The Best UAAP Season in a Long Time

16 09 2007

This UAAP season will be one for the books. So many twists and turns have made Season 70, one of the most memorable in recent history.

UE wins 14 straight and UP loses 14 straight. I don’t think this has ever happened simultaneously either the UAAP or even the NCAA. UE is in a class all by itself. In the start of the season 6 out of the 8 teams had a a good chance of making it to the Final Four. With that in mind, UE’s unbeaten regular season record is even more amazing.

This year turned out to be a Final Five rather than a Final Four. After the last game of the regular season, the standings from 2 to 4 have still not been determined. Defending champion UST, who had a number of impressive victories, including a come-from-behind win against La Salle, were stymied by a rookie-laden FEU squad.

La Salle had 2 straight heartbreak losses to Ateneo and UE but still finds itself with a chance to get the much coveted twice to beat 2nd place. Losing 4 out of their 5 games in the last 2 minutes, La Salle now has a chance to live up to their pre-season hype that so far has not been seen.

Many thought that Ateneo would definitely take the number 2 spot, but no one seems to have told the NU Bulldogs that. The Bulldogs played their last game with the desire to end it with a bang, in what otherwise would have been a forgettable season.

Ateneo has to re-group and hope that they do not duplicate their first round performance, where they lost 3 straight after they beat La Salle. But Ateneo has shown that they have what it takes to win and the Blue Eagles may just use their loss to NU as a rallying point.

The FEU – UST game is going to be as good as the La Salle – Ateneo game. UST, being the defending champion may have the edge since they have the more experienced players and were in a similar situation last year, where they beat both heavily favored UE and Ateneo twice. Coach Pido knows how to motivate his team and on paper have a more solid team.

For FEU, it would really be a feather in their cap if they beat UST. Team manager Anton Montinola’s decision to disband last year’s team, after being the first team to win a championship one year and not make the Final Four the next, would pay off. This is an FEU team that can’t be taken lightly. They have beaten Ateneo, UST and played a great game against UE.

UE is just waiting. Will the long break be a blessing or a curse? They have to practice without knowing who their finals opponent will be. The problem is that all the 4 contending teams play differently which means they cannot use the break to focus their preparation on the style of one team. But then again, they aren’t unbeaten for nothing. They will be ready for anyone. On the other hand, with the way this season has shaped up, anything can happen.

The big winner in all these is of course league and most of all ABS-CBN. With the UST vs. FEU and the La Salle vs. Ateneo games played on separate days, ticket sales for both games combined could reach as high as P6 million. Advertising revenues will go through the roof and ABS-CBN will more than make up for the losses they incurred last season.




2 responses

17 09 2007

Wow, if indeed Ateneo goes on to lose 3 bodes well for the winner of the UST-FEU game later..hopefully UST.

This season is one for the books; nobody could say otherwise. Kudos to UST for hosting it well. Kudos to UE for re-writing history. Kudos to UP for handling their miserable season admirably and for winning the cheerdance competition. Kudos to DLSU and ADMU for giving us a slew of magnificent games. Kudos to FEU for surprising everyone this year. Kudos to Adamson for accepting Ken Bono’s decision and moving on without him. Kudos to NU for, well, giving us another ADMU-DLSU game.

When it is all said and done, this season will rank up there as one of the best the UAAP has ever had.

If only…
>Kene Bono stayed.
>NU met expectations.
>UP players were a couple of years more experienced.

18 09 2007

do you think you can make an article on the top prospects that DLSU is looking to recruit? That would be really great. Or is there already such an article? thanks 🙂

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