UAAP Board Has to Take Responsibility

23 09 2007

The De La Salle Zobel juniors’ basketball team stunned the favored Ateneo Blue Eaglets 76-74, to take the first game of their best of 3 finals. Unfortunately the story does not end there.

The UAAP hierarchy should once again be put under a microscope. It’s not because of some controversial decision that the board has promulgated but rather from a total lack of concern over the security of the lockers of the players. The La Salle Zobel players got their lockers ransacked and lost their wallets, cell phones and all their valuables.

Because of a similar incident during a preseason league where the De La Salle University senior basketball team experienced the same fate, the officials of the Ninoy Aquino Stadium had asked the UAAP to provide 2 security guards for each locker. The league officials had agreed but obviously did not do what they were supposed to. Based on the statement by the stadium officials, the whole unpleasant experience could have been avoided.

When a player, coach or even the fans behave in a manner that the UAAP Board finds offensive, they have a right to extend the sanctions that the Board sees as appropriate and do not hesitate to do so. Now that it is the league who obviously did not perform their obligations, who will sanction them?

First and foremost, doesn’t the league have an obligation to the players to provide security while they play? That’s the least they could do considering that the league earns money out of the sweat of the players. They have to protect them regardless of the division they play for or the sport they participate in.

Secondly, doesn’t the league have an obligation to determine if a venue meets certain basic standards for their participants to play in? The Ninoy Aquino Stadium and the Cuneta Astrodome are awful venues. The UAAP owes it to the players and to the fans that pay to watch the games to make sure that the venues provide adequate security. I have heard that there have even been snatchings just outside these 2 venues.

It is apparent that the people who run the Ninoy Aquino Stadium allow unauthorized people into the locker room area. I cannot believe that thieves were able to enter the locker rooms at exactly the right time, ransack the belongings and make a getaway, without anyone seeing them.

Thirdly, who is going to be held responsible for this “lapse in security”? Knowing that the UAAP had committed to provide 2 security guards outside the lockers; shouldn’t La Salle now bring the UAAP to task and demand that proper restitution be given? It is a consequence that they should impose on themselves in the same way that they mete out consequences to those that have committed infractions.

La Salle has taken all the consequences that the UAAP has thrown at it. It is now the turn of the UAAP board to write a public apology to La Salle for their irresponsibility? The UAAP cannot wash its hands and act as if nothing happened.




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23 09 2007
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Sir Green mind,

Di mo ba napapansin that the UAAP has something against DLSU 🙂 Kau yung nanakawan lagi a. hehe. But i really think that the Venues should be more secure. With all the money the UAAP is making this season (imagine at least 4 admu dlsu games), that should earn them enough to host all games in Araneta.

24 09 2007

GAGO talaga ang UAAP board.

24 09 2007

inside job i guess…

24 09 2007

Mr. Atayde,

Just wondering, does the host university also has a say on issues like this? I mean, are they the one selecting the venues?

24 09 2007

An Ateneo professor lost his wallet to a pickpocket after the game while still inside the stadium, during that tedious walk towards the staircase.

A female household help who was sent to line up for tickets at Araneta this morning got held up at knifepoint by five men. They were able to seize the money for the tickets she was supposed to buy and her mobile phone.

In the meantime, since we are expecting rafter-bursting crowds for the next few games, I hope that everybody would be extra careful and vigilant for each other’s sake na rin.

24 09 2007

There really isn’t a safe venue anymore if you come to think of it..crooks and hooligans will troop to wherever venue is selected to do their dirty work so it should really be an increase in security that is in the works and of course that we take care.

24 09 2007
The Blue Marc

Everyone has lapses, so are you, so are La Salle and so are the U.A.A.P. board. But this doesn’t mean that they should not be held responsible.


24 09 2007
The Green Mind

The point I am making is simple. The UAAP Board made a commitment to provide 2 security guards in every locker room. They did not do this.

The fans who troop to the games have to take care of themselves but to be robbed inside the stadium could have been avoided if only the UAAP did what it committed it would do.

24 09 2007

Mr. Green Mind, any news on what the UAAP is doing regarding the case of DLSZ? There are games again tomorrow, right? So what assures us that this won’t happen again?

25 09 2007

“Monday, 24th September 2007 at 4:10 pm

There really isn’t a safe venue anymore if you come to think of it..crooks and hooligans will troop to wherever venue is selected to do their dirty work so it should really be an increase in security that is in the works and of course that we take care.”

Hooligans? Just to let you kow that your own Mrs. Franciso told the three remaining contenders to the crown to behave and stop the “hooliganism”. Who are the remaining schools in contention? Aside from UE, it’s the Ateneo and De La Salle. WTF! Hooliganism my toot! This season is memorable for all the “lapses” by the UAAP board, thanks to the leadership of the hypocritical host. Indeed there are issues where the Blue and Green can understand each other. This is one of them.

25 09 2007

I dont get it..the UAAP board is comprised of reps from all 8 schools..and it isnt like the host is Chairman or president so why blame the host? The WHOLE UAAP board (which is again comprised of all 8 schools) is responsible for whatever lapses they incurred..not just the host school. Also, somehow an angle of this being an inside job should also be looked into.

Also, I won’t defend her..I don’t like her too..whatever she said..well, whatever..

25 09 2007

That has always been the spin of the UST fan girls and boys since the start of the season. OH well, we hope next year’s host will do a much better job. See you next year.

25 09 2007

I was a UAAP athlete in my time. And I have competed in numerous other leagues and tournaments. It is the responsibility of the organizers, in this case the UAAP board, to ensure the safety of the athletes but does not exclude their equipment and personal belongings. More so, they should protect the fans! The fans and the athletes are the lifeline of the UAAP, no matter what school they come from. The board should have the diligence to anticipate and prepare for any possible scenario in connection to the tournament.

The frequency of these security lapses this season is alarming. This is not acceptable and it should not have happened in the first place. I have gone to watch the games every week. Security is very very laxed in the venues other than Araneta. If the board does not take measures at this point, I wonder what would need to happen to constitute their speedy action.

25 09 2007

That’s a good point, MR Atayde, who polices the board?

In a perfect UAAP, I think it is the responsibility of the board to ensure that the guidelines, rules and procedures they provide are implemented fully, honestly and fairly.

It is the responsibility of the host to spearhead the implementation of these rules. This includes that they provide or assign adequate manpower and resources.

They work so fast to ban a spectator, raise new stupid rules but they cannot even devote enough time to make a call and pay for security. Sad.

26 09 2007

who is more powerful by the way? The UAAP Board or the HOST School? I hope somebody can clear up my mind on this. If it has to be the UAAP Board, then I was thinking the blame should be on them and not with the Host school. But I have also this thought, the time I went to Cuneta Astrodome to watch a game of my team, there were authorities from the Host school instructing the security guards regarding the implementation of the security measures. And if we would take a look on that, it seems to me that the host school is taking charge on the security measures not maybe unless they are just also being instructed by the UAAP Board.

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