Snail pace treatment by the UAAP board on the La Salle-Ateneo case

31 07 2007

It is the same old move by the UAAP board. Slow decision-making.

The board will decide on La Salle ’s protest against Ateneo before the end of the first round of men’s basketball tournament, said President Fr. Ermito De Sagon of UST.

He said: “We have to decide by then because we need to determine the standings of each teams. The standings will be our basis for our schedule for the second round.”

Well, team Standings has no concern on protest and violations. If there’s a violation, culprits must be sanctioned and if there’s no violation they should say there’s none.

The first round of the tournament will end on Sunday, August 5.

The UAAP technical committee led by commissioner Ed Cordero will decide on La Salle ’s protest either today or tomorrow.

“The UAAP board will make the final decision,” said Cordero.

The Board will then meet within 48 hours after the decision to either uphold or reject the technical committee’s decision.

In case the Board rejects the technical committee’s decision, the UAAP Board will decide on the matter.

De La Salle board representative Br. Bernie Oca said that they will “respect the decision of the technical committee and the UAAP Board.”

La Salle protested their 77-80 overtime loss to Ateneo after claiming that the Blue Eagles fielded two foreign players – American Kirk Long and Australian Zion Laterre – at the same time during the second quarter, a violation of UAAP rules.

Green Archers said the Blue Eagles violated Rule IX.

But Ateneo Coach, Norman Black and athletic director Ricky Palou are not unperturbed. If a violation is committed or not, why can’t the UAAP board decide immediately?

I’m sure if the board rejected Cordero’s decision I think we have to wait at least two days more.

Anyway, good luck, may the best team win.




9 responses

2 08 2007

tanggapin nalang kase ang pagkatalo…

2 08 2007
The Green Mind

Yhe only reason why it’s taking so long is because it is La Salle who is filing the protest. If the protest were filed against La Salle, then the decision would be made in 1 day. That’s the price La Salle pays for being always competetive.

2 08 2007

A man was walking down Paseo de Roxas. He had to cross the street and as he stepped down from the sidewalk on to the street, a policeman blew his whistle and walked towards him.

“Pare, jaywalking yan”, he immediately said. The man told him that he was on the street for less than 5 seconds before the policeman blew his whistle. “Jaywalking pa rin yan”, he answered back. The man told the policeman that his so-called violation did not even affect traffic. The policeman answered ““jaywalking pa rin yan”.

He ranted and raved and in the end, the policeman let the man off with a warning.

As the man was walking away, the policeman turned and said “pare pare, taga UAAP ka ba?’.

3 08 2007

win at all cost nga diba… how i wish someone will post a topic or report with regards to the game-fixing against a player of csb or it will just stay a wish since the player is from CSB-DLSU…

3 08 2007
The Green Mind

I would not be the right person to make that report since I am a Lasallian. It will never be interpreted as objective by anyone. However, the CSB player caught gambling is only the tip of the iceberg. It is not about a school but a curse that has hit collegiate and probably even professional basketball.

Many many years ago, several Cripa players wer suspended for pint shaving. This group of former UE Warriors included Soriano, Alcantara and Johnny Revilla. It is still going on today.

4 08 2007
The Greenies Mind

basta may DLSU,,land of the cheaters talaga… dapat si Eddie guerrero nalang ang symbol ng dalawang school na yan.. tapos yung mission vision nila,, “We Lie, We cheat ,We steal”…

4 08 2007
The Green Mind

Hey, in case you didn’t know, wrestling is fake. Go suck on on your lollipop and have your diapers changed. You are so childish. Maybe you rparents should not let you use the internet.

4 08 2007

what about jobe nemekolam ba un of ateneo.. i can attest that he is not eligible to play in the UAAP.. d ko nga alam kng panu pumasa yan sa ateneo e.. kala ko ba d yan tumatangap ng mga bobong tao??? e hamak na drop out yan ng BASTE e.. i used to hear from teachers from that high school that player is dumb.. can even pass a simple subj like high school english.. pno kya sya nakalusot sa ateneo entrance exam?? o bsta you can play basketball ok na khit bobo ka sa acads.. unfair nman yun..

5 08 2007

nakikita ko dati si jobe sa mga games ng baste pero di sya naglalaro. nuod lang sa likod ng bench ng baste.. panu nga naman yun nakapasok sa ateneo?

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