SBP is the Solution!

29 08 2007

I recently wrote an article suggesting that all school leagues should be supervised by the Samahan ng Baskerball ng Pilipinas (SBP). I first posted this here – – and then posted it in the different e-groups I belong to. I received so many emails and comments from people saying that this should be seriously looked into.

After more thought, I realized how this idea could really help in the systematic development of basketball in the Philippines. It requires a lot of cooperation from all stakeholders. But most important, it requires cooperation from all the stakeholders.

The benefits to all parties concerned are immense. Starting from recruitment, coaches will have a very extensive data base to work with. Statistics can easily be accessed. Even attitudes and behavior can be looked into by checking out flagrant fouls and fights that a player gets involved in. Coaches should even do a yearly evaluation of their players even while they are in grade school for high school recruitment, while they are in high school for college recruitment, while they are in college for the pro ranks and while they are in the pros for the national team. This should even apply to women’s basketball.

Just as much as players are evaluated, the same thing can also be done with coaches. Players can evaluate them in order that they can improve on their coaching styles and abilities. Who would be in a better position to evaluate the coaches than the players they coach?

Maintaining eligibility documentation is also critical. Players who lie about their age eventually get to a point where their backs are against the wall. It’s like lying about your age when applying for a driver’s license. If you are 15 and you say your 18 and submit fake documents to obtain your license, by the time you are really 18 your license will show you are 21. How can you then go back to the LTO and make your age correct?

The SBP can now make a very stringent eligibility system that all leagues can use. Since they will be a governing body, they do not have to please any individual league or school. They are there to develop basketball on a national scale.

Even in the area of officiating, the SBP can set the standards for referees on a national level. The quality of officiating will not vary from league to league. They can train and monitor how referees are performing without fear of repercussion from any board member.

The SBP can even be financially self supporting by charging these leagues for the services they render. They can conduct coaching seminars and even bring in coaches from different parts of the world. They can have continuous education, testing and accreditation for referees.

The different leagues can continue to manage the business side of their respective tournaments. Their financial success will improve because the leagues will be handled by people whose only interest is basketball. This way, the integrity of the game can be brought back to its former glory.

I have seen what SBP head Mr. Pato Gregorio has done in the very short time that he has headed the SBP. I am sure that the greater good will be served since the SBP mandate is to improve basketball on a national level.

Will leagues like the UAAP and the NCAA be willing to make sacrifices for the long term improvement of the sport we truly love? Will they be willing to let go of the immense power that they have? If they are not willing to make the move then the SBP should hold back on their accreditation. Players will have to think twice before playing in leagues that are not sanctioned by the SBP.

In January, a super league for college basketball is being planned. It will be similar to the American NCAA format where teams from all over the country play a knockout series leading to a national championship. Sometime ago, there was a similar league and this was where the likes of Mon Fernandez, Manny Paner, Yoyong Martirez and other Cebuano players were discovered.

If the NCAA and UAAP teams do not participate with their best players, then the SBP should really clamp down and assert its position as the duly recognized National Sports Association for basketball.




3 responses

29 08 2007
The Dont Mind

Dont mind me

but i remember suggesting it here too. 🙂

Anyways, nice one.

29 08 2007
The Green Mind

The Dont Mind,

We seem to all be making good suggestions but in the end, it is still the bureaucrats who will decide. Poor fans talaga.

30 08 2007
The Dont Mind

Dont mind me

but that’s the reality we have to face.

Somehow, no matter how many stupid people run the league, I cant get myself to detach myself from it.

Basketball addict. @_@

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