Invisible game-fixing

17 08 2007

Some might say it does exist. But nobody could convince me that game-fixing really exist or it can be proven in any of the games of collegiate basketball leagues despite this new scenario.

They can say gambling exists, yes it could. A lot of Filipinos really love to bet not only in UAAP and NCAA games but also in PBA and NBA games. I believe this is common knowledge to most of us. But game-fixing still remains a mystery.

For one, how can you prove the accusations made on former US Red Warrior Bonbon Custodio, Alfred Gerilla of FEU and Paolo Orbeta of the College Saint Benilde were involved in this kind of activity?

Their “not so well” performance in some games are not enough to convince me. Because there are times that you are extremely lucky like every pass or every attempt at the basket are like a gift from somebody up there. But sometimes things just don’t fall into place. And it can also happen to even the greatest players.

Anyway, game-fixing is a general term used to describe either point-shaving and game-dropping.

NBA referee Tim Donaghy has recently pleaded guilty of “betting on NBA games”. Although it can’t be proven if he has manipulated the outcome of any NBA game.

Betting and gambling have the same nature, but point-shaving and gambling are different. Maybe to some extent.

Well a week ago Blazers star Paolo Orbeta was caught by agents of the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) through an entrapment operation.

They charged Orbeta with robbery and extortion, gambling, intimidation and harassment, and even game-fixing. The NBI also let the media, including national TV, to feast on Orbeta and three others. I admit certain media entities were biased regarding issue.

Two or three days after, the Manila City Prosecutor’s Office (MCPO) decided to drop all the alleged charges. Intimidation and harassment were the only alleged accusations left against Paolo.

The MCPO did it due to the NBI’s lack of evidences and information. Instead, the NBI was ordered to release Orbeta and three others for further investigation.

As a recommendatory body, the NBI could do nothing but followe the order.

With that, the Orbetas are just waiting for the Manila Trial Court’s order that could free Paolo of the charges and prove his innocence.

Even the NBI entrapment modus didn’t convince the Manila City Prosecutor’s Office. They were clueless and they want the MCPO to reconsider the decision. The NBI has promised to present more evidence to the court.

Using marked money to pin him down is not enough. There are a thousand reasons to get away with it. In fact, certain employees in various government agencies were been entrapped but no case can be found.

Somebody can claim he owe somebody money, but the guy framed up him to escape payment. Anyway, it already affected the NCAA, the College of Saint Benilde, Paolo and his family.

It was a very, very traumatic experience even for the Orbeta family. I’m praying Paolo’s name will be cleared.




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17 08 2007

Pareng Josef, it’s not so much that we should pray that Paolo Orbeta’s name is cleared. We should pray that the truth comes out, not just in his case, but in the case of all these alleged “game-fixers”, whether outsiders, coaches, players or game officials. We should remember that the evidence, or lack thereof, merely determines whether to file a case or not, to convict or not — it doesn’t necessarily establish the truth.

17 08 2007

joself ramos,,talking about bias!?? look whos talking..

17 08 2007

tsk tsk. what orbeta did is far more worth condemning than duncil being allegedly overaged . oh pls.

17 08 2007

indeed, duncil being alleged overage is not worth condemning. it is just an allegation, yet.

orbeta, what did he do? i thought the prosecutor already dropped the charges for lack of convincing evidence. on intimidation and harrassment, yes that is condemnable. but that’s it. a slap on the wrist as punishment and it even has nothing to do with college basketball.

funny, duncil, until now he has not officially told the public his real age.

17 08 2007
The Green Mind

Duncil’s NSO birth certificate says he was born in 1982. Until he has not filed a motion to revise it and that motion is approved by the civil registrar, he is 25 years old.

17 08 2007

Yes pareng Charlie we should pray for the truth to come out… It depends upon the judge decision whether he’s guilty or not.

Anyway, yes it is more condemning than Duncil if Paolo is found guilty of the charges.

But I’m suprised when I found out that gambling, robbery and extortion and game-fixing charges were dropped.

So what’s the backbone now of the complaint.

Intimidation and harrassment are light charges. It can be denied if there’s no enough proof.

Anyway, it will depend how the NBI will push its accusations when the Manila Trial asks them to present all the evidences.

If they failed to do so, their name might be jeopardized as the country’s recommendatory investigation body.

As of now, the Prosecutor’s body has junked all major charges.

Paolo’s fight is not yet through, but this could be a break through on him to clear his name.

Back to Jojo, I have the evidences — original NSO and his NSO photo copy from the UAAP.

Both are different. Let’s wait for the court decision in Macabebe.. the hearing is set next month.

Lets all wait…

18 08 2007
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18 08 2007

Stop making biased assumption esp. if you don’t know the person or if you didn’t know what really happened.What if this happened to your family.. do you wanna be judge also like what is happening right now.. ang problema kc sa ating mga Filipinos, ang hilig ntn pagpiyestahan ang buhay ng ibang tao, pero ung buhay natin HINDI natintn MAAYOS AYOS.

Think about this: No one’s perfect.

24 08 2007

where is the update on orbeta? gone? tsk.

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