go, La Salle ties the game. After making a defensive stop, La Salle scores and leads by 2 with about 35 seconds remaining. In Ateneos next possession, they move the ball around and tie the game.

With about 13 seconds remaining and inbounding from half court, La Salle can’t even get a shot up. It was disheartening to see them break down in this last possession.

4th Quarter end 67 – 67

Ateneo started the overtime with 4 straight points and never looked back. La Salle tried to even the score but bad officiating just kept giving Ateneo free throws that they were converting.

But La Salle kept coming back and with a little less than a minute to go, La Salle brings down the lead to 1 point. In a crucial rebound, Ataneo taps the ball out but the referee calls a jump ball, with the possession arrow making it Ateneo’s ball. It was a very bad call that changed the game. Ateneo scores on that possession and in La Salle’s next possession, they are fouled and make only 1 of 2.

Ahead by 2, Ateneo executes a perfect play leaving Chris Tiu open, who scores a 3. It was the last dagger. La Salle still tried to overcome the lead and score 1 out of 2 foul shots. In the dying minutes, Rico Maeirhofer went to the line, made the first and intentionally missed the 2nd. La Salle could nto get the rebound

Games ends 80 – 77 Ateneo.

My 2 cents worth:

I saw a very lackadaisical La Salle team. They did not have the confidence that they showed in the pre-season tournaments and their 1st 2 games of the season.

I am surprised that in the last 3 games, the veterans TY Tang and Pocholo Villanueva seemed to have dropped out of sight. This team has no leadership on the court right now.

The big men of La Salle also seem to be outplayed. Today, only Rico Maierhofer had a semblance of an inside game. Walsham, Illad, Kish Co and even James Mangahas have shown nothing. I am very surprised by this. Could their loss to UE been responsible for the total breakdown of this team?

Another thing that has to be improved is the foul shooting. Villanueva and Tang can’t seem to have a flow in their foul shooting. That’s what lost us this game.

I am glad that Coach Franz played Ferdinand today. With the lack in big man power, La Salle has just been dominated on the boards. The team does not even have a reliable post up player.

Malabes and Illad also have not shown any significant contribution to the team. I hope they begin to be more productive and play the game that they are capable off.

But don’t count the Green Archers out of the running. They have a FRANZ PUMAREN, who is a terrific motivator. If there is a way to raise the playing level of this, Franz can definitely do it.

I still believe this team will come back better and stronger. They need to beat UST in the next game to be able to get back to the winning track.

La Salle is like a pit bull. When bloodied, they will come back harder and stronger.




29 responses

27 07 2007

I dont think officiating was bad. we just lost because we couldnt shoot the ball. It was a definitely a good game, better if we won though 🙂

27 07 2007

Now this article wasn’t even surprising at all…

Ferdinand really was the revelation for dlsu…he let arao bully him for the ateneans to force overtime…

bad officiating indeed…tsk tsk tsk

27 07 2007

I agree that the officiating wasn’t horrible. Spotty at times, yes, but overall not horrible. They’ve been very consistent with being very tight on fouls and they will blow the whistle at the slightest amount of contact. It just so happens that La Salle plays a very aggressive press on defense and when they’re not forcing turnovers they will have the tendency of giving up fouls.

27 07 2007

i love this line…

“La Salle is like a pit bull. When bloodied,
they will come back harder and stronger.”


27 07 2007

yeah right, go la salle for the 4th win vs NU

27 07 2007

hey,,,just as i thought…
congrats ateneo..
goodluck la salle on the next outing…

27 07 2007
Green Vomit

“Ateneo makes a run near the end of the first quarter and take a 4 point lead at the end.

1st Quarter score 19 – 15 Ateneo”

Uh manong, did you have one beer to many while watching the game at the Araneta Coliseum? It was DLRT este, DLSU that led at the end of the first quarter.

Ano yan, pa-under dog effect? We all know that the Archers were heavily favored in this game.

Bad officiating? Typical comment when you don’t get calls going your way.

The Archers probably thought that it would be a cake walk going to the finals since they were buoyed by their pre-season success. Problem is, they believed in their own hype too much.

These back to back losses have brought them back to earth.

27 07 2007
The Dont Mind

Dont mind me

but if you think its bad officiating,

try blaming the bookie. 🙂

28 07 2007

Sorry, I didn’t see where the officiating was bad.

I agree it was spotty, but all uaap games are marred by the spotty officiating, so its part of the game, grow up.

and as for the tap out at the end, i also saw it as a jump ball. baka they should do away with the possesion arrow and the fouls para fair ang game, if that’s how games should be played.

la salle was overconfident, yes. but ateneo still buckled. hello? they let one guy–jvee casio get la salle back. how stupid was that diba?

i guess at te end of the day a win is a win. but the secound round i feel may go dlsu’s way.


28 07 2007

dlsu na yan sa 2nd round

29 07 2007

It was indeed bad officiating, but for the side of La Salle. JV Casio’s last 3-point shot was a two! Table officials, statisticians and the game video would show he was stepping way within the 2-point border. If it was counted as two, then there would have been no overtime.

29 07 2007
The Green Mind

Maybe you should take a look at the video where the referees completely ignored that Laterre and Long were both in the line up at the same time. They were right in front of the Ateneo bench when Black pulled Long out and Jai Reyes sprinted to the court. They did not call a technical until the La Salle bench complained.

Well I guess La Salle’s victory against UST today, even after they lost all their big men to fouls and injuries, will make more people post vile comments in my column.

29 07 2007
yellow d!ck

nice win green archers… it was a well fought game…till the next game in the 2nd round….GO USTE!!!

29 07 2007
The Green Mind

That’s very sportsmanlike of you yellow dick. UST will only get better as the the 2nd round comes around.

30 07 2007

Hey ‘The Green Mind’ since you have a copy of the Video why not be fair and show the instance that I was pointing out. The event occurred at the few minutes of the 4th quarter. It should not be hard to spot. At least on the case of Jai, the other team was slapped with a two technical free throws and ball possession.

31 07 2007
The Green Mind

There were 2 infractions. The 1st was having Laterre and Long in at the same time. The 2nd was Jai Reyes sprinting onto the court without advising the scorer’s table.

A similar incident happened in 1990 with La Salle’s Tonyboy Espinosa coming in the game for less than 5 secs after he had already fouled out. It had no effect on the game but the game was replayed.

There are rules and the length of time that rule is violated is incosequential. The assertion that it did not affect the outcome of the game is also moot.

Do you think any of the other 7 UAAP teams would not file a protest if it was La Salle who committed the infraction?

31 07 2007

‘The Green Mind’ better review your tape, you might be mistaken. The events you are mentioning are one and the same. While viewing it again, check the ‘bonus’ point the refs gave La Salle that led to overtime. The 3-point shot that is actually a two. As you pointed, any of the 7 UAAP teams would think of filing a protest as this is a matter of a win lose situation.

1 08 2007
The Green Mind

Insider Boy,

There are matters that are the call of the referees. Very rarely will a protest be made regarding a referees call. This is the case in almost all sports. That is why in American Football there is instant replay.

A violation of a policy is however different. About 16 years ago, the Lago brothers (Fil Ams at that time) played together. It was a game against Ateneo and they protested.

Two years ago, Oliver Cua wore a uniform of the previous year. It was a game against UP. The game was protested even before it began.

La Salle’s Tonyboy Espinosa was on the court for less then 5 seconds after fouling out. The game was protested and replayed.

The fault is squarely on the coach.

4 08 2007
The Green Mind

Ateneo coach Norman Black was quoted by the Philippine Star as saying that they lost to FEU because his players were distracted by the La Salle protest.

FEU played better than Ateneo that day. Give the Tamaraws their dues cos they beat you fair and square.

4 08 2007
Blue Ice

Huh? Whoever said that FEU didn’t beat AdMU fair and square? Of course they did! They didn’t cheat if that’s what you are trying to say. They were the better team…maybe, just maybe, because AdMU WAS distracted by the La Salle protest. Oks? The Eagles really helped FEU beat the crap out of them with those turnovers. Anyway, tapos na yun. Good luck to your Archers today and to our Blue Eagles later (and tomorrow in the board room hehehe).

4 08 2007
The Green Mind

Blue Ice,

In today’s game, the Ateneo drum core really got it from UST’s Mrs. Francisco. That was a total disrespect for the whole UAAP when they performed that extremely lengthy half time show.

6 08 2007
Blue Ice

Ok…apologies to Mrs. Francisco…I didn’t see the game but from what I have so far read, the babble deserved the reprimand…but what has that got to do with my post regarding the Eagle’s pathetic game vs FEU? Oh by the way, congrats to your Archers. I hope we will still be able to catch up to you guys next round.

6 08 2007
The Green Mind

Blue Ice,

I was just surprised that Norman Black had other reasons as why Ateneo lost. The statement that “they were distracted by the protest” should not even have been said. I

7 08 2007
yellow d!ck

thanks for appreciating my sportsmanlike manner…we are proud to be tigers but still we know how to accept defeat…jv casio is still deadly… i saw them practice…coz we have practiced in the same gym once…rfm gym …they were practicing on the other court and other one was ours ….and i was focusing more on their practice than ours hehe…hope another great game in the second round for the archers and the tigers…i hope we win the next time coz i think we havent won against la salle for the longest time hehe …GO USTE…

7 08 2007
Blue Ice

The Green Mind,

Oh ok. Well, I just see it as a qualified reason (or excuse) for playing so bad. Puwede naman yun diba? But I don’t think Coach was trying to take away anything from FEU. I think nobody from FEu’s team complaining, especially now that they have by far the prettiest courtside reporter in the history of the UAAP!!! Hahaha! Just to lighten things up dude! The number of people I know who are falling for Ms. Andi Manzano is growing exponentially everyday!!!

7 08 2007

Grabe yung author napaka immature. Napunta pa sa usapang halftime. Hahah. Kawawa naman pero entertaining naman basahin eh kasi alam mo na mababasa mo, mapapaisip ka na lang kung anong nakakatawang rason sasabihin.

Napa incoherent pa ng mga paragraph mo. Choppy.

7 08 2007
The Green Mind

The Truth,

Your comments are not worth responding to. Get a life!

8 08 2007

and yet you responded


8 08 2007
Blue Ice

As they always say: The Truth…HURTS! Haha! Sorry Green Mind! I just had to say that. No offense meant. Gusto ko lang magpatawa! Hehe!

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