TRO prevents NCAA from suspending Aljamal

22 08 2007

THE rumors are true.

A Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) has saved the entire San Beda fans from losing their starting forward – Yousif Aljamal.

The San Beda College administration had able to secure a TRO last Wednesday morning from the Manila Regional Trial Court (RTO), preventing the suspension order imposed by the NCAA Policy Board on Aljamal.

The NCAA Man Com decided last Tuesday to suspend the 6-foot-4 Aljamal for the rest of the season after joining last Sunday’s PBA rookie draft at the Market, Market in Taguig City without asking permission.

The Policy Board, composed of presidents of member schools, has decided to reduce the suspension to only three games last Wednesday morning.

That means Aljamal, picked by Air21 at eighth, will play in the Final Four and Finals in September.

But, to their surprise, San Beda already got the TRO which came at about 1:00pm, just an hour before the scheduled 2pm match between SBC and JRU.

NCAA Policy Board vice-chairman Dr. Reynaldo Vea of Mapua said the league abided the court ruling and allowed Aljamal to play with the Red Lions.

“The higher Policy Board did not reverse the decision of the MANCOM, but only reduced the penalty to only three games. They said it was so harsh,” said Paul Supan, the chairman of Man Com.

Frankie Lim, the SBC mentor, said: “Their accusation against Aljamal was baseless. Participating in last Sunday draft is not a violation.”

“They just want us to play without our key player but we are not going to allow it.”




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22 08 2007

Siempre gagawin lahat para lang manalo at mananakit pa! But the Red Lions never gave up, we fought and we won! Baseless talaga yung accusation, halata naman e! Whatever happens in the Aug 31 match with Letran will be less exciting since Aljamal will not play, if Letran wins it will be tainted. Anyway I’ll just pray for the best for our team.

Animo San Beda!

23 08 2007

Buti nga nangyari ito. Sometimes, ang mga interpretation ng mga board members ng rules are subjective, hindi sila objective. Of course, gugustuhin ng board members, even if they comprised of representatives from the participating schools, to GANG UP on one school so that they can gain an advantage.

Somebody has to look into this to avoid such things to happen again in the future, maybe implement some checks and balance and not to involve our courts of law anymore. Dapat sa basketball court lang ang laban, hehe.

In the UAAP, the board is silent on the Borboran age issue probably some of the member schools are also guilty of the same.

College sports is setting a bad example to our youth.

23 08 2007

masaya letran nyan, wala kase si aljamal sa aug. 31.. well, tignan naten kung ano mangyayari..

24 08 2007

Senseless ang suspension kay Aljamal. He deserves to play. I see no reason why he should not. Being drafted in the PBA is a dream for every basketball player in the college ranks whatever school he may come from, it does not give San Beda any advantage against its competitors in the league that Aljamal was drafted. Damn!
Being drafted is not cheating.

Go San Beda Fight! Hell Yeah!

24 08 2007

August 8, 2007 – Letter of Mancom suspending Aljamal

August 15-17, 2007 – PBA Training Camp

August 19, 2007 – PBA Draft

August 21, 2007 – San Beda College received the ManCom Memo in the afternoon.

August 22, 2007 – SBC secured a TRO. The Red Lions devour JRU.

August 24, 2007 – News about the NCAA ManCom’s proposal of scrapping the 83rd NCAA Season because of the TRO

Nice storyline.

24 08 2007

di naman ganun kahigpit ang UAAP sa mga players nila…. bakit ang NCAA ganun magdecide? di kase malinaw ang mga rules ng NCAA.. kaya mga players hindi aware.. kasalanan yan ng MANCON!

24 08 2007

JOLOGS super ng JRU

25 08 2007
The Green Mind


The UAAP does not allow its players to apply for the draft while they are still playing for their schools. The NCAA allows this.

25 08 2007


25 08 2007

TRO extension granted! mwahahaha!

28 08 2007

Shooting itself in the foot


The UAAP and NCAA are supposed to be bastions of sportsmanship. School officials are expected to lead by example. But from recent developments, neither league has reason to be proud.


There is a clear failure to communicate within the NCAA hierarchy in the case involving San Beda College star Yousif Aljamal, last year’s Finals MVP.

Instead of closing ranks in the wake of a scandalous point-shaving scheme uncovered by police authorities, the NCAA has chosen to shoot itself in the foot by trying to gun down one of its role models.

Last Tuesday, the NCAA Management Committee issued a memorandum suspending Aljamal the day before the Red Lions were to face Jose Rizal University. Curiously, the memorandum was dated two weeks earlier.

The delayed issuance gave San Beda officials no time to appeal the decision before the Committee, forcing a move to go to the courts for a stay. On the day of the game, Judge Reynaldo Ros of Branch 33 of the Manila Regional Trial Court authorized a 72-hour temporary restraining order to allow Aljamal to suit up.

Showing no demoralization despite the attempt to barnacle him, Aljamal fired 23 points to power San Beda to an 82-74 win over the Heavy Bombers. The game, however, was marred by a series of flagrant fouls, temper blow-ups and a near fistfight involving the opposing coaches. Surely, the attempt to shackle Aljamal had a lot to do with turning the game into a powder-keg situation. The Committee can only be blamed for that volcanic eruption.

San Beda officials later secured a 20-day extension of the TRO, putting the NCAA in an embarrassing bind.

The sordid affair could’ve been prevented if only the Committee discussed the matter transparently with the intention of finding a positive solution to a prospective problem. From the looks of things, the hatchet job was a conspiracy to gang up on the league’s No. 1 team.

It’s never a good policy to question the administration or authority of a sports league in the courts. The spirit of sportsmanship is lost when an athlete seeks redress beyond the confines of his sport for an apparent injustice that is sports-related. But what is an athlete to do if he is unfairly treated by those who control his sport?

The Committee swooped down on Aljamal for participating in a three-day PBA rookie camp preparatory to the pro draft. The Committee said Aljamal never sought permission to play in the camp and slapped the suspension because of the apparent snub.

The Committee initially barred Aljamal from playing for the rest of the season but the NCAA Policy Board was more tolerant, deciding to freeze him only up to the end of the eliminations.

If Aljamal was really guilty of violating a league rule, why did the Policy Board relax the penalty earlier imposed by the Committee? What prompted the Committee to suspend Aljamal in the first place? A snub? An oversight? Where is the consistency of decision-making in the NCAA leadership?

Aljamal’s application for the PBA draft was well-known and publicized for weeks before the Committee issued the suspension. If all the Committee wanted was for Aljamal to seek permission, why didn’t it inform San Beda beforehand? Why was the memorandum dated Aug. 8 or 11 days before the draft? Was there a plot to disenfranchise Aljamal from the start?

San Beda officials claim no permission was needed for Aljamal to participate in the rookie camp because it wasn’t a tournament. Surely, if the NCAA’s rules were clear, there would be no misinterpretation. And since the rules were obviously unclear, shouldn’t there have been prior consultation or discussion before issuing a decision based on a hazy premise?

It’s as if the NCAA had no more serious problems to tackle. The point-shaving scandal certainly put to doubt the integrity of the season and rather than clean up its act, the NCAA chose to disbar one of its star players in a move that smacks of bad faith and poor sportsmanship. What message is the NCAA delivering to the students of the schools that make up the league?

Then, there was talk that the season might be scrapped as a way for the Committee to express its displeasure on the court’s invasion of its turf. Fortunately, the talk proved to be a baseless rumor. It wouldn’t have just been shooting itself in the foot but the Committee would’ve shot itself in the head if it decided to scrap the season.

Clamping down on a powerhouse school is nothing new. In the UAAP, La Salle was slapped a one-year suspension in all sports after it voluntarily informed the league of eligibility violations in its senior basketball program. The violations involved two relatively inconsequential players and in a show of sincerity, La Salle offered to surrender the championship trophy the Archers won with the ineligible cagers in the lineup.

Instead of using La Salle as an example, the UAAP chose to suspend the school not just in basketball but in all other sports. Even the high school athletes weren’t spared. Athletes who had nothing to do with the eligibility issue were penalized unfairly. The decision wasn’t only severe but abusive and apparently, spiteful.

If other schools were to uncover similar violations in the future, none would ever come out in the open to volunteer the information because of the risk of being chastised for honesty.

The UAAP and NCAA are supposed to be bastions of sportsmanship. School officials are expected to lead by example. But from recent developments, neither league has reason to be proud. Politics, partisanship and crab mentality are so prevalent in shaping decisions that are so uncharacteristic of Christian educators who make up the leadership in the school leagues.

8 09 2007

waaaaaaaaa…magsamsama keo mga gonggong

8 09 2007

hey people ur wasting your time in sports…i dont see this papular university in being top passer in nursing board examination….or eithier any licensure examination…wow much better f maspapular tayo sa academic..mainan pa our lady of fatima university….consecutive no..1 passer in nursing…o cge tuloy ang laban….oi ung tatamaan sory ha.

9 09 2007


I somehow understand your point regarding academics, but your arguments especially the term “popular”, doesnt seem to fit in this conversation. In the first place, people around here do not make these things just to make their school (or a particular person) popular. We are discussing issues here ‘rationally’, to understand and comment on issues. Thus, you need to understand why we “waste our time” here.

Second, this is a sports oriented site, so expect that topics are sports related.
Please read about inboundpass so you’ll have a bit of background about the site where you make comments.

Lastly, People have different hobies and interests. Each needs to be understood and respected. I personally respect your opinions. But we are not wasting our time here as opposed to what you’ve said. It’s one which makes up our interests, it’s what makes us happy, and it’s what makes things more clear for the rest of the readers.

I understand you cannot relate on the topic. It seems you’re more interested in nursing board exam result, i suggest you go to a proper forum so you can discuss there serious matters related to nursing with the persons who have the same interest as yours – don’t expect we discuss nursing board exam result here.

Siguro ang mapapayo ko lang sa iyo: mag-aral ka muna mabuti, para madagdagan pa ang mga nalalaman mo.
Konting research lang din para may basis mga sinasabi mo. Pasensya na concerned lang ako sayo.

…Ah! maybe you want to say, popular ang arellano university! thanks for letting us know. 😀


…pasensya na napahaba, ang dami ko pa sana payo at mga tanong sayo tulad ng mga sumusunod:

1. which “papular university” are you referring to? if that is San Beda – it’s not yet a “university”. You’ll make me flattered if that’s San Beda.

2. Nobody mentions of “school popularity” here? What are you up to?

3. My friend, it’s not PAPULAR. it’s POPULAR.

4. I suggest you change your name, you’re putting Arellano down.
I’m Sorry.

Have a nice day!

9 09 2007

what do you mean by this?

“magsamsama keo mga gonggong”

Sorry I can’t understand squatter words. 😀

9 09 2007
red hot recto

to mr. arellano u:

you’re in the wrong place sir,
i suggest you better first learn your ABC before commenting on this site.
This is a sports related site;not nursing board result site.
Maybe your mother fed you with dog’s milk.
That’s why you act and speak like one.
And just like what they said, your putting down you’re university.

What a shame!!

You’re the one who’s wasting your time!!!!!!!!!

papular ha?

9 09 2007
ue red warrior



9 09 2007

hahaha…away kayo ng away…coitus nah

9 09 2007

nursing sucks…pingandang term para sa mga katulong…hahaha…pgalingan nhlang s court…cnong mga taga ue at feu jan..mganda b dun???
jowk lng ung Nx SUCKS…BKA MGALIT mg taga ust…go uste…

9 09 2007

this is a sphere of educated people.
so carefully watch your words before you send your messages.

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