Our (mt) Media Temple fiasco

3 10 2008

Update: Media Temple sent an email apology regarding this. The full names of (mt) customer service representatives are now withheld as requested by Media Temple to protect their privacy. I agreed and removed their complete names.

Update 2: Websites seem to be up now. I got this report from Montastic. Thank you.

Website status: OK

Date: Sat Oct  4 07:26:26 2008
URL:  http://pro.inboundpass.com

Yesterday, our site inboundpass.com suddenly went down. What looked like a simple problem solving issue, we’ll-quickly-bring-it-back-up by the Media Temple staff rendered our very busy site inaccessible for almost 5 freaking hours. Media Temple, you screwed us up big time. And also my other websites are still down for the past 13 hours.

So to dispel the rumors, no our site was not hacked. It was a stupid admin bubu.

This is a very bad time to go down. When thousands of people are looking at the site. This season has caused our server to creak under pressure and we’ve seen more than 700% increase in site traffic. Woah! (This is reserved for another blog post.)

So what happened?

  • At September 30, 10:42 PM (PDT) That’s approximately 1:42PM (+0800) Manila Time

REQUEST ID #449907 / STATUS: In Progress
downgrade from MySQL Grid Container

David Quitoriano (Administrative Contact)

Hi (mt), Thank you for the letting us try the MySQL Container for a few days during this spike of traffic.

We are looking at other options and will not not be continuing the MySQL Container Lite.

Please DO NOT upgrade automatically. Thanks.
2008.09.30 10:42 PM

So far so good.

  • At October 1, 4:25AM (PDT) (Approx. 7:25PM (+0800) Manila Time) I got relatively prompt response from Mike.In regards to your inquiry,The burst container process is a automated process and can not be manually controlled or edited for one specific client. As long as you are not using a tremendous amount the MySQL container you should not have any problems. Please keep in mind that if you get bursted three times you will be required to purchase a MySQL container.

    If you have any further questions regarding your (mt) Media Temple services, please feel free to contact us at any time.

    Best Regards,

    Mike (Update: Lastname withheld for privacy)
    Customer Support
    Check out the New User Forums: http://kb.mediatemple.net/questions/824/
    (mt) Media Temple
    <v> 877-578-4000
    <f> 310-564-2007
    2008.10.01 04:25 AM

Still good.

  • The next day I was irked to received this email–On Oct 2, 2008 at 3:05 PM, (mt) Media Temple <no-reply@mediatemple.net> wrote:Dear David,Your new MySQL GridContainer Lite (srv# 289172) has been successfully activated and is now available for use with your (gs) Grid-Server (coloredcompany.com). All of your MySQL databases have automatically been moved into your new GridContainer environment. Your databases are now being served exclusively from within your MySQL GridContainer. No changes to your applications are needed to work inside the MySQL GridContainer. Your databases can still be managed the same way as before directly from inside the AccountCenter or using remote tools. In addition new tools which give you greater control and insight into your database have been added to the MySQL Container tab inside your AccountCenter Database Management Controls.

    If you require the assistance of a support agent, please start by opening a request inside the Account Center: https://accountcenter.mediatemple.net/

    Your request will be routed to the appropriate agent or group on our team.

    Best Regards,
    (mt) Media Temple
    Hosting Operations
    2008.10.02 03:36 AM

Very good, just as I thought what would happen.

Now to lend you a piece of my mind. Media Temple was courteous to support us in our spike of traffic during the UAAP & NCAA Championships. They “temporarily” placed us on the MySQL Grid Contrainer Lite which costs monthly at $20. So all in all our monthly hosting at Media Temple would increase to $20 (gs) + $20 (Grid Container) for a total of $40.

Now at that rate why not get a (dv) Dedicated-Virtual $50 or a Slicehost at $38 a month. Gimme time to think it through but don’t pressure sell me.

So what ensued was a string of message exchanges to supposedly cancel this arrangement.

  • I sent a reply, David Quitoriano (Administrative Contact)

Ok then un-automate it.

I received this already. Thanks! (referring to the automated email I received which I copied below for their reference.)

On Thu, Oct 2, 2008 at 3:05 PM, (mt) Media Temple <no-reply@mediatemple.net> wrote:

Dear David,

Your new MySQL GridContainer Lite (srv# 289172) has been successfully activated and is now available for use with your (gs) Grid-Server (coloredcompany.com). All of your MySQL databases have automatically been moved into your new GridContainer environment. Your databases are now being served exclusively from within your MySQL GridContainer. No changes to your applications are needed to work inside the MySQL GridContainer. Your databases can still be managed the same

Yada. Yada. Yada.


  • Now for the kicker replies:

Grace (Lastname withheld for privacy) (mt) Media Temple Customer Support

There is no way to un-automate the burst container, it cannot be manually controlled, as what the previous technician stated before.

Best Regards,
2008.10.02 04:03 AM


David Quitoriano (Administrative Contact)

Ok Grace.

Let me be very clear. We will NOT purchase an additional MySQL GridContainer Lite Container (srv# 289172).

So it’s an automatic process. Nevertheless, we will decline in getting an additional MySQL GridContainer Lite Container.

Cancel Service Order # 289172.

Thank you.
2008.10.02 05:04 AM


Grace (Lastname withheld for privacy) (mt) Media Temple Customer Support

Order number: 289172 has been canceled per your request.

Best Regards,


2008.10.02 05:16 AM



At this point tragically, inboundpass.com went down at a blink of an eye. Cold sweat on my brow. A growling WT*? tear through the silence of the premises.

Hello? Are you mad? Are you our of your mind? I guess, YES!

In frustration some more exchanges:

  • I sent this reply

my website is now DOWN. http://inboundpass.com

thank you very much
2008.10.02 05:27 AM

Grace (Lastname withheld for privacy) (mt) Media Temple Customer Support

You requested the cancellation, I did it for you.

If you need the service back, I can add it back.

Best Regards,
2008.10.02 05:35 AM

David Quitoriano (Administrative Contact)

I cancelled the MySQL GridContainer Lite. If a service will go offline you should have given a heads up. I don’t know the inner workings of (mt).

1. I want http://inboundpass.com up immediately.
2. We would like the default MySQL that’s included with (dv) Hosting. <- I meant (gs) hosting
3. Cancel the MySQL GridContainer Lite – Service Order # 289172

2008.10.02 05:54 AM

Drew (Lastname withheld for privacy) (mt) Media Temple Customer Support

The database is now reachable via the phpmyadmin page on your account, so all of your sites should be working.

If you have any further questions regarding your (mt) Media Temple services, please feel free to contact us at any time.

Best Regards,
2008.10.02 09:10 AM


Thank you. inboundpass is now up. We were down for almost 5 hours by my estimates. My other sites are still down.


David Quitoriano (Administrative Contact)

Hi Drew,

Thank you for bringing up http://www.inboundpass.com. Our main site went down for more than 4 hours.

All my other sites are down as well, please revert the databases :


(site list trimmed)

Please fix these asap to reverse this fiasco 😦
2008.10.02 01:57 PM

As of this writing, I hope they’re resolving the issues. My other sites are still down.

(mt) Media Temple is NOT great!


Catch us at www.inboundpass.com

20 09 2008

Hello UAAP & NCAA sports fan!

We have moved servers to www.inboundpass.com and we haven’t been updating here.

Do remember to add us in your feeds and follow us on Twitter for the latest updates.

So enjoy and let the games begin.

An Inboundpass.com Special: Ateneo-La Salle rivalry retro 31

17 10 2007

This piece was lifted from the NCAA archive. The Year was 1975. 50 years since the NCAA was established, this article describes the rivalry that is – Ateneo vs. La Salle, The Blue Eagles against the Green Archers. For the De La Salle and Ateneo fans, students, community and Alumni, thank you for supporting us and enjoy reading.

Blue and Green, don’t the produce a great combination? Oh- yes – especially when Blue means Ateneo and Green is La Salle’s namesake.

At the Araneta coliseum recently high-octaned action turned into explosive consternation as the La Salle Green Archers spotted a three-point margin amidst a deafening uproar of protest from the Ateneo crowd, 94-91.

In so far as the scoreboard and the non-Ateneans were concerned, the score could not be otherwise; for the second consecutive years, the deadly arrows of the taft-based archers had pierced the Blue Eagles’ unguarded heels.

“So what?” asked one Ateneo fan. “We’ll get them some other time.”

This rivalry between Ateneo and La Salle stemmed 50 years back when the seed of the NCAA first started to germinate.

“It all started as a rivalry in the field of academic excellence,” recalls one NCAA observer. “Inevitably it spread into sports.”

This explanation sounds shallow because it really is.

Actually it is the unending lectures by priests-teachers to their students about the virtue of being loyal to one’s alma mater that built up the school spirit of the NCAA goers.

These loyalties go as far as defending with their fists when necessary; the brawls that often follow the games outside the coliseum are as classic as the encounters inside the hoopla.

As the years showered the NCAA with enough charm to be courted by a crowd of admirers, it has become apparent that La Salle and Ateneo have turned fanatics.

For how would one explain the presence of coeds in a match between what are supposed to be exclusive boys’ schools? Or the presence of a man aged sixty-six in a coliseum peopled by students aged six and above.

Not only that, the old man can chant his school’s cheers as if he graduated from college only a year ago.

That is college spirit for you; it lingers with the years – like the paper planes that rained the coliseum.

No, the sixty year olds did not make the flying objects – it could be a scheme of a sixty year old lad.

But who cares? Only the La Sallites do. For the Ateneans, it was a day the memory of which should be forgotten and buried.

Inboundpass.com would like to thank the NCAA and the San Beda College Library for this article.

Sweet Revenge for the NCAA All-Stars

13 10 2007

The NCAA All Star selection have been known for their winning attitude. And they showed it against college league counterpart UAAP all-star last October 13, 2007

NCAA finalists Rogemar Menor of San Beda and RJ Jazul of Letran teamed up impressively to power the NCAA selection to a come-from-behind 83-78 win over the UAAP selection in the Samsung-Bantay Bata 163 at the Arena in San Juan City.

Down by 16, 23-39, at halftime, the NCAA All-Stars woke up in the third quarter as Menor and Jazul pitched in for 22 points each, including 10 points apiece in the 3rd quarter, to register a 65-60 lead at the start of fourth period.

Samuel Ekwe, racked up 19 points and hauled down 13 rebounds, assured the NCAA All-Stars’ victory after making two free throws to peg the final count with only 4.1 seconds to go.

Edwin Asoro of National University tied the score at 77-all after hitting a trey.  But Ekwe’s two straight jumpers had given the NCAA All-Star squad an 81-77 advantage with 42 seconds left

The UAAP-All-Stars narrowed the gap as Mark Borboran of UE scored on split free throw, 78-81, with 32 seconds remaining.  But the three-point attempts from Dylan Ababou of UST and La Salle guards JV Casio and TY Tang failed as time expired.

Asoro and Casio had 13 points each for the UAAP selection and failed to repeat against the NCAA All-Star squad.

In the side events, the team of University of the Philippines’s (UP) Martin Reyes and Vic Epres were adjudged champions in the two-ball competition.

Reyes and Epres bagged the title after they scored 45 points in the finals, besting the tandem of University of the East’s Paul Lee and Jorel Canizares, who scored 41 points.The two teams went to the Finals after they were tied for first and second places, respectively during the 16-team elimination round with a score of 61 points.

A trophy, P5,000 cash and MP3 players from Samsung were given out to the winners of the event. The three-point shootout was a La Salle and San Beda finale with King Archer Jayvee Casio winning the competition by scoring 23 points in the Finals. Casio bested San Beda’s JR Tescon who finished with just six points. Fr. Mateo de Jesus of San Beda and Jerry Lacson of Samsung Philippines handed out a trophy, a check of P5,000 and an MP3 player to Casio who was named as co-MVP in last week’s UAAP Finals.

Tecson scored 20 points to enter the shoot-out finals first with Casio and Letran’s RJ Azul being tied for the second spot with 19 points apiece. Tecson and Casio entered the Finals as rules state that only players coming from the UAAP and NCAA can go to the Finals of the three-point shoot-out.

The scores in the first round: James Martinez of University of the East with 8 points, Jayson Nocom of Jose Rizal University (10 ), Khasim Mirza of University of Santo Tomas (5), JR Tecson of San Beda (20), Migs de Asis of University of the Philippines (11), Kelvin de la Peña of Mapua (12), JVee Casio of De La Salle (19), RJ Azul (19).

In the slam-dunk competition, Letran’s Rey Guevarra was named champion after scoring a perfect 50 points in the Finals to beat San Beda’s Sam Ekwe and UE’s Hans Thiele

A trophy, P5,000 cash and MP3 players from Samsung were given out to the winners of the event.

The judges for the event were Jasmine Payo of Philippine Daily Inquirer (PDI), Teodore Jurado of Taliba, Fernando Lozano of Mapua, Mr. Rolando Perez of UE and Peter Musngi of ABS-CBN.

Francis Soriano of UST, Jerome Cruz of JRU, Aaron Galapon of NU, Jason Bellesteros of SSC, Reil Cervantes of FEU and Elmer Espiritu of UE also joined the slam dunk competition.

UAAP Season 70 Finals: Green Archers breaks Red Warriors’ heart

7 10 2007

From suspension to champion.

After a year of absence, La Salle, unexpectedly, regained its throne in the 70th UAAP Senior Men’s basketball tournament last October 7, 2007.

The De La Salle University Green Archers has done the improbable in a best-of-three championship series by completing a two-game sweep – a 73-64 win in Game two – over the University of the East Red Warriors at the Araneta Coliseum.

The Green Archers, armed with a one-game advantage, used the free throw territory as its main course particularly in the fourth quarter, supplied long-time mentor Franz Pumaren his fifth UAAP title since 1998.

The Green Archers now have seven overall UAAP titles since joining the league in 1986.

“I won several championships in the past but it is bittersweet for me because I know now how it feels to beat your brother,” said Pumaren, also a Quezon City councilor. “If I can share half of our trophy, I can give it to UE because they also deserve it.”

“Cholo (Villanueva) is terrific, especially in the last three games including our playoff game against Ateneo while you should also give credit to TY (Tang),” he said. “Our championship experience did it for us.”

“They could have been playing now in the commercial leagues but they decided to stay with us, it’s so priceless to win a championship.”

University of the East, with a 14-0 record going into this series, performed fairly well in the defensive end but had 21 turnovers – including two in the final three minutes – that cost them the run for the title.

The Red Warriors also gave up 28 fouls, giving the Green Archers the opportunity to register 27-of-36 shots from the foul line. La Salle committed 18 fouls and UE only recorded 5-of-14 attempts from the free throw line.

UE committed a season-high 31 turnovers to drop Game one via a single point, 64-63.

After racing to a 15-11 lead in the first period, La Salle’s big man Rico Maierhofer and Peejay Barua merged for 14 points in the second quarter to ignite the Green Archers’ blistering 19-12 burst and earned their biggest lead by halftime, 34-23.

The Red Warriors tried as many times to trim down the gap in the 3rd quarter. With Kelvin Gregorio, Paul Lee and Mark Borboran at the helm, the Red Warriors were very close trailing by 1, 33-34 after 4 1/2 minutes of play in the 3rd. UE again had another run courtesy of Elmer Espiritu and Jorel Canizares for a 3-point deficit, 43-46, with 1:16 minutes to go. But the Green Archers had an answer to every UE rally.

In the final quarter, when Mark Borboran drained a long trey at the left flank to come closer at 51-52 with 8:31 minutes remaining, La Salle countered with a 9-4 run initiated by Casio’s triple and baskets from Villanueva and Tang to stretch back the lead, 61-55, with 5:21 minutes left in regulation.

UE’s combo guard Paul Lee scored two straight baskets to keep everything in striking distance, 59-61, with 2:05 minutes left in the last quarter. But Tang and Casio had their eyes focused on the prize anew and extended the edge, 66-59, with 51 seconds left.

From there, the Red Warriors lost control and could do nothing. La Salle’s gallery was celebrating chanting the Animo cheer.

Joseph Casio, who had 14 points (15 points in the 2nd half) shared the Finals MVP honors with Cholo Villanueva contributing 17 points for La Salle.

Maierhofer had 11 points – nine from the charity stripe – and grabbed 11 boards. While TY Tang had 8 points.

Borboran and Lee made 12 points each for UE, while Kelvin Gregorio added 11 points.

Individual Scores:

DLSU (73) – Casio 17, Villanueva 14, Maierhofer 11, Tang 8, Co 6, Barua 6, Malabes 5, Cua 2, Mangahas 2, Walsham 2, Atkins 0, Ferdinand 0.

UE (64) – Borboran 12, Lee 12, Gregorio 11, Cañizares 8, Martinez 8, Arellano 5, Espiritu 5, Fampulme 3, Lingganay 0, Bandaying 0, Llagas 0, Thiele 0.

Quarter Scores: 15-11; 34-23; 52-45; 73-64

UAAP Season 70 Finals: La Salle’s defense did it

4 10 2007

Defying bigger obstacles, La Salle’s defense worked effectively to claim Game 1.

De La Salle University took advantage of University of the East’s erratic performance in the final period to score a pulsating 64-63 come-from-behind win last October 4, 2007. Moving closer in winning the 70th UAAP men’s basketball title at the Araneta Coliseum.

Using their championship experience and stifling defense to the fullest, the De La Salle Green Archers forced the UE Red Warriors to commit 31 turnovers – including four in the final quarter –and earn a one-game advantage in their best-of-three finals series.

“We relied on our experience to keep everything possible and we made it,” said La Salle long-time mentor Franz Pumaren, who is eyeing to give La Salle its seventh title – fifth under his term – in Game two will be on Sunday, October 7, 2007 at the Big Dome.

“Our defense proved to be a huge factor in today’s game,” he said. “I’m expecting UE will comeback big on Sunday, and we will do everything to get it (title). We have to remain consistent all-throughout the series.”

After a 60-all deadlock in the final 3:03 minutes, the Green Archers banked heavily on a Joseph Casio field goal and 1/2 charities of Cholo Villanueva to post a slim 63-60 advantage with still 51 seconds left.

The Red Warriors’ 6-foot-3 forward Mark Borboran, then, scored a game-tying triple with 34 seconds remaining to forge the game’s 13th deadlock. But fouled Rico Maierhofer in the ensuing play with 14 seconds left to play.

With both teams in penalty, Maierhofer converted 1 of 2 free throws to peg the final count. Borboran’s missed a second shot attempt from beyond the arc with five seconds left. Marcy Arellano’s second chance follow-up rimmed out to the delight of the entire green crowd.

Playmaker Tyrone Tang unloaded 9 of his 17 points in the last period. While Casio finished with 12 points and Villanueva contributed 11 to get the job done.

“Our hustle kept us alive in this game,” said Tang, who shot 4-of-10 in the three-point zone. “They play very fast so we have to be faster.”

University of the East uncorked a blistering 11-2 run late in the first quarter, capped by a basket from Marcy Arellano and Mark Fampulme, to start the second quarter ahead, 20-14.

With Villanueva and Casio responding to their Coach Franz Pumaren’s challenge, La Salle was able to trim the gap, 37-39, by halftime after it outscored UE in the 2nd quarter, 23-19. Villanueva and Casio combined for 12 points in the 2nd quarter.

The Green Archers seized the edge in the 3rd quarter for the first time, 42-41, after Tang drained a long jumper early in the third period. Casio then extended La Salle’s lead, 46-43.

By the end of the 3rd quarter, the Red Warriors were still ahead after scoring a 7-1 run courtesy of Thiele and Arellano.

The last time UE tasted the lead was when Arellano – who got 10 points – scored on a lay-up, 60-58, with 3:50 minutes.

Despite La Salle’s poor rebounding in the first half (13), the Green Archers hauled down 18 rebounds – including six offensive boards – in the 2nd half for a total of 31 rebounds.

UE dominated the rebounding department, 60-31.

But La Salle’s nine steals and four blocks against UE’s 5 and 2, respectively, had spelled the difference in the game. Borboran and James Martinez scored 13 and 11 points respectively for UE.

La Salle got 25 points from UE’s turnovers and converted 9 of its 12 fast break attempts.

Individual scores:

La Salle 64: Tang 17, Casio 12, Villanueva 11, Maierhofer 7, Ferdinand 5, Walsham 3, Barua 3, Atkins 2, Mangahas 2, Cua 2, Malabes 0, Co 0.

UE 63: Borboran 13, Martinez 11, Arellano 10, Thiele 7, Fampulme 6, Lee 3, Lingganay 3, Bandaying 2, Llagas 2, Canizares 2, Espiritu 2, Gregorio 2.

Quarter Scoring: 14-20, 37-39, 47-50, 64-63

Ateneo Dual Meet Champs, 3-2, but missed UAAP Season 70 Finals

30 09 2007

Cholo Villanueva, before saying goodbye to the UAAP, assured everybody that there will be a family feud in the finals of the 70th UAAP men’s basketball tournament.

Villanueva delivered the key baskets in the final period as De La Salle University bamboozled Ateneo De Manila University, 65-60, for a title-showdown with unbeaten University of the East last September 30, 2007 at the Araneta Coliseum.

The 6-foot-2 combo guard Villanueva, playing his last year in the UAAP, fired 9 of his 13 points in the pivotal fourth quarter with one crucial offensive rebound in the same period to seal the victory that mattered most.

“This is my last Ateneo game because I’m a graduating student,” said Villanueva, who shot 5-of-8 in the two-point field. “So I really want to make this game very, very memorable, and I did.”

After Villanueva’s lay up that provided the Green Archers their biggest advantage, 55-46, with 5:29 minutes to go in the last quarter, Eric Salamat scored on a three-point play to trim down the Blue Eagles’ deficit to 55-49 with 4:56 minutes to go.

But Villanueva stretched the La Salle advantage to nine, 58-49, after firing a triple with 4:19 minutes left in the game.

Despite Ateneo’s effort to reduce the deficit to 55-60 in the last two-minute mark, Villanueva, again, came up with an answer by hitting a jumper to give La Salle a 62-55 cushion with a minute remaining.

The Blue Eagles, still resisting, had narrowed the gap to only two, 60-62, after Clifford Arao scored on two free throws and Severino Baclao made a triple with 11 seconds left.

Ateneo’s attempts to come back were futile as it absorbed two turnovers, forcing them to send Joseph Casio and Rico Maierhofer to the free throw line.

Casio converted both free throws and Maierhofer split his charities with few seconds remaining before the buzzer.

“I guess two is better than three,” said La Salle mentor Franz Pumaren, referring to the Green Archers’ three losses and two wins against archrival Ateneo this season. “I told my players that they worked hard for this so they deserved to be in the finals.”

Ateneo extended the series to a do-or-die game after winning last September 27 via a 65-64 squeaker through Chris Tiu’s breakaway lay up.

Tiu, who only had 10 points, scored only two points in the final period due to La Salle’s outstanding defense.

“We learned our mistake in our previous losses to Ateneo particularly last week,” said Pumaren. “I’m glad we are able to solve the Ateneo puzzle.”

It looked like La Salle had prepared an effective game plan this time as it controlled the game the rest of the way after leading the first (16-14), second (29-26) and third (48-43) quarters.

After they were out-rebounded last Thursday (Sept. 27), 41-29, the Green Archers, this time, had 51 rebounds – including 19 offensive rebounds – against 36 for the Blue Eagles and registered only 6 offensive rebounds.

Also in their previous game, Ateneo registered 23-out-of-49 (46.9%) from the field against La Salle’s 22-out-of-63 (34.9%) to help them stretch the series.

But this time, La Salle hit 27-out-of-73 (37%) total field goals while Ateneo made only 18-out-of-56 (32.1%).

Playmaker Tyrone Tang had 12 points, including two triples, while Maierhofer added 12 points and 10 rebounds. Casio had a spectacular performance with 10 points, 6 assists and 6 rebounds. Arao paced Ateneo with 14 points and Salamat finished with 10.

Franz Pumaren will face younger brother Dindo, head coach of the University of the East Red Warriors in Game one of their best-of-three Finals, called by many as the league’s newest ‘family feud’, on Thursday (October 4).

“He wished me good luck,” said Franz Pumaren when asked by reporters regarding Dindo’s message before this game. “I think we will talk after the season is over (he laughs).”

Individual scores:

La Salle 65: Villanueva 13, Tang 12, Maierhofer 12, Casio 10, Malabes 5, Atkins 5, Walsham 4, Ferdinand 2, Cua 2, Mangahas 0, Barua 0, Co 0.

Ateneo 60: Arao 14, Salamat 10, Tiu 10, Baclao 7, Al-Hussaini 6, Reyes 5, Long 4, Baldos 2, Escueta 2, Monfort 0, Laterre 0.

Quarter scoring: 16-14, 29-26, 48-43, 65-60