San Beda College apologizes, Aljamal will not play for 2 games

28 08 2007

San Beda College has expressed apology to fellow NCAA school members for bringing the Aljamal case to court over the weekend.

“We want to publicly apologize for all the difficulties and bad publicity brought about by our action,” said San Beda President Fr. Mateo De Jesus during Tuesday’s press conference at the ABS CBN compound.

“The school has decided that it is the better path to take. For the spirit of brotherhood and camaraderie, we will do this.”

Policy Board Chairman Vincent K. Fabella Jr., also the president of host Jose Rizal University, and the other NCAA Policy Board members have accepted San Beda’s apology.

Showing sincerity, De Jesus said San Beda will withdraw the cases filed against the league and will voluntarily order Aljamal not to play two games that will take effect in the Red Lions’ next two matches – against Perpetual Help on August 29 and Letran on August 31. Aljamal is the squad’s leading scorer with 15 points per game.

The 20-day extension of the 72-hour Temporary Restraining Order approved by the Manila Trial Court last week will also be withdrawn.

De Jesus and Fabella met briefly late Monday. It was described by De Jesus as very cordial, in which San Beda initiated a win-win solution.

The Policy Board, composed of presidents of member schools, decided to impose a three-game suspension on forward Yousif Aljamal after joining the recent PBA rookie draft without permission.

But San Beda countered with a 72-hour Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) to block the suspension order from the NCAA.

There were also reports the NCAA Management Committee has recommended the Policy Board to suspended Aljamal for the rest of the season, but the Policy Board reduced the penalty to just three games.

San Beda claimed there was no ruling in the NCAA charter about the PBA draft and said that the Rookie Camp was not a tournament but a training camp.

The Press conference proceedings is also available in audio.




15 responses

28 08 2007

dapat ipaglaban pa..

28 08 2007


28 08 2007

So many questions left unanswered….

28 08 2007
Red/Green Bedan

nakakawa naman to..walang, lahat ata andito.hahaha! ANIMO SAN BEDA!

28 08 2007
Son of Ekwe

Why are we apologizing? Why are we compromising when we have a high moral ground? This is really an unimpressive action of SBC representative to the NCAA. Ang kaya lang nila ay ang mga estudyanteng Bedista.

29 08 2007

So what we witnessed in the past few days were really nothing but just grandstanding by San Beda?

With the apology… what now happen to the Justice for aljamal that they have been proudly shouting in different sites?

For a proud school claiming that they were right on the issue, the apology was just an admission that they committed a mistake and in reality, they could not survive without the NCAA.

So the lesson here, before you proudly claim moral or legal “victory”, learn first never to retreat if you truly & firmly believe in your advocacy.

Nice try by the bedans but in the end, it was all a farce!

29 08 2007


What the NCAA and San Beda did was resolve the situation that would benefit both parties. It’s called “reaching a settlement” since both parties know that they will eventually destroy each other in the legal court.

San Beda deciding not to allow Aljamal to play is a sign of good faith and not because he was suspended. No suspension means he did not break any rule. He did however fail to seek permission from the Mancom (which is not an official rule) to attend the PBA draft thus his decision not to play in the remaining games. He is still eligible to get awards as well.

I think not suspending Aljamal is proof enough that the Mancom agrees that San Beda did not break the rules. In the end, we were right and we stood by it and that was acknowledged. Both parties won (NCAA and SBC) simple as that.

29 08 2007

Genom is right…if we pursue the TRO, NCAA will be devastated. The situation now is better..a win win situation for both NCAA and San Beda College…Animo SAN BEDA!!!

29 08 2007
Son of Ekwe

They should have worded their public statement in a manner that is not apologetic because the general sentiment is that “WE BEDANS HAVE NOTHING TO APOLOGIZE ABOUT”. The way SBC Representative issued their statement shows ineptitude which may have been the reason why this matter went out of proportion. If it all, it is the SBC Rep who should apologize but I REPEAT THAT DOES NOT REFLECT THE SENTIMENT OF THE BEDAN COMMUNITY.

29 08 2007

Son of Ekwe, all is good, we can now concentrate on the final four. The 2 remaining games are not that crucial anymore, so sit down and enjoy the remainder of the season. I’m sure whatever they have decided upon, was thoroughly discussed by the team managers/school officials. But, you’re entitled to your own opinion, and we will respect that.

29 08 2007

i dont like the statetment that san beda apologize!

we dont have anything to apologize for!

clearly there were malicious intent on their part!

lets just get over it and continue our hunt for a repeat!

animo san beda!

29 08 2007
Son of Ekwe

Christian, I also respect your opinion, but the recent posts of some of our Bedan brothers like lion shows that really there is something wrong when we apologize. When one apologizes it is an indirect admission of a wrongdoing unless that apology is insincere. We have done nothing wrong and should not apologize, it is ManCom who should apologize to us for their malicious scheme to undermine our campaign, but as it is water under the bridge, I will accept the situation. I JUST WANT TO PUT ON RECORD THAT WE BEDANS HAVE NOTHING TO APOLOGIZE ABOUT AND THE FACT THAT WE DID IS JUST TO SAVE NCAA WHO HAS BEEN DEEPLY HURT AND EMBARASSED BY ITS SELF-SERVING AND INCOMPETENT MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE.

29 08 2007

Tama. You should only apologize if you did something wrong.

Whether the 2 remaining games are crucial or not is not the issue here. It is the principle of upholding what is right that was at stake here. This is what is wrong with our country and Filipinos today. We don’t uphold anymore the values our heroes fought for. We tend to base our decisions now on the convenience factor. Puro areglo na lang.

Bedans should might as well call themselves Red Kittens rather than Red Lions from now on.

29 08 2007

tsktsk.. Fr. Mateo ang may sablay.. on and off the mendiola campus.. tsktsk.

29 08 2007

The argument is not about whos fault it was, but on how we can solve the issue. It’s piontless if we keep on blaming others for bringing san beda and the league into this situation.

For me, It is indeed a very humble step for san beda to apologize for whatever difficulties it has brought to the NCAA. San Beda must’ve realized the negative consequences that might happen if they continue to pursue the cases they filed against NCAA. They did it for the sake of saving the school’s reputation against bad impressions to the public and for preventing negative reactions as well from the entire Bedan community.
Again, it was humility perhaps that they do want to show to the public and that they dont want pride to prevail (which can bring up another negative issues against san beda). Again, it was probably of about the Benedictine value of “Humility” that prevailed when they did the decision. Remember they are one of the Best Benedictines. They want to show people some values.
It’s not cowardice so it’s pointless to say that they deserve to be called kittens… ROAR LOUDER LIONS!!! ANIMO SAN BEDA!!!

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