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11 10 2007

The EKWElizer


San Beda Cheers and Hymns now on CD

9 10 2007

“Music offers the most sublime experience when it engulfs the singers, musicians and listeners in something greater than the individual, it can resonate with traditions, histories, and futures far beyond that immediate moment in which our ears bear witness.” – Cover of Umpah Umpah, San Beda College Battle Hymns and Cheers.

San Beda College, now back to back champions after 28 long years, very rich in basketball tradition, would like to share to everyone the cheers and battle cry hymns that kept the Bedan Community together after a long, long, long wait.

The San Beda Alumni has an old saying, “Once a Bedan, Always a Bedan”. If you have a classmate, a schoolmate, a bestfriend, an officemate, a compadre, a brother, even a former Red Cub or Red Lion, who have one way or another have been able to experience the Bedan way of Life, he, now including a she, will tell you about the Bedan brotherhood. It is something that a only a Bedan can explain. This CD is an outlet for us to express our passion and tradition that kept us together thru all those years of waiting and weeping. That hope every Bedan has been waiting for.

The CD comes with a glossy poster type insert and 25 tracks including 6 instrumental versions to sing your own rendition of the hymns that made Bedans Bedans.

Proceeds will go to the San Beda Cheerleaders and San Beda College Band.

For a sampler, just click on the play button below for your choice:

Hungry like the wolf?

29 09 2007

Don’t be deceived. The NCAA Finals for the Back to Back Champs San Beda Red Lions did not come easy. With a talent laden team like that, it can make things happen. In Game 1, every Bedan had the scare of their lives. The Red Lions could not seem to find its rhythm. For three successive quarters, the Letran Knights stood toe to toe with the most talented team in the NCAA. Coach Louie Alas, as good as he really is, had found the rarest solution to slow down the Red Lions. They denied Sam Ekwe breathing space inside the paint, denied the entry passes and forced San Beda to slow it down and play half-court.

But in the 4th Quarter, it was a different story. Yousif Aljamal, Borgy Hermida and especially, Ogie Menor, broke loose and delivered the most crucial game of the series.

During that lull towards Game 2, I also had my doubts if San Beda can sustain that kind of a run with an experienced coach in Alas running the show for Letran. In a championship series, especially in a close game. To remove my feelings of uncertainty, I went to visit the Red Lions den in practice to observe how will they adapt to counter Letran’s strategy. It turned out that Game 1 was a blessing in disguise.

For those who watched the game up close, the San Beda coaching staff was able to witness the line of attack of the Knights for 30 minutes. Letran, however, only saw San Beda’s counter move in the last 10 minutes. The Red Lions are just talented enough to thwart off any aggression by Letran. In other words, the Red Lions were on higher ground and they can see what’s ahead.

In Game 2 the story was very different. The Red Lions made Sam Ekwe the decoy and the 2nd or 3rd option on offense. Ekwe focused his efforts in controlling and patrolling the shaded area. The main focus of the offense were on Yousif Aljamal and Ogie Menor. And, the difference from the 1st game was, the Red Lions were able to go up tempo. In the open court, the Red Lions are unstoppable. That was were Coach Frankie Lim maximized his bench. And they delivered.

I hope the win erased the doubts that clouded over Coach Frankie Lim’s campaign. And besides, there is absolutely nothing wrong with surrounding yourself with able assistants.

But there are burning questions, not doubts, to San Beda’s next campaign.

The 1st time was sweet. The 2nd time was sweeter. The 3rd time, will be the ultimate coronation. There is no doubt that San Beda will go for it next year – a three-peat.

Will Frankie Lim coach the Red Lions next year? Does he want to do this again? Aljamal and Raymund Maggay will vacate Red Lions locker after this season, who will replace them? If the socks are available will they be ready in time for the next challenge? Can the Red Lions stay hungry?

What’s your opinion?

NCAA finals scenarios

16 09 2007

Maybe some of you won’t like my personal views regarding the NCAA Finals between defending champion San Beda College and Letran. But these are the possible things that could happen whether you like it or not.

Both teams met 57 years ago. And if you compare the era between 1957 to 2007. They are totally different. Although most of us don’t know what happened in the last 57 years when San Beda and Letran collided.

San Beda won the 1957 NCAA title with the legendary Caloy Loyzaga leading the pack.

Now, let’s get back to the present – the NCAA 83rd season. Actually, there are two worst case scenarios in the championship.

San Beda, considered the most heavily-favored team in the Finals series, is definitely the league’s Goliath – a powerful giant who can break the Knights’ armor to retain the title.

But there is an old saying: “the bigger you are, the harder you fall.” What if, Letran is the league’s David?

The Knights might consider this aspect: San Beda is not a threat too big to hit, but a target too big to miss!

Most of the time, it is not the situation that is complicated… It is the way we see things that matter. And sometimes in can determine the victor.

There is no doubt that the Red Lions is expected to count on pro-bound Yousif Aljamal. How can you question Aljamal’s capacity?

He was the Red Lions’ leading scorer with 16.9 points per game and 9.2 rebounds per game average by the end of the elimination round.

Then Samuel Ekwe, the last year’s rookie-MVP, is also there providing the bulk and heft. He is San Beda’s main defender in the paint – he scores, blocks and rebounds.

Ekwe ended the elimination round averaging 14.6 points, 16.2 rebounds and 3.2 blocks per game 11 games.

Brave and bold Rogemar Menor has shown maturity since the season started and it looks like he is going to take the leadership position next season without Aljamal.

In 12 games this season, he improved his last year’s output 7.8 to 13.4 points per game. He is described by head coach Frankie Lim as the squad’s spark-plug.

Guard John Paul Escobal, the Red Lions’ hotshot, is the team’s best offensive player who can shoot or attack the basket. He averaged 13.4 points per game in 12 outings this season.

But don’t count out the other members – Bam Gamalinda, Raymond Maggay, Dave Marcelo, Borgie Hermida, Jay-R Taganas and Garvo Lanete, among others.

Without them, San Beda would not end on top at 11-1.

The Final Four series turned out to be a ‘warm up’ session for the Red Lions. You saw what happened, they easily dumped the Cardinals, 74-64 despite Frankie’s post game comments last the last time. But it could also happen to Letran in two games. Letran could become the lonely Knights.

But Louie Alas has his own ace in Rafael Jazul, an MVP contender this season. He has proven that he can take over in big games. Jazul finished 12 games with an average of 16.1 points per game.

Dino Daa, averaging 10.5 points and 8.8 rebounds per game, is also expected to come out strong against San Beda. Bryan Faundo, with an 11.3 points and 8.1 rebound average, is a reliable force to reckon with.

John Melegrito, Raymark Gutilban, Andro Quinday, John Cabonce and Carlo Reposar, will definitely to step up for Letran.

In fact, it is not Letran’s offensive awareness that worries Frankie Lim but its paralyzing defense which limits opposing teams below 60 points.

I know you will say maybe to all teams except San Beda, but let’s see.

Letran defeated San Beda last July 25, 70-69. But the Red Lions came back strong to even their elimination round series in their second meeting last August 31, 87-84.

It’s a tie for both of them. And the series remain unpredictable. Though San Beda has the upper-hand to keep the crown, but Letran has the edge to dethrone the reigning champion.

Let’s support our respective team peacefully by watching the game on September 19.

God Bless you all and see you at the games.