Are you Green or Blue?

4 09 2007

The 2nd Round of the De La Salle Green Archers vs. Ateneo Blue Eagles game happens on September 9, 2007 Sunday at 4PM. We are calling all students, Alumnae, and fans of the Green Archers & Blue Eagles to party before the battle unfolds at M1NT Bar Bistro on SEPTEMBER 8th beginning at 9pm at the 3rd level of The Fort Strip!!!

Wear Blue or Green and enjoy the Bacardi Open Bar from 10 till 11pm!!!





19 responses

4 09 2007

pde ba ibang schools dyan? eepal lang…

4 09 2007
Mike Abasolo

It’s a party so everyone is invited to join :-). If i decide to go, I’ll be wearing Red.

4 09 2007
ateneo de la salle

go ahead wear red, but the question is are you green or blue?

5 09 2007

asteeeg… animoers.. 😛

5 09 2007

green!!!!!!!!!! bsta.. GREEN! berde..!

5 09 2007
Son of Ekwe

Blue…I am the only red in a family of blue.

5 09 2007

blue or green? …i’d personally choose BLUE. Much cooler in the eyes. 😀
But green is OK.

5 09 2007

can you create an article about war of the colors? c’mon just for fun. i think it would be exciting. again, just for fun.hehehe

5 09 2007

OFF TOPIC: (this is just for fun!!)

during my nursery years (and art class during college), i was taught that RED, YELLOW and BLUE are the primary colors – the traditional RYB.
However, today, RED, BLUE, and GREEN are considered as primary colors that are typically used to produce different colors when combined. Thus, the RGB color model was created.
(If you’re not familiar, common applications of the use of RGB model is the display of colors on a cathode ray tube, liquid crystal display or plasma display, such as a television or a computer’s monitor. -

My question is, (again just for fun! and i guess some people would also want to ask from other schools) If your school will be given a chance to choose among RED, GREEN, BLUE AND YELLOW (from these four only please), and other than that of your school’s dominating color, which color would you choose for your school and why?
(please don’t pick blue if you are atenean, not green if you are lasallite, not yellow if you are from ust, not red if you are a bedan, and so on… also, mention your school).

Moderators, please don’t stop the fun! 😀

5 09 2007
major dude

my favorite color is blue. my mind is green. but my blood is red. so, can i go?

5 09 2007

mine is yellow, and its type “c”, uncurable and deadly, its presence in f4 will probably coke the red and after the finals, its opponent will always be in blue.

5 09 2007

mine is yellow, and its type “c”, uncurable and deadly, its presence in f4 will probably choke the red and after the finals, its opponent will always be in blue.

5 09 2007

still will stick with yellow.. LOL!

8 09 2007

BLUE BLUE BLUE.. They are not mayayabang. not like other.. go ateneo.. one big fight..

8 09 2007
The Green Mind

For all you blue blooded Ateneans, you will enjoy this MTV. Check it out. For non-Ateneans, check it out too.

8 09 2007
red viper

can i wear a bluegreen shirt?

8 09 2007
Blue Archers

To all Basketball fans, don’t forget to watch the all important, all exciting match tomorrow between the greens and the blues. Just like the deep green forest, and the deep blue seas, and so will a blue archer in deep blue sea try to capture a green eagle in a deep green forest.

9 09 2007

I’ve seen the video.

i thought it was HULK.hahaha

20 08 2008

september 6 is the scheduled date for the round 2 game of DLSU and ADMU.


keep the animo burning!=)

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