Nike: Kobe Bryant Supernatural Tour Press Conference Manila, Philippines

5 09 2007

The Kobe Bryant Supernatural Tour begins its five-city tour of Asia beginning in Manila last September 5 with a press conference held at the Quezon Room of the Shangri-la Hotel in Makati City.

Developed as an opportunity for Kobe to work with kids throughout Asia to inspire, energize and improve their basketball game, the Kobe Supernatural Asia Tour will also make stops in Taipei, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Beijing. Manila will be the only Southeast Asian country to host the tour. Media people from Thailand and Singapore came over to Manila to witness the event.

Beginning as a young basketball player, Kobe developed a set of skills that made him into one of the best athletes in the world. Mentally and physically, Kobe is a force to reckon with on the court. He follows a core set of values that can be seen through his focused training and mental toughness that helped him score 50+ points in ten games last season. The Tour will provide Kobe an opportunity to share his experiences and work with young fans to help them increase their level of play on the basketball court.

Off the court, Kobe has long believed in giving back to the community – whether in LA, Philadelphia, or throughout the world, Kobe continues to bring smiles to children’s faces through his charity work. During his tour in September, Kobe will continue his spirit of giving by participating in charity events with his fans.

Additionally during the Tour, Nike and Kobe will introduce a new version of the Kobe II, part of the Fall 2007 basketball footwear product line. The product will launch throughout Asia beginning September 6, 2007.

Kobe says Mabuhay and talks about the Supernatural Tour

Kobe talks more about his basketball experiences, basketball preparation, training and fitness

Kobe talks about the challenges of the USA Basketball team and being a role model




6 responses

6 09 2007

Oh Yeah!!! KOBE is the MAN!!!!

6 09 2007


6 09 2007

I love Kobe since highschool.. GOSH!
Sayang talaga. Hindi ko siya nameet ng personal.. arhhgg!

8 09 2007
The Green Mind

Kobe is a very good player but he still cant win a championship without a Shaq. On the other hand Shaq has won a championship without Kobe.

Looks like the Lakers will have to wait. My beloved Boaton Celtics now have the Big 3. I have been a Celtic fan since the time of Bill Russell and Celtic glory is back.

Sorry Kone, no Garnett for you!

13 09 2007

oo nga may tama ka sa sinabi mu pre kb hasn’t won yet w/o shaq daddy but don’t ever assume celtics new big 3 gonna win also baka ma karma lang sila lyk the lakers fame 4 like shaq-kb-payton-malone… then boston cough up like $60+million just 4 the 3, what’s left to sign for gud sub players, ainge must be knocking on the celtics’ payroll ryt now…

18 09 2007

kobe is really amazing

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