A Dozen Wins for the Red Warriors

1 09 2007

The Red Warriors needed to sweat it out for the first 20 minutes but were able to hold off just in time to log their 12th win, 79-72, at the Cuneta Astrodome last September 1.

The red and white shirts are still unbeaten this season with 12-0. The Far Eastern University on the other hand, now stands at 5th with 6-6.

Mark Borboran nailed 23 points while Paul Lee added 17 points and 8 boards to be the Red Warriors’ only players to register in double digits.

Mar Baracael carried the Tamaraws with a hefty 22 points. Reil Cervantes also showcased some scoring abilities sharing the limelght with 13 points.

Baracael got it going for FEU in the first three minutes of the game shooting a jumper, and a three pointer, followed by a complete three-point play with 8:04 minutes to play. UE trailed behind the yellow and green shirts by 2 points, 15-3, in the first quarter.

In the 2nd quarter, FEU sparked a 7-0 run followed by a three-point bomb by JR Cawaling 7:39 minutes in the first half that stretched their lead to 10, 25-15.

The Red Warriors answered back with a 9-0 run in the last four minutes of the quarter. The first half ended, 32-31 in favor of the Tamaraws.

The third quarter experienced a shift as the Red Warriors suddenly woke up. Borboran lighted the scoreboard for UE making 8 third quarter-points.

Marcie Arellano’s back to back baskets at the start of the second half gave the Red Warriors a three-point advantage, 35-32.

Two FGs from Lee and Elmer Espirtu extended the lead to nine, 46-37. FEU ignited a 7-0 run to tie the game at 46 with 3:01 minutes left to play. James Martnez completed a three-point play in the dying minutes of the third quarter but it was immediately replied by a three pointer by John Alisbo to cut the UE lead to 2, 53-51.

In the final quarter, Borboran once again stepped up for UE with 11 points, including two 18-footers and a three-point play with 2:16 minutes to play. Glenn Capacio and his boys settled for a 7-point deficit, 79-72.

“Ung game plan naming, hindi nasunod,” said Coach Dindo Pumaren after the game. “I told them to dictate the tem,po right away pero walang nangyari.”

Coach Dindo admitted they had a hard time with the match up of big men of FEU.

However, he believed the game was good experience for the Red Warriors who are just a stone’s throw away from completing a sweep this UAAP Season ‘70.

Individual scores:


Borboran-23, Lee-17, Martinez-8, Canizares-8, Arellano-7, Lingganay-4, Gregorio-4, Reyes-3, Espiritu-3, Llagas-2, Fampulme-0, Bandaying-0, Thiele-0.


Baracael-22, Cervantes-13, Barroca-10, Sanga-8, Alisbo-7, Adolfo-6, Cawaling-3, Knuttel-2, Fernandez-1, Abaring-0, Ramos-0, Cabagnot-0, Reyes-0.

Quarter Scores: 13-15, 31-32, 53-51, 79-72.

Deadlocks- 2 Leadchanges-3




9 responses

2 09 2007

Yes 🙂

2 09 2007

congrats to the red warriors…good job…but still there are a lot of games to be won to capture that crown…keep up the good work warriors..we are the best and we’ll never lose the remaining games..goodbye uste…

2 09 2007

let’s see….. 🙂

3 09 2007
jolibee kid

dugong pula!
dugong palaban!

ang mga taga U-EAST, proudly purong pinoy!
kaya para sa mga taga la salle…
eto na ang mga native!!!

3 09 2007

ay, UE pala akala ko san beda. hehehe! peace!
Go UE!

3 09 2007
You Shall Choke

Resting on your laurels is as dangerous as resting when you are walking in the snow. You doze off and die in your sleep.
-Ludwig Wittgenstein

3 09 2007

Hahaha! Natawa ako kay red XD

4 09 2007

amazing run by u.e. ibang klase talaga pag red and white! color of the a champion! san beda supports their neighbor hehehe. galingan nyo final4!

red and white! red and white! fight team fight!

go u.e!

animo san beda!

28 09 2007


c japs cuan pala di magaling magbasketball? hahaha.puro pasa.lol.

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