La Salle Squeaks By NU!

5 08 2007

La Salle again showed experience and composure in its end game and came out a winner 85 -81.

I was at the cramped and dilapidated Cuneta watching the strangest game La Salle had played. The substitution patterns that Coach Franz was employing seemed like he was trying to develop the confidence of his bench.

With Rico Maierhofer getting into early foul trouble, Kish Co once again saw a lot of playing time and showed that he can be counted on.

Both teams played well and it was a close game all throughout. Bulldogs just wouldn’t crumble. They kept La Salle within their sights But, la Salle was always in control.

Today’s game was an example of the game that La Salle plays. There was no single outstanding player. The team was responsible for this win. The veterans, Tang, Casio, Villanueva and Maierhofer were not producing so the rest stepped up. Mangahas, Walsham, Barua, Co and Malabes (more on him later) provided the points when they were needed.

The foul shooting woes of La Salle continued but the fighting spirit was more than enough to carry them against the veteran NU team.

The 4th quarter was tight but La Salle did not lose its composure. Maierhofer was sent back in the last 3 minutes and more than made up for his absence during most of the game.

Villanueva also showed heart in grabbing the rebounds, making points and hitting his foul shots In the end, La Salle showed that they can find a way to win and the opposing team doesn’t know where the production will be coming from.

My 2 cents worth:

After a good showing in the last game against the UST, TY Tang is once again missing. He played very erratic and was not able to orchestrate the La Salle’s offense. Even Casio was not as productive as he usually is. La Salle will really have to start getting quality minutes from Tang if they expect to win against this solid UAAP cast this year.

Rico Maierhofer has been exceedingly foul prone in the last 3 games. He must have played less than 10 minutes today and that takes away a potent force on both defense and offense for La Salle.

James Mangahas is coming into his own. This rookie is definitely going places. He has a smooth move to the basket as well as a very high basketball IQ.

Now on to Malabes. I was totally flabbergasted at his play. He is a feast or famine player. Though he made some very crucial baskets, he also made some horrendous shots and unexpected turnovers. His 3 pointers would either go in or be total air balls. His passes were ill-advised and his drives to the basket ended up being blocked. He has the same jersey number as Joseph Yeo but I pray he does not end up like him. He is still a rookie and hopefully he realizes that he has to learn how to play smart.

More Notes:

In the 2nd game, Ateneo was playing UST. I decided to stay and watch the 1st half. I was standing right by the Ateneo bench cheering for UST. Then the comedy of errors continued.

With Kirk Long in the game, Norman Black calls on Zion Laterre to replace Barracoso. Laterre looked at Black and said “I can’t go in”. Black realized what he was doing and just scratched his head in dismay. From that time on, his substitution pattern changed. Whenever Long was in the court and Laterre was coming in, he made sure that Laterre would come in for Long and vice versa.

That’s not all.

In the half time break, the Ateneo cheerleaders did their halftime sortie. When they exited, in came the Ateneo drum core. They were there for a long time and the game could not get started. UST’s Mrs. Francisco got fed up and raced to the table officials to tell them to get the drum corps out of the court. All the players were out of the dugout already and waiting in the sidelines.

The Ateneo drum corps still wouldn’t budge. In disgust, Mrs. Francisco started to wave her hands at the UST gallery for them to start cheering and so they did. Ateneo fans were livid. The game buzzer kept buzzing but the Ateneans still would not budge. I found it a very rude act by Ateneo.

When they finally left the court, the barker made an announcement and read the letter that stated the cheering guidelines which had been passed by the UAAP Board.

By the way, Ateneo was clobbered by UST.




One response

9 08 2007

i think you got it wrong. ust also violated the rule(regarding the length of the cheer) hindi lang ateneo ang dapat pagalitan. at obvious na luto ang game dahil sa bad calls ng ref. binubugbog na si tiu la paring call tapos konting tapik sa ust players foul na.

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