UST still has Ateneo’s Number

4 08 2007

Khasim Mirza scored a game-high 25 points including four three-pointers in the last quarter that pushed University of Santo Tomas up front upsetting Ateneo De Manila University in a match the could have been a repeat of last year’s championship.

The Growling Tigers and the Blue Eagles are now both 4-3 at the end of the first round.

The match started off squarely with starting forward Mel Gile carrying the colors for the yellow shirts. But with 47 seconds to go, Ford Arao completed one out of two free throws to tally the first deadlock at 20. Jobe Nkemakolam scored 4 more points to end the first quarter 24-21 for Ateneo.

The second quarter saw the emergence of Mirza who made two crucial three-pointers that gave UST its lead.

With 7 minutes left to play, Ateneo was called for a technical foul due to continuous complaining.

Jervy Cruz stepped up for the UST while Nkemakolam continued to deliver for the Blue Eagles. The first half ended with both teams tied at 45.

Another controversial issue was raised by the UAAP committee during the break after Ateneo’s half-time presentation exceeded the 5-minute allotted time. The excess minutes led to the delay of the 2nd half, however, both squads were just plainly warned.

In the third quarter, Ateneo sparked a 10-0 run in a two-minute stretch including a completed three-point-play by Zion Laterre and a three-point bomb from Eric Salamat with 3:10 minutes left. However, Japs Cuan and Mark Canlas made two field goals that put the advantage back to UST 62-61 after three amazing quarters of basketball action.

In the final quarter, UST ignited an amazing 4-minute 15-0 run and heightened their lead to 17 points, 80-63. Ateneo failed to counter the Growling Tigers’ attack. The Blue Eagles succumbed to a 13-point deficit and ended the game with a final score of 87-74.

“There is only one Jojo Duncil. That guy’s one of a kind,” said Coach Pido Jarencio when asked if Mirza could be the next Jojo Duncil.

Mirza topped the Tigers’ tally sheet with 25 points 5 boards while Jervy Cruz made 19 points and a hefty 21 rebounds.

Coach Pido Jarencio commended his players for a job well-done.

“The good thing about this team is that there is a leader. The leader thinks not just for himself but for the team.”

“This is a team. And one day, someone from the team will just step up,” added Coach Pido who is confident that there is more to come from his players.

Individual scores:

UST -87

Mirza-25, Cruz-19, Ababou-10, Canlas-9, Espiritu-7, Gile-6, Cuan-5, Cortez-3, Allera-2, Dizon-1, Scott-0, Badua-0, Taylor-0.


Salamat-15, Laterre-13, Nkemakolam-10, Tiu-9, Baclao-8, Long-6, Reyes-6, Baldos-2, Barracoso-2, Al-Hussaini-2, Arao-1.

Quarter Scores: 21-24, 45-45, 62-61, 87-74.




7 responses

5 08 2007

we won! go uste!

5 08 2007
The Green Mind


In yesterday’s game, UST won both on and off the court. Ateneo’s halftime antics were simply deplorable. Mrs. Francisco’s position was totally undermined by the Ateneo drum corps. Ateneo owes her and the entire UAAP an apology for their behavior.

5 08 2007

well, we can’t blame ateneo..bka ndi lang nila na tancha yung 5 minutes na allowed for cheering.

good game though, UST showed that they still have a chance at the final four…hopefully they’ll be more consistent in the second round

5 08 2007

well, we can’t blame ateneo..bka ndi lang nila na tancha yung 5 minutes na allowed for cheering.

good game though, UST showed that they still have a chance at the final four…hopefully they’ll improve their game in the 2nd round

5 08 2007
The Green Mind


When the busser kept sounding, they should have taken that as a notice that they had to leave. Their cheering squad had aleady finshed their allotted time. What makes Ateneo so special.

The worst part was the was they made bastos Mrs. Francisco by booing her. She was just trying to do her job.

6 08 2007

well.. a simple statement that goes for everyone.. Never Underestimate the Heart of the Champions!!! Our respect to the gang green, blue battallion and red squad.. we’ll meet you in the final four!! 😉

6 08 2007

green mind,

yung lang ang problema..nakabastos sila ng kapwa..sana naman eh konting respeto lang..anyway, the atmosphere at that time is is quite uncontrollable since its the finals rematch and the ateneans wanted a revenge..good thing the tigers did a great job..

the odd side of things is that we’ll face DLSU this coming saturday..hopefully we can have payback but may the best team win!

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