UAAP Technical Committee on DLSU Case: Lack of Merit

2 08 2007

LA Salle ’s protest was simply turned down for “lack of merit.”

The Universities Athletic Association of the Philippines (UAAP) Technical Committee brought the decision yesterday.

Kiko Diaz, the technical committee head, said the action was based “on the differing appreciation of the merits of the case by the technical committee.”

Diaz said the case will now be elevated to the UAAP Board, which will decide on the case on Sunday, Aug. 5, with finality.

“We are now elevating the case to the UAAP Board,” said Diaz. “Even then, the board with their appreciation of the case may or may not agree with the Commissioner’s decision.”

The members of the technical committee are Diaz of the University of the East, Ruel De La Rosa of Adamson, Roberto Paguia of National University and Ricky Palou of Ateneo.

Palou did not join the discussion since his school was involved in the protest.

De La Salle U protested its 77-80 overtime loss to Ateneo last July 26.

La Salle board representative to the UAAP board Fr. Bernie Oca said Ateneo fielded in two foreigners – American Kirk Long and Australian Zion Laterre – at the same time during that game, which, if proven, considers a violation of UAAP rules.

Ed Cordero, the UAAP basketball commissioner, said that the fielding of Long and Laterre at the same time had no effect on the game and is an impractical rule to the game itself.

“Even if the policy says fielding two foreign players at the same time is prohibited, you have to take it on a practical application. It was still a basketball game,” said Cordero.

“The rule is a mere policy for all sports, rather than a basketball rule. It would be an impractical rule in the game.”

Cordero also said that the rule on two foreigners fielded at the same time has no corresponding penalty based on the UAAP rules.

La Salle wanted a forfeiture of the game if Ateneo was found guilty as charged.

“For me to give a penalty, I must appreciate the intent of the rule which is to regulate,” said Cordero.

Cordero also suggested a drafting of the implementing rules and regulations of the rule on foreign players to every sport.

Cordero said that the rule La Salle had cited (Rule IX governing foreign players), was already amended as Rule VII. Rule IX is currently a rule on scheduling that was amended this year.

La Salle coach Franz Pumaren questioned the technical committee’s decision, saying that: “Why do we have ground rules about foreigners if we will not going to follow it?”




One response

3 08 2007

greenies, look at the precedent, Lago brothers of La salle played at the same time but the game was not forfeited, similar thing happened to Ateneo, stare decisis et non queta movere

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