NCAA finals scenarios

16 09 2007

Maybe some of you won’t like my personal views regarding the NCAA Finals between defending champion San Beda College and Letran. But these are the possible things that could happen whether you like it or not.

Both teams met 57 years ago. And if you compare the era between 1957 to 2007. They are totally different. Although most of us don’t know what happened in the last 57 years when San Beda and Letran collided.

San Beda won the 1957 NCAA title with the legendary Caloy Loyzaga leading the pack.

Now, let’s get back to the present – the NCAA 83rd season. Actually, there are two worst case scenarios in the championship.

San Beda, considered the most heavily-favored team in the Finals series, is definitely the league’s Goliath – a powerful giant who can break the Knights’ armor to retain the title.

But there is an old saying: “the bigger you are, the harder you fall.” What if, Letran is the league’s David?

The Knights might consider this aspect: San Beda is not a threat too big to hit, but a target too big to miss!

Most of the time, it is not the situation that is complicated… It is the way we see things that matter. And sometimes in can determine the victor.

There is no doubt that the Red Lions is expected to count on pro-bound Yousif Aljamal. How can you question Aljamal’s capacity?

He was the Red Lions’ leading scorer with 16.9 points per game and 9.2 rebounds per game average by the end of the elimination round.

Then Samuel Ekwe, the last year’s rookie-MVP, is also there providing the bulk and heft. He is San Beda’s main defender in the paint – he scores, blocks and rebounds.

Ekwe ended the elimination round averaging 14.6 points, 16.2 rebounds and 3.2 blocks per game 11 games.

Brave and bold Rogemar Menor has shown maturity since the season started and it looks like he is going to take the leadership position next season without Aljamal.

In 12 games this season, he improved his last year’s output 7.8 to 13.4 points per game. He is described by head coach Frankie Lim as the squad’s spark-plug.

Guard John Paul Escobal, the Red Lions’ hotshot, is the team’s best offensive player who can shoot or attack the basket. He averaged 13.4 points per game in 12 outings this season.

But don’t count out the other members – Bam Gamalinda, Raymond Maggay, Dave Marcelo, Borgie Hermida, Jay-R Taganas and Garvo Lanete, among others.

Without them, San Beda would not end on top at 11-1.

The Final Four series turned out to be a ‘warm up’ session for the Red Lions. You saw what happened, they easily dumped the Cardinals, 74-64 despite Frankie’s post game comments last the last time. But it could also happen to Letran in two games. Letran could become the lonely Knights.

But Louie Alas has his own ace in Rafael Jazul, an MVP contender this season. He has proven that he can take over in big games. Jazul finished 12 games with an average of 16.1 points per game.

Dino Daa, averaging 10.5 points and 8.8 rebounds per game, is also expected to come out strong against San Beda. Bryan Faundo, with an 11.3 points and 8.1 rebound average, is a reliable force to reckon with.

John Melegrito, Raymark Gutilban, Andro Quinday, John Cabonce and Carlo Reposar, will definitely to step up for Letran.

In fact, it is not Letran’s offensive awareness that worries Frankie Lim but its paralyzing defense which limits opposing teams below 60 points.

I know you will say maybe to all teams except San Beda, but let’s see.

Letran defeated San Beda last July 25, 70-69. But the Red Lions came back strong to even their elimination round series in their second meeting last August 31, 87-84.

It’s a tie for both of them. And the series remain unpredictable. Though San Beda has the upper-hand to keep the crown, but Letran has the edge to dethrone the reigning champion.

Let’s support our respective team peacefully by watching the game on September 19.

God Bless you all and see you at the games.




29 responses

17 09 2007
Bedan Alumnus

I bet the NCAA FINALS will be exciting series to watch.

But as a Bedan Alumnus, No doubt I’m a Bedan fan and I’m looking forward to their back to back championship this season.

Letran will give San Beda ONE HELL OF A FIGHT.. But I believe in the end.. SBC will prevail..

Hooray for San Beda.. Go San Beda Fight 3 times…

17 09 2007
Willie Miller

Thriller ‘tong finals na ‘to. the way the elims went, kng hindi sa court, ung audience ung gmgwa ng ingay (sana wala nang gulo sa finals). I predict na hindi lalagpas ng 5pts average winning margin dto, kahit cno pa manalo. Though I hope LETRAN un! ARRRIBA LETRAN!

17 09 2007

parehas lang malakas ang dalwang team… mas may advantage lang talga redlions compared sa letran…

17 09 2007

uh… sir… 57 years ago was 1950. not 1957 and it was letran who won during that time, not san beda. they last met in 1950 with letran clinching the title.

17 09 2007
josef ramos

the real josef ramos speaks:

That was the info given to me by the wikepedia and NCAA… Anyway, I’ll double check it na lang…

Thanks for verifying…

17 09 2007
Howard the Duck

Wiki says the first SBC-LC championship occurred on 1950, 57 years ago. Ateneo won the title on 1957.

The NCAA website is blatant ripoff of Wikipedia, hehehe.

Maybe it was a case of mathematical errors.

17 09 2007

definitely it will be a great game although san beda may be the better team but letran has this game-winning attitude.

see you guys at araneta 🙂

Go San Beda Fight! 3x
Animo San Beda!

18 09 2007

Animo San Beda!

Arriba Letran!

18 09 2007

Sana pantay crowd bukas.

I have a bad feeling na may rambulan bukas.

18 09 2007
Bedan Alumnus


Ang masasabi lang ng Bedista sa Letranista bukas sa araneta… LETRAN WHO?

Go San Beda Fight…

18 09 2007
josef ramos

the real josef ramos speaks:

Pls stop pretending and using the name josef ramos.

Referring to: josef ramos
Tuesday, 18th September 2007 at 9:36 pm

sam bida?
josef ramos
Tuesday, 18th September 2007 at 7:17 pm

arriba letran!

19 09 2007
josef ramos

im the real josef ramos!

19 09 2007
franzi jay

Just like to ask: what is the NCAA board’s policy on allowing foreign players who are obviously too big, too old and too powerful to be playing with very young filipino college kids?(read Sam Ekwe, who’s obviously too much for the ncaa league.) I mean, shouldn’t this guy be playing already in the PBA or other older, professional leagues? with all due respect,does San Beda find pride in thrashing any opponent by fielding in an over-qualified import-caliber player? Do you kill a mouse with a machine gun? This is hard for me because I have a niece and nephew both enrolled in SBC-Rizal grade school,(because it’s near our place) but come on, Bedans. If i were a 6’8″ black guy too, it would be stupidity on my part if I can’t dunk or block any shot from a smaller guy, right? San Beda maybe favored to win the NCAA crown, but Letran will always have the glory for giving them one hell of a competition without relying on import players to do the dirty job for them; despite their youth, anonymity and inexperience,the Knights clearly show they have the honest heart. Go VALIANT KNIGHTS!! What we do in this best-of-three series will be posted in the annals of sports history. LONG LIVE THE DARK HORSE!!(Yes, I am a Letranite)

19 09 2007
Mike Abasolo

In my opinion, actually Sam Ekwe is overrated. He is athletic and tall fine but his skills really need a lot of work.

I still believe San Beda can still win without Ekwe though they will have a hard time but they will still win.

Lastly, I do believe it is San Beda’s time. After 28 years, give them a break.

19 09 2007

Just to add. I do agree that San Beda is the more talented team speaking of type of players we have. But to claim that Letran is the younger team compared to San Beda may not be accurate. Most of Letran rookies are not fresh graduates from high school but guys coming from Letran Team B. Louie Alas rarely elevates high school prospects. directly to Letran Team A. Usually it takes 2-3 years before these players got thier chance to play with Team A. San Beda on the otherhand has Marcelo, Lanete, Padilla and Caram who came fresh of HS.

20 09 2007

franzi jay, hindi ka ata nanood ng NCAA last year. Tinatapalan ng ibang NCAA players si Ekwe. Hindi nga marunong maglaro yan dati. Pinyagan siya ng NCAA maglaro. Ano ka ba naman. Bago ka ata sa NCAA? Tol, madaming nang foreign players sa NCAA. Dati pa yan. Pati ang Letran mayroon na noon pa. Hindi tayo dark horse. Title contender tayo. Aminado ang San Beda diyan. Matinik tayong kalaban.

Letranista ka ba talaga? O gusto mo lang pag-awayin mga tao dito?

20 09 2007

Mga kaibigang Bedista, huwag sanang magpapadala sa post nito si Franzi. Walang Letranistang magsasabing bata at inexperienced ang plyers ng Letran. Alam nating hayok sa NCAA ang strategy ni Alas. NCAA rookies pero hindi college freshmen.

20 09 2007
franzi jay

Letranense, I suspect you’re a Bedan posing as a Letranite. Its obvious from your words, man. No Letranite would describe their coach’s strategy as “hayok” because this negative word is synonymous with intense sexual desire, which is almost how SBC feels about the NCAA crown. (I can almost imagine Frankie Lim salivating after the NCAA trophy, as in, ” my preciouuuuuusssshhh…”) And no Letranite would ever call Bedans “kaibigang Bedista” especially in the heat of the best of three finals. And FYI, “dark horse” means “underdog” or “underrated” which the Knights obviously are. Greetings to Batch 93′ Comm. Arts pioneer batch under Dean Gaerlan, Laurenti Dyogi and Fr. Mon Cercado. And to my fellow staffers from the Lance. Arriba, mga TOTOONG Letranista.

20 09 2007

Let’s just leave everything on the court shall we? Would you also mind winning games base on your “claims” on Sam Ekwe? Don’t worry, we still have another BIG one waiting in the wings. As much as we care, we have healthy “discussions” here, so let’s just leave it at that.

Knights youth, anonymity and inexperience? Come on. You obviously don’t know your team.

Letranense (no offense) a Bedan, posing as a Letanite? Come on.

20 09 2007
josef ramos

ako si josef ramos. ako dapat masunod dito!

20 09 2007

uhm… franzi jay, you’re saying that sam ekwe is too old for the college league? he’s only 22 and the league rule is that players can still play in the league as long as they are enrolled in the school for which they play for and as long as their age doesn’t exceed 24 or is it 25? and if you’re so pissed at SBC for having a nigerian import, eh di kumuha din kayo ng import niyo, huwag ka nang manira ng ibang team.

21 09 2007
mang roger

franzi jay
Thursday, 20th September 2007 at 9:04 am
And no Letranite would ever call Bedans “kaibigang Bedista” especially in the heat of the best of three finals.

haha! franzi jay just downgraded letran… lots of bedans would call letranites “kaibigang letranista” anytime… ang baba naman ng tingin mo sa mga schoolmates mo KAIBIGANG franzi jay.. hehehe…

21 09 2007

guys! ako alumni ng CEU. alam ko wala me karapatan… but,,, we are all filipinos here. and filipinos love basketball and hospitable… were the heck is the spirit of fun, in friendly competition… if i know kahit ano pa college na panggalingan mo…. after mga ilang years kita mo sama-sama yan sa iisang team. whether, sa pba, sa pbl,, remember the ultimate goal.. have to get our philippine basket ball team reach the olympics. diba. dapat proud dahil dami na natin young players that have the potential to make our legacy live….. again.. ciao,.!

21 09 2007

eventhough we came from different academic institution, we must considered one another as friends and not enemies, kaya nga ginawa itong mga athletic organizations upang magkaroon ng ng unifiction at pagtibayin ang pagkakaibigan ng bawat colleges/universities. kaya kung masasabi ng isang tao dyan that “no Letranite would ever call Bedans “kaibigang Bedista””, masasabi kong isa siyang pesimist, at di dapat tularan, and pls dont generalize it!

about the issue kay ekwe, he confirmed with the rule , regulations and procedures,at hindi naman siya marunong dati maglaro, so no one could tell that he should not play.ayaw niyo yun tumataas ang dekalidad ng laro sa NCAA, at mas nagiging experince ang mga players against sa malalaking players. tignan natin ang positibong angulo ng mga issue at hindi laging negatibo.

26 09 2007

well, with all said and done… SBC won! Aljamal’s 25pts and Menor’s 26pts and the pesky defense of San Beda (especially by Menor) held Jazul scoreless during the 1st and 4th quarters. Come on, do you actually think Letran could snatch this one? Please DO NOT discount the fact that Menor also led the red cubs and didn’t leave San Beda for other schools like other star cubs. The boy got talent and numbers to prove it, but most importantly, HE HAS THE BIGGEST BEDAN HEART sa team.

26 09 2007

bakit sinu tinuturing na kaibigan ng mga taga san beda? La Sallista? Atenista?

Mahiya kayo, walang pakialam mga elite schools sa inyo. Social Climber na Social Climber dating nyo. Check out para malaman nyo ganu kayo iniinsulto. Ouch!

26 09 2007

bakit sinu tinuturing na kaibigan ng mga taga san beda? La Sallista? Atenista?

Mahiya kayo, walang pakialam mga elite schools sa inyo. Soci** Climb** na **cial **imber dating nyo. Check out para malaman nyo ganu kayo iniinsulto. Ouch!

23 07 2008


At ang isasagot naman ng mga Letranista sa mga Bedista eh……BEDA WHAT ?!!!


21 09 2008
pretty me

wooohh….JRU pasok n sa finals..!!panu b yan..

letran…hnggng ybng lng nman kau ee,.oh anu kau ngaun?

mapua..sna mklban ng bombers!…pra msya..hahaha

let’s go bombers!

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