Lim, Alas no show in NCAA F4 press con

10 09 2007

NCAA Final Four Press Conference Sept. 10, 2007 at the Kamayan, EDSA in Audio

The respective head coaches of San Beda and Letran College, the top two teams in this year’s NCAA Final Four, were both absent in a press conference held at the Kamayan Restaurant in Edsa Ortigas due to various reasons last September 10.

Frankie Lim, the Red Lions’ mentor, didn’t attend the press conference due to Talk ‘N Text’s preseason game against Air21 late in the afternoon in Tunasan, Muntinlupa City. Lim is still the Phone Pals’ team manager.

Letran representative to the Management Committee Fr. Vic Calvo told reporters through a text message that the Knights mentor Louie Alas was sick.

San Beda, though, was represented by publicist Albert Almendralejo, assistant coach Jayvee Sison and team captain Yousif Aljamal.

Despite the absence of the two powerhouse teams, other Final Four cast – Jose Rizal University and Mapua Institute of Technology admitted they would have a hard time surviving the series.

“This is my first time here in semifinals among with my players,” said JRU head coach Ariel Vanguardia. “We are on the same boat with Mapua. Letran is the best defensive team, a veteran in the Final Four, and so we are expecting a real challenge.”

But Vanguardia and Leo Isaac, the Cardinals first year mentor, remain confident despite the twice-to-beat disadvantage they have against their opponents.

“Being my first year here in Mapua, we are still in the process of “getting to know each other”,” said Isaac, who led Mapua to a championship victory in 1981. “It also just happened that we are here in Final Four.” “Everybody knew San Beda is a strong team but if we play good, who knows?”

The Final Four begins on Wednesday, where top seed San Beda meets No. 4 Mapua at 4pm and No. 2 Letran battles JRU at 2pm.

Sison, the Red Lions assistant coach, said the reigning champion will do its best to beat the Cardinals and clinch its second straight Finals appearance.

Management Committee Chairman Paul Supan of host JRU said Araneta Coliseum is set to provide 60 security personnel to secure the fans and players.

Last August 31, some coaches from Letran were involved in a brawl against San Beda fans after the game. That event sparked a near riot between fans of both schools.




7 responses

11 09 2007

No offense Josef, but you could have chosen a better angle for this article.

13 09 2007

asa ka pa dyan kay josef..

13 09 2007

d ko alam ung cnsbi niyo e kya no coment..haha

13 09 2007


Josef Ramos=Cristy Fermin

Ayan kahit papano nasagot ko na ang mga tanong nyo..

13 09 2007

I believe Josef had chosen the most appropriate angle with this topic, considering letran and san beda are two top contenders; hence any news concerning them is already a scoop regardless of the issue.

14 09 2007

But he did not explore that angle deep enough. If you analyze his article, it merely says that they did not show up because of one reason or another. The reader is left to wonder what was the significance of these two being absent. Had he explored this angle by probing diligently it would not have appeared as a weak attempt to sensationalize the absence. Ok, so the peg is on their being absent but is there really something there worth noting?

Going deeper into the article there were a number of angles that would have made for an excellent news-feature piece. One, you have two underdog coaches present who were up against the top two teams in the league. He could, for example, have dug deeper into the preparations that these two skippers were doing. Were there other things that these two were doing other than scrimmages? Did they offer novenas, masses, etc.?

Another angle would be the planned security preparations. Were there any plans to review the policies regarding crowd behavior? Were there other contingency measures if thousands of hooligans suddenly go at it?

Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying that his article is terrible, it just lacks depth and focus.

14 09 2007

I do respect your insights on how the particular article can be alternatively presented. I believe that these were appealing sports news to tackle in a separate article.

As I understand the article, the main purpose of it was to report an event that has transpired. As we can read, the article’s focus was on the opinions of the coaches included in the final four. Coaches Lim and Alas were not present in the event, so theirs were not exploited the same.

Matters outside it, for me, must be discussed in a separate article to achieve the so-called depth and focus.

I guess what we are debating about is whether the article is a straight news or a news feature.

Again, I do respect your stand on this.

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