The League of Higher Learning

10 08 2007

Princeton definition of a University – establishment where a seat of higher learning is housed, including administrative and living quarters as well as facilities for research and teaching.

Wikipedia – The difference between a college and a university is that a college just offers a collection of degrees in one specific area, while a university is a collection of colleges. When you go to a university you are going to be graduating from one of their colleges, such as the business college. As to which is better, it depends on what you want. Single colleges tend to be smaller while universities are bigger, but universities are better known.

UAAP, which stands for UNIVERSITY Athletics Association of the Philippines. Sounds big doesn’t it? Let’s go back to the Princeton definition. Establishment of a seat of higher learning is housed they say. Sounds like a great responsibility.

From the looks of the it, does the UAAP think it can fulfill the princeton definition? They can always hide in their classrooms and preach all they want about “higher learning”. But in their “Athletics Association”, do you think they fit “the housing of research and teaching” description?

Let’s take an inventory of situations that have happened the past few months, but i guess it will be wasting precious keyboard time to mention again the cases that have plagued the “so called league of “higher learning”. My collegues have mentioned this a lot of times in their columns but I’ll enumerate them anyway. A player with 2 birth certificates. In this high tech world how can you have two. The Soc Rivera Rule. O’cmon guys!!! Next is Rule No. 7 or 9? Can someone show me the rule book please!!!??? What ever happened to that player that was removed from their line-up?

Oh i get it, you want to do your own house cleaning? You know what, if you would just take a step back and put your mouse and point the cursor further back, didn’t you notice that no issue has been resolved? Not even a thorough explanation of what really happened? A player was sent to the PBA for draft day, a spokesperson went on TV to defend the a rule that’s supposed to keep their players within their confines, and rules that has no penalty or sanctions in them? And he was dropped because of “it is the team’s best interest? And these are solutions from institutions of “higher learning”? Why don’t we let Homer Simpson come join the fun?

As a former PR professor, one thing I always tell my students is that whenever you are in a crisis situation, you always have to be honest. Yes you saw it, i wrote it, the word HONEST. It worked for Corporations who had bigger problems, why can’t it work for you? Why is there something wrong with being honest? Are you afraid that you might release some skeletons in your closet?

Let’s go to the Wikipedia difference between of a College and University. It says, Single Colleges tend to be smaller. And yet, the Colleges that comprise the other league, the NCAA (I don’t need to spell the acronym out right?), were honest. In case you haven’t heard their news, we’ll they were just to darn fast to solve problems you just failed to catch up. Institutions of Higher Learning compared to Single Colleges, Hello!!!

What’s wrong with admitting that there are skeletons in our closet. What wrong with admitting that one of my players has two birth certificates, What’s wrong with being honest in national television thatthe reason with creating a player protection rule or whatever you call it is to protect our own investment. What is wrong with being HONEST?!

The UAAP has been a financial success, fine. The UAAP has been the most popular basketball league in the country, fine. Can’t argue with success. Who does? I won’t. But there is an old saying. A saying that will come from a writer, from a small college. That Nothing, Nothing lasts forever.

Nothing lasts forever? I might be wrong but who knows these controversies will not last forever besides we are SUC-CESS-FUL. Or ignore the controversies because people generally forget. And yet, when these things happen again, we remember the past cases, we remember the precedents. Seeeee, there’s no running, there’s no hiding. Nothing lasts forever? But it might blow up in your face somehow, someday. But when it happens, if it does happen, don’t tell me nothing lasts forever? Whatever the consequences, whenever you take that route, make sure you have enough closets to keep’em bones.

If you don’t want to imagine the horrible consequences, then fix it. It is never too late. Don’t be selfish. Whatever the issue, solve it like family. And please, be honest. And please let’s just stick to Basketball.




7 responses

12 08 2007
JP Lopez

I got goose bumps reading this article. Truth hurts something needs to be done and it should be done fast.

12 08 2007
Mike Abasolo

Thanks for the comment. But you are right, it must be done asap.

13 08 2007

I truly commend the NCAA for being swift and steadfast in their decisions. The way they decided the PCU suspension, the ineligibility of a Altas player and the Orbeta suspension really shows that the league is not only after popularity but also of being a clean and honest league. Kudos to the NCAA!

16 08 2007
Let's Leave.

High time for like minded schools in the UAAP to clean the mess.

This has gone too far. The next thing we know, rule breaking will be the norm. All for the mighty peso sign!

16 08 2007

Mr. Mike Abasolo,

I think the word “University” in UAAP only pertains to an athletic league of participating universities and/or colleges in the Philippines. You don’t have to infuse the meaning of the word university to what an athletics association is all about.

We could have called this league as the Athletics Association of Universities and Colleges in the Philippines (AAUCP) but I think UAAP sounds better. In fact, it should only be in Metro Manila and not in the Philippines. Anyone for UAAMM? hehe

But your article was really about “higher learning” vis-a-vis “cases that have plagued the league”. Yes I agree, the current UAAP (run by criminals) does not deserve to be associated with entities pursuant to the cause of higher learning.


P.S. The serious charges (including game-fixing) against Orbeta have been dropped. Once again, those idiots from the NBI never cease to amaze us.

16 08 2007
Mike Abasolo

I believe it has something to do with game-fixing because there is actually no law against it. As for the UAAP, I hope they fix everything and get these “clouds” out of the way. It already has too many precedents so they end up putting band-aids to fix the problem with no long term solution.

16 08 2007


I consider incompetence in running the UAAP as a criminal act. It seriously affects the integrity of the league not to mention setting a bad example to our youth.

And like you, I am also hoping that they do something about it.

“Hope is a good thing. And a good thing never dies.” – from Shawshank Redemption by
Stephen King.

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