Orbeta suspended indefinitely

3 08 2007

THE Management Committee of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) has indefinitely suspended Saint Benilde guard Paolo Orbeta after he was involved in an alleged “illegal gambling.”

Orbeta, 24, along with three others were caught by the agents of the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) in an entrapment operation after receiving the marked money last Wednesday afternoon at Ate Em’s cafeteria near Saint Benilde.

Paul Supan, the chairman of Man Com, told reporters yesterday in a press conference that the NCAA will conduct its own investigation on Orbeta that would last three to four weeks.

Supan said through a statement: “NCAA has been very vigilant in terms of monitoring any forms of illegal gambling as evidenced by working closely with the NBI since the 81st season.”

“This season has been very quiet and incident like this is purely an isolated case allegedly involving an individual.”

“Pending the outcome of the investigation, CSB has suspended Orbeta. Therefore, NCAA is suspending Orbeta from playing indefinitely.”

Even if Orbeta will be acquitted of the charges against him, he can no longer play in the NCAA since this will be his last year.

Henry Atayde, the athletic director of Saint Benilde, said Orbeta remains under investigation with the NBI.

“We will cooperate with his parents or relatives to help him,” said Atayde. “I’m sure Orbeta was not the mastermind of this illegal activity.”

Atayde also said the CSB has suspended Orbeta to isolate the case from the NCAA.

“We don’t want our team and the league to get affected,” he said.

Orbeta and James Ryan Mangaran, 24, a schoolmate of Orbeta; Rajan Chandumal, 31, a salesman; and Aaron Raemon Elago, 24, a police inspector detailed at the PNP-PPSC Camp Crame were presented to the media by the NBI last Thursday after a sting operation prompted by a complaint filed by Wilfred Uy.




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3 08 2007

isn’t this also the reason why Gerilla was suspended by FEU?! i heard he was taken away from the roll because he was allegedly involved in game-fixing the FEU-DLSU match last Jul. 19? could you check out on that? thanks..

8 08 2007

i expect a ‘comprehensive’ coverage of orbeta’s case from this site. if you are really after the truth. after all, jojo duncil being allegedly overaged is nothing compared to this debacle.

more orbeta articles!

8 08 2007
Mike Abasolo

We wish that the UAAP could act on this issue as soon as possible. The NCAA has been transparent about this issue and they have asked the NBI to help them out. We wish the UAAP would do the same. From the way the things are going, you can definitely tell who the better organization is.

8 08 2007
The Green Mind


Josef Ramos has been on top of this case and he has been keeping everyone up to date. I would love to get into the fray but unfortunately, Henry Atayde, the CSB Athletic Director, is my cousin so I have to keep some distance from the issue to maintain a level of objectivity.

However in this case, all the facts are out on the open whereas the Duncil case needed to be unearhted.

9 08 2007

yeah right

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