Collegiate Basketball: What a Mess!!!

26 08 2007

I have written in the past about how inept the UAAP has become. I am not talking about the individual member schools but rather the way it is being run. It has become very obvious that the system by which it operates is very subjective and does not consider the welfare of the league as a whole but rather what’s best for the individual members as seen by the members of the all powerful UAAP Board.

The UAAP Commissioner’s position is a joke, the officiating is on the same level as a barangay league where all a person needs is a whistle and he is considered a referee, eligibility documents have become as easy to manipulate as Recto diplomas, rules that need to be interpreted every time a protest is made and host of other controversies that are just simply swept under the carpet. This is what the UAAP has become!

On the other hand, I was under the impression that the NCAA was better managed, more pro-active and more cohesive in its objectives. But they have had their share of controversies from alleged game fixing to large scale eligibility fraud that led to the suspension of PCU.

Recently, more bad news rocked the NCAA. First, Yousif Aljamal was suspended by the NCAA Mancom for applying and being drafted in the recent PBA draft without advising the NCAA. This suspension was to have been effective until the end of the season. Right before the SBC – JRU game, San Beda gets a TRO on the same day that the NCAA Mancom reduces the suspension to just 3 games. Bringing the judicial courts to the basketball court is a bomb waiting to explode. What made matters worse is that there is a perception that JRU is using its being this year’s host as a leverage to manipulate the Mancom. It was also reported that San Beda might even bolt the NCAA.

As if that were not enough, the SBC – JRU game turned out to be a wild, raucous and violent encounter. From the opening whistle, JRU played rugged and many may say violent basketball. The encounter did not end with the final buzzer but extended to a corridor tiff between SBC coach Frankie Lim and JRU coach Ariel Vanguardia. It was an ugly sight, any which way you look at it.

I am pretty sure that just like in the UAAP, the schools involved in the NCAA controversy will point fingers at each other. However, I see the events plaguing both leagues as a symptom of a bigger problem.

It is about time that all the stakeholders in collegiate basketball get together and decide how to finally straighten out their act. I believe it is about time that all school leagues be put under the Samahan ng Basketball ng Pilipinas. This should encompass all basketball leagues from grade school to college. This will definitely streamline, not just the leagues in general, but even player development in particular. This will allow the SBP to have a very comprehensive database of players from the grade school to the collegiate level. Eligibility documents should go through the SBP. Player development and maintenance of statistics can be done on a long term basis.

If a league does not join the SBP, then its players should not be considered for national teams or even the PBA draft. A Filipino player should have a least 4 years of SBP eligibility before being considered for the PBA.

The time has come to clean up the mess. PLEASE!




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27 08 2007

Mr. Atayde, I have been also thinking of this for the last one week since the SBC-NCAA Mancom standoff started.

Oh boy, college basketball has been this complicated.

27 08 2007

ALL school leagues to be put under the Samahan ng Basketball ng Pilipinas for streamlining purposes is a good recommendation.

27 08 2007

I agree!

27 08 2007

Mr. Atayde,
This article of yours is worth commending. Tackling the root cause is still the best way to resolve all of these…

SBP should look into this ASAP.

Oh and before I forget, Supan and his cohorts will then have to face Mr. Pato Gregorio and of course, MVP.

27 08 2007

a good suggestion mr atayde, at least there is an atayde that has more than smile to offer to basketball, your piece is good unlike the one written by josef ramos

27 08 2007
The Green Mind

Thank you all for your kind words. I love college basketball and I would hate to see it destroyed by people with vested interests.

27 08 2007

I agree with you mr. green mind…every league regarding schools whether elementary, high school or college should be put under the supervision of SBP to put a stop to controversies and other “tricks” of schools. this can also be a good mechanism for SBP to develop the future of the national team…just like noli eala’s under 18 program for the national team…but i think it is also a huge task for SBP to monitor all the leagues that we have whether amateur or professional, and if SBP will also entertain “influences” of the different schools..but all in all, your suggestion is good! hats off to you mr. green mind

27 08 2007

nice article.. very detailed.. dapat ganito, nindi nagrerely sa chismis..what i believe is that mr supan is manipulating the ncaa.. on orbeta, it is an isolated case while on pcu suspension it was the right decision. while on the uaap side i believe that a deeper investigation on jojo duncil must be made. penalty if he really submitted a false birht certificate and clearance if he is not guilty. on ateneo fielding two foreign players, although its finished i believe that they should be penalize somehow even they pulled out the other 1 quickly because a rule is a rule. but whats making this mess huge is this…

mr supan is manipulating the mancom..
ariel vanguardia instructed his players to wrestle bedans..
aljamal’s penalty was way too harsh considering that there are really no significant rules on it..
at the letter was give way too delayed so bedans cant make actions..
is there malicious intentions in there?
there is..
fix this up mr supan!
ncaa is not like this!
if you want to beat us, beat us on the hardcourt not in any actions that can damage the reputation of the ncaa..

great article mr atayde..
long live ncaa and uaap..
animo san beda!

28 08 2007

I agree with you Mr. Tony Atayde. 100%.
Let us all clean up te mess.

28 08 2007
josef ramos

True. Very true.

The Jojo Duncil issue has been buried by the UAAP Board. Tsk Tsk.

28 08 2007

frankly mr atayde, i was the one who said that maierhoffer hasnt improve on one of your article. you have earn my respect on the way you write your arcticle and i look forward on future la salle vs. san beda games in the future..

animo SAN BEDA…

28 08 2007
Tiger Power

how did they bury the issue? he didnt play right?

28 08 2007

actually sbp must handle all collegiate tournaments specially uaap and ncaa…sbp must act as a final verdict every time problem and scandals arise in case mancom or policy board members can’t handle it…this can prevent politics and bias recommendation from the mancom and policy board members.

28 08 2007


28 08 2007
The Green Mind

To all of you,

Thank you for your very kind words. I am glad that you enjoy my articles. We may not always agree, but you can always be sure that I respect all of your opinions.

Again, thank you!

28 08 2007

supan, atayde and the rest of the stupid mafia – WE ARE WATCHING!

28 08 2007
The Green Mind


Huwag ka naman ganyan. You can get your point across without name calling. Argue your point. Pamilya ko pa rin yan.

29 08 2007

na-carried away lang….my apologies.

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