Calling all Nip and Tuck Doctors, UAAP needs a major makeover!

10 08 2007

So far it has been such a turbulent season in the UAAP. So many things are happening outside the court, after the games and even at halftime breaks. It is apparent that the UAAP needs a makeover, and fast.

One payer – 2 birth certificates, fielding 2 foreigners at the same time, having rules without the corresponding sanctions, a coach caught on national television giving the refs “the finger”, cheering squads that go way beyond their allotted time, a member school officer berating the crowd for not following cheering rules, the horrible venues, poor officiating and a whole slew of other problems have come up in the first round alone.

The fault does not lie on the individual schools. The responsibility falls on the shoulders of the UAAP Board of Directors as a body. Some semblance of order is needed to ensure that this league does not implode.

They have a set of rules that do not carry the corresponding sanctions. Every time there is a protest, the rules need to be interpreted by a technical committee; whose members are representatives of the member schools and whose decisions are only recommendatory. There is a commissioner who cannot do anything without Board Approval.

When the Ateneo drum corps over extended itself during the halftime break of the UST – Ateneo game, the barker read a memo that stated the dos and don’t’s regarding the cheering. What was surprising was that the memo did not carry a corresponding sanction if any team broke the rules.

The NCAA has a similar rule regarding the half time cheers. Each team is given 3.5 minutes to do their stuff. Letran broke this rule and its cheering squad was suspended for 1 game. This is just one of the many examples where the NCAA has surpassed the UAAP in terms of organization and management.

It is common knowledge that the UAAP has become a big financial success. If for this reason alone, they have to seriously look at themselves and make an inventory of their organizational set-up. For some reason, there is very little information as to who owns the league or even the brand. Whoever owns it, should protect the integrity of its brand if it wants to keep getting the big bucks.

First and foremost, the UAAP Board has to review and re-write its rulebook. It has to have a very detailed set of rules with a pre-determined sanction for violating these rules. It has to remove as much subjective interpretation of the rules as possible.

The UAAP needs to have an impartial Commissioner in the true sense of the word. The Commissioner should have a set term of 3 to 5 years. He has to select a 4 man technical committee made up of a former coach (not from the UAAP), a referee, a former player (not from the UAAP) and a lawyer. This technical committee’s decision should be final. The committee cannot and should not be intimidated by the Board.

In the PBA, the Commissioner runs the league. But it has a Board of Governors that oversees the operations. The UAAP is a more popular league than the PBA yet it is still run like a mom and pop operation.




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13 08 2007
Let's Leave.

Time for La Salle, Ateneo and to a certain extent U.P. to leave the UAAP.

It’ not worth it anymore. You give the other school’s glory by rubbing elbows with us. In return they give us crap load of rules and non-rules.

Let’s take back what has been lost, pure hardcore collegiate league!

13 08 2007
The Green Mind

Let’s Leave,

There have been many who say that this should be the way to go. La Salle, Ateneo, San Beda, Letran, UP, JRU and another school like Emilio Aguinaldo College can form a new league.

13 08 2007
The Dont Mind

Dont mind me

but leaving wouldn’t do anything good.

“hugas kamay?”

I second Mr. Atayde’s suggestion.

13 08 2007
The Green Mind

The Dont Mind,

I agree, leaving solves nothing. I think the UAAP really needs a makeover. The league’s membership is very good. It is the management of the league that needs to be looked into.

17 08 2007
Let's Leave

It will solve a lot of things actually.

The UAAP Board is incompetent nd would not compromise its hold on power.

Like minded schools with the initiative of La Salle and Ateneo can create a new league. We can learn from the mistakes of both the UAAP and the NCAA.

This is easier than having the UAAP Board vote against itself.

17 08 2007
OMG 8-0

University for Everybody score 8-0 OMG!!

17 08 2007
The Dont Mind

Dont mind me

but I believe SBP should step into this. UAAP and NCAA are, as far as i know, under SBP’s belt. Though collegiate hoops have their own “rules” to follow, they are still under SBP’s jurisdictions.

SBP should start cleaning leagues under its wings, especially if they plan to have a US-NCAA-type tourney in the country. They should start from the top, i.e., league boards before going down into the individual teams.

Sure, every one could just forego their membership on their own collegiate league, but that would not solve anything. It would, in fact, create a bigger “wound” and post more “issues” on the problem. There is no guarantee that in joining a new league problems like these wouldn’t happen.

The solution that I think would be helpful is to put a commisioner that is voted upon by the school board BUT is nominated by the SBP and would answer only to the SBP. So somehow, the commisioner wouldn’t be affected ny the board’s politicking. This also goes for the technical committee chair.
Since, I’ve heard that leagues under SBP would be using the FIBA rules.

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