The Choices for the Individual Awards

15 09 2007

With the Final Four about to begin, the end of one of the most exciting UAAP season is not too far away. As the regular season ends, the individual achievements of the players and coaches are ready to be rewarded. Here is my own list of achievements, some good, some bad.

Most Valuable Player – It is evident from the stats and from the value to his team that Jervy Cruz is definitely the MVP this year. Averaging a double double is no easy feat, yet Jervy Cruz has made it look so easy all season long. He is not as big as the other centers but his rebounding is awesome. Add to that his ability to score and what you have is an all around player.

Rookie of the Year – Though there are many players who are in their first year in the UAAP, not all of them are rookies. Transferees do not qualify for this award. That being the case, I would pick JR Cawaling of FEU as the top rookie of this year’s tournament. His play improved steadily as the tournament went on and he will definitely be a part of this future UAAP powerhouse team.

Transferee Player of the Year – First year players who are not rookies, are seen in almost every team. My choice for this award is UST’s Kasim Mirza. He started the season with a whimper but slowly showed the immense talent he has, especially in crunch time. This kid is a star in the making.

Coach of the Year – In my opinion, this award should be given to FEU Coach Glen Capacio. With an almost entire line-up of new players, he was able to steer the FEU Tamaraws to a possible Final Four appearance. Capacio was able to get the most out of his players. At the beginning of this season, I picked FEU to make the Final Four. Coach Capacio will definitely bring this young talented FEU team to a number of very fruitful seasons.

Clutch Player of the Year – I don’t think that there has been a player involved in as many clutch plays as Ateneo’s Chris Tiu has. Whether it’s finding the open man or hitting the winning shot, Tiu has proven to be the man to go to. No matter how bad he is playing in a game, he will deliver when it is needed most.

Most Improved Players of the Year – I actually could not decide among 3 players in this category. After being in the shadows of big name players for a number of years, Ateneo’s Ford Arao has emerged as Ateneo’s main scoring option. His averages have soared this year. Also worth mentioning in this category are Marnel Baracael of FEU and James Martinez of UE.

Student Athlete of the Year – I have been trying to find out from the different teams who among their players played significant minutes and at the same time were outstanding students. The one name that cropped up was La Salle’s Kish Co, who played a significant amount of time for the Green Archers and also managed to be in the Dean’s List of DLSU.

Off the Bench Players of the Year – The players that best fit this award would be UE’s Paul Lee and Hans Thiele. These guys would be starters on any other team. They are instant contributors off the bench. Whether it would be on defense or offense, Lee and Thiele would be the spark that a player coming off the bench should be.

Team of the Year – This distinction is for the school that worked best as a team and hands down this should be the UE Red Warriors. With a wide selection of players, Coach Dindo Pumaren’s team showed what the phrase “playing as a team” really means. UE had no individual player who dominated all through the season, but rather relied on teamwork, which is why they beat many teams by huge margins.

Surprise of the Season – Hands down, this has to be the 14-0 regular season record posted by UE. With the level of competition this year, that feat is even more amazing.

Mythical Five – This will be a very hard pick since many players had a great season. I’m sure there will be many variations of this. My picks are: Guards – UST’s Japs Cuan and Adamson’s Patrick Cabahug. Big Men –Ateneo’s Ford Arao, UST’s Jervy Cruz and UE’s Kelvin Gregorio.

Most Colorful UAAP Personality – Undoubtedly this has to go to UST Coach Pido Jarencio. Whether it was on the court or off the court, Coach Pido’s passion was evident. He would shoot the imaginary foul shot every time Japs Cuan would be on the foul line. He would never hide his emotions, whether raising his hands in disgust or dancing after a win. He is so much fun to watch and listen to. Let’s not forget that Coach Pido is also a very good coach.

Here are other distinctions that may not be too complimentary but definitely worth mentioning.

Best 38 Minute Team of the Year – Undoubtedly this has to go the De La Salle Green Archers. Three out of their four loses came about in the last 2 minutes of the game. The most bitter of these was the loss to UST, where they squandered a 12 point lead in the last 2 minutes of the game and lost in overtime.

Most Underachieving Team of the Year – Many expected (this writer included) that the NU Bulldogs would be thick in the fight for a Final Four slot. This year’s team was one of the best they have had in a long time. However, this team could not win back to back games all throughout the season. They could play awful or play great. They almost beat league leader UE, but did not have the composure to pull it off.

Letdown Players of the Year – My pick for this dubious award is NU’s Edwin Asoro There were high expectations for him to be a power for the Bulldogs. Considering that he has been in the league for quite awhile, Asoro showed that he still has a long way to go to get to the next level.

Also totally lost this season was Migs de Asis of UP. His nickname “The Assassin” became “The Maasim”

Goon of the Year – This dubious honor is reserved for none other than La Salle’s Brian Ilad. His actions during La Salle’s game against UE, was absolutely appalling.

Well I’m sure everyone has an opinion on the above. So come on make your own choices.




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16 09 2007

i was already thinking of the team most likely to have a back-to-back finals finish would be ateneo. but after their loss to nu and the manner they played that game, i don’t think that is gonna happen.

you should have added one more category: from last year’s suspension to this year’s finals – to the La Salle Green Archers!

16 09 2007

great picks..mythical 5 though for me would be:

Casio, Tiu, Cabahug, Cruz, Arao..

Dude, I am stunned that you did not pick Casio. Cuan got lost down the stretch and UE was so much of a team this year that I could not see having only one player in the mythical 5.

Also, (aside from UST of course) I would definitely want to see FEU win it all this year..kudos to coach Glenn.

16 09 2007

Gusto ko yung sa Off the Bench Players pick. I agree 🙂

16 09 2007

Lasalles jv casio for this years choke award

16 09 2007


16 09 2007

Student Athlete of the Year = Kish Co?

I agree with redredred. Besides being the King Eagle this year, Chris Tiu will be leaving Ateneo at the end of the year with a double-major in Management Engineering and Applied Math in Finance.

16 09 2007
The Green Mind

Sorry guys, I was asking some Ateneo friends (yes I have friends from Ateneo), but none of them knew of Chris Tiu’s academic achievements. If he is graduating with a double major, then he should be given an official award by the UAAP. That would set a good example to all the schools, La Salle included.

16 09 2007
The Green Mind

I chose Cuan because he seems to be the only pure point guard in the league. He also leads all point guards in rebounds and ranks no. 1 overall in the assist department, 8th in steals and has the 2nd best efficiency rating in the turnover stats.

UE’s players did not fare prominently in the individual categories because they play at least 12 players every game. Thats why they get the “Team of the Year”. Not one UE player topped any individual category. In the scoring category, no UE player ranked in the top 10. Thats what makes them so good.

17 09 2007

mukha ngang sa student athlete of the year chris tiu will beat kish co for the award. maybe sa academics, both are tied. but sa sports, definitely si chris tiu has the edge.

17 09 2007

sa most underachieving team sa UST. being defending champions, now they have to contend with FEU. NU has been always down there. they did not do anything to underachieve. pero sana next year they also do well. mr. dandan, just do your homework and don’t give up. mas maganda pag lahat magaling.

i hope UST wins over FEU and make it to the final four. that would make the final four really composed of formidable teams.

17 09 2007
No Comment

Personally, I’d pick JV Casio to be part of the mythical 5. DLSU losses were close and I think JV Casio was one of the main reasons those games were close.

For Student Athlete, I’d pick chris tiu. Mr Atayde maybe you’re friends from ateneo are as old as you 🙂 No one really keeps track of the students grades so this award is hard to give out. Can someone correct me if i am wrong, but i heard Chris tiu not only graduated in a Honors Course but he also received latin honors when he graduated last year from his first major. There are jokes that he stepped on all the achievements of Mr Paul Tanchi (Cum laude, Management honors)

17 09 2007
The Green Mind

I really think that the Student Athlete of the Year award should be an official award given by both the NCAA and the UAAP in every sport in its calendar. Genuine student/athletes are a diaappearing breed.

I stand corrected, if Tiu has achieved all that people say he has, then he should be given this award, not just here but by the UAAP.

17 09 2007

I think that award is given by the PBL. I remember LA Tenorio receiving it a couple of seasons back.

18 09 2007

Ok, this is fun.. These are my choices:

My mythical five would be Jervy, Borboran, Cabahug, Tiu and Casio.

Team of the Year: Hats off to the Warriors!

Coach of the Year: Has to be Dindo Pumaren for a job well done getting his team to be part of another wonderful history moment of the league, 14-0, an automatic ticket to the finals. Only the 2nd coach to achieve such amazing record.

Rookie of the Year: Cawaling of FEU

Shameful player of the year: No one else.. ILAD of DLSU!

19 09 2007

A La Sallian winning a Student Athlete Award… hmmmm

Mr.Atayde… Laugh trip ka!!!

19 09 2007
uSt fan

Wednesday, 19th September 2007 at 12:05 pm

A La Sallian winning a Student Athlete Award… hmmmm

Mr.Atayde… Laugh trip ka!!!

* this guy is an ateneo fanboy! whahahaha

19 09 2007

pare…gago ka ba? nakakadiri ka eh… tsaka wala kang respeto mehn.

21 09 2007

yes, i think Tiu should win the student-athlete award. He will be graduating with a double major in two difficult courses, which shows how he can balance both his studies and basketball. I also know that he was picked to be part of a student exchange program (or something like that) in France, which is why he didn’t play for the Eagles last (or was that last-last?) season. Choosing between the two must have been a diffucut thing for him to do, and choosing his studies over basketball, i think, proves that he is the best pick for the student-athlete award.

22 09 2007

abc, c.tiu, period.

24 09 2007

mythical five:

C-Jervy Cruz, PF-Ford Arao, SG-Patrick Cabahug, PG-JV Casio and SF-Mark Borboran

25 09 2007

yes, chris tiu is definitely a model student-athlete. ME and AMF are both top-tier courses.

yun ang totoong mahirap. madaming math. madaming accounting. madaming management subjects.

and i’m sure if you ask chris tiu he won’t need norman black to explain what those two courses are.

i see a flashback coming.

25 09 2007

Monday, 17th September 2007 at 6:00 am

mukha ngang sa student athlete of the year chris tiu will beat kish co for the award. maybe sa academics, both are tied. but sa sports, definitely si chris tiu has the edge.


26 09 2007

another take on the individual awards by my favorite writer –>

26 09 2007
26 09 2007

Here is Chris Tiu’s interview about studying in France:

27 09 2007

That was one hell of a game, La Salle. Congratulations to both teams but Mr. Atayde was right after all. Chris Tiu delivers when it matters most.

Saludo ako sa iyo, King Eagle.

See you all on Sunday.

29 09 2007

no doubt, chris tiu should be the student athlete of the year — transcripts and course catalogs should validate this…

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