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29 07 2007

UAAP board to Duncil: Good Luck note: This piece was taken July 14 from the sport page of THE PHILIPPINE CHRONICLE, the first newspaper to print the Duncil’s issue last June 7, 2007. This sports article was edited by Philippine Chronicle Sports Editor Al Mendoza.

THE UAAP board has a message to Jojo Duncil: Good luck!

They are referring to the case filed by Duncil in the regional trial court of Macabebe, Pampanga last June 7 to correct the alleged flaw regarding his birth year.

“UAAP is already out of the picture, but we’re hoping Duncil will prove his claim,” said Anton Montinola, the board representative of Far Eastern University in the Universities Athletic Association of the Philippines (UAAP). “Good luck to him.”

Duncil starred in UST’s victorious’ basketball UAAP campaign last year.

He’s out of the team because of allegations he owns two certificates of birth—one of them would qualify him to play another year, the other no.

Victor Rodriguez, Duncil’s lawyer, has asked the court on June 7 to make Duncil’s birth year as 1983 and not 1982.

The National Statistics Office (NSO) has supplied THE PHILIPPINE CHRONICLE/inboundpass with Duncil’s birth certificate bearing 1982 as the cager’s year of birth.

“No way Duncil could have another birth certificate bearing his year of birth as 1983,” said a ranking NSO official who spoke to THE CHRONICLE/inboundpass on condition of anonymity.

Montinola said the UAAP board will not allow Duncil to suit up for UST “even if the RTC of Macabebe make Duncil’s year of birth as 1983.”

“We will not allow that to happen because he is not in the 15-man line up of UST,” said Montinola. “It will just create confusion and we don’t want that to happen.”

Last week, UST rector Fr. Ernesto Arceo, OP, sent a petition letter to the UAAP board to allow Duncil to play for the ongoing UAAP. But the UAAP board had unanimously denied the petition.

University of the Philippines Chancellor Sergio Cao presided over the meeting in lieu of chair and league president Fr. Ermito De Sagon, OP, of UST.

“The board has decided, all is fine and everything has been settled,” said Montinola. “If we will allow Duncil, the case about his year of birth might be reopened.”

The league, Montinola said, wants to avoid controversy like just what happened a year ago when La Salle was suspended for one season after fielding two ineligible players – Tim Gatchalian and Mark Benitez.

On July 2, Duncil left UST to join the PBA rookie draft set Aug. 19 at the Market! Market! in Taguig City .

Since the NSO document stated that Duncil was born in 1982, he is 25 years old now and is therefore ineligible to play in the UAAP, which sets the age limit at 24.

In 2002, UST submitted a photocopy of Duncil’s alleged birth certificate stating that he was born in 1983.

On record, De Sagun has said on July 2 that Duncil has two birth certificates from the NSO—one stating he was born in 1982 and another in 1983.




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